iPhone 4S: Complete coverage

Apple today announced the iPhone 4S, an upgraded version of the company's iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4S features a faster processor and CDMA/GSM world phone capabilities, as well as a new speech-recognition program called Siri. Apple also confirmed that Sprint Nextel will sell the iPhone 4S, joining AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless in the United States in offering the phone.

Chart: iPhone 4S vs. the competition

Touring the iPhone 4S, in photos

And here is Fierce's complete coverage of the new phone and what it means for the industry:

Oct. 5, 1:07 p.m. ET
Samsung moves to block iPhone 4S sales in France, Italy
by Paul Rasmussen
Samsung said it it will seek to block the sale of Apple's new iPhone 4S in France and Italy, only hours after Apple introduced the smartphone in the United States. More

Oct. 5, 10:45am ET
Verizon, AT&T start marketing battle over iPhone 4S, while Sprint stays mum
by Phil Goldstein
For the first time, three U.S. wireless carriers will have access to the same Apple iPhone, in the form of the new iPhone 4S, which will go on sale Oct. 14. Of course, that's not stopping them from arguing that their particular iPhone will be the best. More

Oct. 5, 8:58am ET
Apple's iPhone 4S may not be that different, but wireless industry now is
by Phil Goldstein
Apple's unveiling of the iPhone 4S has caused a seemingly a polarized reaction between those who are disappointed that it wasn't a brand-new iPhone 5 as the tech press had hyped (I'll take a little guilt) and those who take a more sober view that it's an improved device that will still sell millions. More

Oct. 4, 4:20pm ET
Apple unveils iPhone 4S, adds Sprint, Siri voice-recognition software
by Phil Goldstein
Apple took the wraps off the iPhone 4S, the fifth incarnation of its popular smartphone, and added Sprint Nextel to its list of U.S. carrier partners, potentially giving a leg up to the nation's No. 3 carrier. Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility will also launch the iPhone 4S. More

Oct. 4, 4:06pm ET
Apple forgoes NFC m-payment integration with new iOS 5
by Jason Ankeny
The wait is finally over: Apple officially unveiled its newest iPhone during a media event Tuesday. Dubbed the iPhone 4S--not the iPhone 5, as most anticipated--the smartphone heralds the arrival of the new iOS 5 operating system update, which brings with it more than 200 new features including the iCloud content sync service, Siri voice-activated controls and the location-enabled Find My Friends tracking app. No less notable is what iOS 5 doesn't include: Near Field Communications-enabled mobile payments integration. More

Oct. 4, 2:50pm ET
Apple launches Siri voice-activated controls with new iPhone 4S
by Jason Ankeny
Roughly 18 months after Apple acquired mobile voice recognition solutions provider Siri, the computing giant is finally integrating voice-activated Siri controls into its forthcoming iPhone 4S, which it formally announced during a media event Tuesday and is slated to arrive to retail Oct. 14. More

Oct. 4, 2:43pm ET
Sprint to launch iPhone 4S Oct. 14, along with AT&T, Verizon
by Phil Goldstein
And then there were three. As expected, Sprint Nextel became the third U.S. carrier to launch Apple's iPhone 4S, putting the nation's No. 3 carrier onto a more level playing field with its larger competitors, Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility. More

Oct. 4, 2:10pm ET
Apple unveils iPhone 4S with GSM/CDMA world phone capabilities
by Phil Goldstein 
Apple's newest iPhone, the iPhone 4S, will not support for LTE networks but will support both GSM and CDMA networks, making it a world phone. More

Oct. 4, 2:02pm ET
Apple launching new iOS 5 on Oct. 12
by Jason Ankeny 
Apple will officially launch its much-anticipated iOS 5 mobile operating system update Oct. 12, promising more than 200 new features as well as backwards-compatibility with devices dating back to the iPhone 3GS. More

Oct. 4, 2:01pm ET
Apple challenges carriers, others with 'Find My Friends' app
by Mike Dano
Apple today announced it will release an iOS app that will allow users to find other users who opt-in to the service. The offering stands as an alternative to similar friend--and family-tracking services from the likes of Google, Sprint Nextel and AT&T Mobility. More

Oct. 4, 1:46pm ET
Apple introduces Cards messaging app with new iOS 5
by Jason Ankeny
News from Apple's iPhone 5 media event: The company unveiled Cards, a free iOS application enabling users to design personalized greeting cards via iPhone. "We'll do the rest," said Apple senior vice president of iOS software Scott Forstall. "We'll print them out; we'll emboss them." More

And here's our pre-show coverage:

Oct. 4, 11:18am ET
What to expect from Apple's iPhone announcement
by Phil Goldstein 
Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to unveil the company's new iPhone at 1 p.m. Eastern Time today at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. That much is essentially guaranteed. After that, it's tough to say with much certainty what exactly will transpire. However, there are several strong indication of what the announcement is likely to include. More


iPhone 4S: Complete coverage