Company name: mFoundry
Where it's based: Sausalito, Calif.
When it was founded: 2004
Year it was a Fierce 15: 2008

Why it was a Fierce 15: MFoundry won over the mobile banking market one financial institution at a time: In 2007 it worked with Citibank to take its services to the mobile platform, and in 2008 expanded with another 15 banks. It's no wonder mFoundry became the platform for mobile banking: Motorola and PayPal were among its investors. MFoundry also was one of the few companies in the mobile financial services sector to offer up a software development kit for developers looking to leverage its platform. Click here for more.

What has happened since it was awarded the Fierce 15: MFoundry continues to work in mobile financial services with partners Fidelity National, PSCU and CO-OP. It has secured more than 30 new mobile banking customers during the past 12 months. MFoundry said it has evolved its mBanking product to include SMS, mobile Web and application access. The company said its technology forms the basis for iPhone banking apps from the likes of Citi, PNC, IBC and others.