Kelly Owens St. Julian

Chief service officer for Boost Mobile

In the cut-throat arena for flat-rate, prepaid wireless calling plans, Boost Mobile has certainly made a name for itself with its edgy advertising and competitive positioning. Indeed, the Sprint Nextel division has been credited with significantly boosting Sprint's gross adds. In the first quarter of 2009, Boost added 764,000 prepaid customers, due in large part to its $50 per month unlimited prepaid voice and data plan. The division now has more than 4 million customers.

Keeping those customers happy is no easy task. At the center of it all is Kelly Owens St. Julian, who has been razor focused on Boost's customer service efforts since 2005. Owens St. Julian believes that it's important to provide a consistent customer experience, and that a personal connection with customers is key. Not only has she kept Boost's customer service in order, she also has helped decrease costs by 20 percent.

Before joining Boost, Owens St. Julian worked with General Dynamics, Chiquita Brands and SkyTel, among others. She also oversaw several consulting projects in the wireless, financial and consumer products industries, which included 10 years of work abroad with a focus in Latin America.

Of course, keeping Boost customers happy during this time of tremendous competition and growth hasn't always been easy. The company suffered some text delivery problems when it first launched its $50 per month unlimited plan, though the problems were resolved in May.

Kelly Owens St. Julian