Know what you're doing, regardless of which OS you're targeting

Not all iPhone developers have found partnering with Apple an unpleasant experience. "The reality is that a small number of people can make a large noise," said Greg Philpott, founder and CEO of video publishing solutions provider mDialog, who points out that there would not be thousands of iPhone and iPod touch applications available via the App Store if the experience of collaborating with Apple was nothing but headaches. Before turning to the iPhone, mDialog already enjoyed a solid relationship with Apple, creating online video solutions based on the computing giant's own video standard. "We've made a commitment to Apple," Philpott said. "We're technically aligned with them."

Philpott instead suggests that the challenges facing some iPhone developers have less to do with Apple and more to do with some of the basic complexities and frustrations that often befall the development process. "There's an old adage that says 75 percent of all software projects are delivered over-schedule and over-budget--you have to have a reasonable plan from that stretches from development to execution to working with customers," Philpott said. "People tend to rush in to scenarios like the App Store. Maybe they don't work out their business plan, or maybe the basic idea isn't so sound. You need to think it all through--and don't just test it against your fans, but work criticisms into the product. Most of all, be passionate about your idea, and go for it."