LG-GW620 – A guide to Android

Announced: Sept. 14, 2009
Carrier: Unknown
Vendor: LG
Price: Unknown

Pros: LG did not release many details on its first Android phone, but said that it will have a 3-inch touchscreen and a slide-out Qwerty keyboard. Like Samsung's phone, it appears to be a proof-of-concept type device, without much differentiation on the software side.

Cons: Bajarin said the phone has a poor form factor and showed that LG does not consider Android a major priority at this point.

Impact: Bajarin acknowledged that LG has put a lot of support toward Windows Mobile. Indeed, LG's Android announcement came just days after the company trumpeted its decision to release a range of Windows Mobile phones by the end of next year. "That's not going to change the fact that, whatever they do, they're going to have to put some leverage behind [Android], not only make it different but leverage hardware and software behind it," he said.

LG-GW620 – A guide to Android