HTC Tattoo – A guide to Android

HTC Tattoo
Announced: Sept. 8, 2009
Carrier: Unknown
Vendor: HTC
Price: Unknown

Pros: The phone has a smaller form factor and screen than the Hero, but still has the Sense UI. "It's a price-point play, no doubt about it," Rubin said. "We've certainly seen with other operating systems that getting below that $100 price point can have big benefits. Market share is critical for Android at this point in development."

Cons: Bajarin said he thought the button interface could use some work. Greengart said he expects the phone to help broaden HTC's market share, but that "depending upon where it gets [carrier] distribution, that could make a big difference."

Impact: "It's going to be the first Android device in a high-velocity market segment," Jackson said. He said that he expects the phone to be at a retail price point that will help move significant volume. "If it does as well as we expect, it's a success story before it's out of box," he said.

HTC Tattoo – A guide to Android