LTE Multicast: What it looks like

Verizon ran the LTE Multicast demonstration inside a large white tent that it erected in Manhattan's Bryant Park. It opened the "Verizon Power House" exhibit up to the public and is using the demonstrations to educate consumers about LTE Multicast. Check out these images from Verizon's new LTE Multicast offering:

Verizon displayed 4G multicast programming on a commercial-grade tablet containing chips from Sequans. 

Parissa Pandkhou, Verizon director of network and technology, tells reporters that LTE multicast is more efficient than LTE unicast. "You could have 10,000 devices in this space, and it would not impact the quality of the picture."


Shawn Strickland, VP for video in Verizon's product group, kicks off 4G multicast demo at Verizon event in New York. 


LTE Multicast: What it looks like