Myavon, Poland

Innovation: Aims to leverage the brand power of Avon Cosmetics.

Launched less than a year ago, this Polish-based MVNO has taken the unusual route of targeting the clients and consultants of Avon Cosmetics consumer products.

Myavon, which runs across the Orange network, looks to differentiate itself through the use of incentives rather than mobile tariffs. The service incorporates a points-based system allowing pre-paid top-ups and discounts on Avon products. Avon resells the telecoms services with PTK Centertel managing the billing and customer service aspects to the service.

While the Avon Cosmetics consultants are freelance, the Myavon MVNO service is more akin to a B2B solution than is typical with most other MVNOs. Also, its use of incentives will likely assist with its longevity in the fast-developing Polish market.

Myavon, Poland