iPhone 3G vs. Instinct - July News Round Up

iphone vs instinct picHere's a review of some of last month's not-to-be-missed coverage regarding the iPhone 3G launch and its prime competitor, the Samsung Instinct.

iPhone vs. Instinct

Despite some new features and faster internet speeds, the iPhone 3G saw less fanfare than its predecessor. Sprint tried to capitalize on the iPhone 3G buzz with a marketing push for its Samsung Instinct 3G device with touch interface that proved popular. How do you think the Instinct and the iPhone 3G fared? Post your comments below.

  • Sprint's iPhone killer to debut June 20
  • iPhone 3G: Faster, cheaper but still not perfect
  • Sprint drops price of new Instinct
  • iTunes glitch mars 3G iPhone launch
  • Samsung tries to steal iPhone's thunder
  • iPhone 3G aftermath: Apple sells 1 million devices in 3 days
  • Samsung ships 45.7M phones in 2Q
  • Best Buy says Instinct breaking sales records
  • iPhone 3G inventory plummets over weekend
  • Apple: More than 10M apps downloaded from App Store over weekend
  • Video: Sprint says Sell Out with the Samsung Instinct
  • Are Sprint's claims about Instinct true?
  • Apple's 3Q results: iPhone sales still can't be compared with 2007
  • Report: Sprint's unlimited plan has an edge over AT&T
  • Sprint on an upswing?
  • Sprint's marketing dollars aren't delivering
iPhone 3G vs. Instinct - July News Round Up