myLanguage - 8 rising stars in mobile app development

Name: myLanguage
Platform: iOS
Noted for: myLanguage Translator

myLanguage's apps simplify the process of communicating with someone in another language. Its flagship app, myLanguage Translator, is a crowd sourced translator and is able to translate phrases in over 59 languages. The app is strong enough to understand regional dialects and certain idiomatic phrases. The pro version of the app allows users to spell characters in other alphabets and both versions have text to speech capabilities. The company has found success and introduced follow-up apps including myLanguage Phrasebooks and a travel companion app for tourists attending the world Cup in South Africa.

What's next: As more users engage the app, the community is able to find better translations for phrases. In its most recent update, myLanguage added support for Apple's iPad.    

myLanguage - 8 rising stars in mobile app development