HTC Droid Incredible - a guide to Android

HTC Droid IncredibleAnnounced: April 15, 2010
Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ)
$199.99 with a two-year contract and after a $100 mail-in rebate

Pros: Creative Strategies' Tim Bajarin said the Incredible is "probably the best phone HTC has brought to market so far." The device has a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Android 2.1. The phone also sports an 8-megapixel camera and HTC's Sense UI--both of which the Nexus One does not have.

Cons: Analysts pointed to the phone's short battery life as a drawback, and Greengart said that, so far, the Incredible doesn't have many accessories available.

Impact: Current Analysis' Avi Greengart said the Incredible "lives up to its name." Indeed, Google suggested those interested in a Nexus One for Verizon's network buy the Incredible instead.

HTC Droid Incredible - a guide to Android