Motorola Backflip - a guide to Android

Motorola BackflipAnnounced: Feb. 18, 2010
AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T)
Motorola (NASDAQ:MOT)
$99.99 with a two-year contract and after a $100 mail-in rebate

Pros: The Backflip is a decent, mid-tier Android phone with MotoBLUR, and is probably most remarkable for its distinct form factor. The Backflip has a reverse-flip Qwerty keyboard, so that when the phone is closed the keyboard is on the back.

Cons: On the gadget's release, some industry watchers were intrigued by its form factor, while others were simply puzzled. Current Analysis' Avi Greengart said it was "the world's weirdest form factor" and was "different for the sake of being different." AT&T also took some heat for making Yahoo the default search engine on the phone, and for preventing subscribers from installing non-Android Market apps.

Impact: The device will always be remembered as AT&T's first Android phone, though probably not for much more than that. It's relatively cheap and unremarkable compared with other mid-tier Android phones.