Locale - Top 5 Free Android Apps 2009

Developed by Locale

Locale is mindful of your Android phone settings so you don't have to be. The application exploits Google's location API to offer precise GPS positioning, automatically changing the device profile according to site-specific contexts and conditions established by the user--for example, Locale can determine when you enter a movie theater and trigger your ringer volume setting to vibrate mode, or it can change your wallpaper depending on whether you're at work (family-friendly) or at the bar (risqué). Thanks to Android's open environment, Locale can control all available standard settings and supports other third-party applications as well--for example, an accompanying Twitter client written by the Locale team detects your whereabouts and provides tweet updates to keep friends and family in the loop on your status. In other words, Locale is like an Android app created by Ron Popeil--just set it and forget it.

Locale demo: