N/A broadband stimulus applicants


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Applicant Location  Total Request  Description
Astor Services for Children & Families Rhinebeck, NY  $        263,856 Broadband infrastructure expansion project to enhance quality, reliability and accuracy in reporting and record-keeping of children's mental health service and financial records in a multi-county area. We are preparing our system for the implementation of Electronic Health Records as well as addressing critical connectivity issues that threaten billing and medicaid compliance.
Southern Aroostook Cooperative Board of Education Houlton, ME  $     1,514,198 On behalf of its partners, Region Two School of Applied Technology is requesting funds to expand computing facilities at 17 sites throughout the state of Maine. The goal of this project is to enhance educational services for adult community members at regional vocational and technical schools by expanding access to broadband.
Farm Resource Center Mound City, IL  $        995,500 The Illinois Community Broadband Initiative (ICBI) proposes to bridge the digital divide between Illinois communities with limited access to mainstream opportunities and services. The ICBI network of community based organizations will provide Illinois' rural and low-income consumers an opportunity to gain awareness of broadband, access public computer centers, and receive the basic training.
Logiclink Inc. IRVINE, CA  $   41,519,307 1,731 self-serve centers providing free broadband access shall be implemented at public safety agencies, community anchor organizations and small businesses in all unserved and underserved rural counties. A membership program offering broadband based services such as training, health care, community development and business opportunities shall stimulate adoption and sustain household subscription.
Kansas Board of Regents, Kan-ed Topeka, KS  $     3,924,893 Kan-ed will scale up high definition videoconferencing facilities in 90 public libraries in Kansas. Federal funding is requested to procure, install, and use HD videoconferencing equipment within the LAN at each premise. When complete, all 105 counties in Kansas will benefit from expanded access to economic development resources, distance education programs, telehealth and e-government services.
Broward County Board of County Commissioners Fort Lauderdale, FL  $        767,146 The Broward County Library Wired for Success program will provide increased access to broadband technology by increasing the number of public computers, expanding the number of computer literacy classes and enhancing E-Government assistance available in Broward's vulnerable communities. Increased access will provide vital opportunities to develop computer skills critical to economic success.
National Urban Technology Center, Inc. New York, NY  $     6,323,040 Urban Tech will target 6 million potential broadband subscribers in 2 years in low-income minority communities with a 4-point plan building on its successful collaboration with the CCDO Weed & Seed Program. The plan includes an aggressive outreach campaign using mobile computer labs, targeted advertising, innovative multimedia educational content, and a broadband portal, the Digital Campus.
City of Carrollton Housing Authority Carrollton, GA  $        750,000 The Internet Connection and Opportunity Network (ICON) Program of the Carrollton Housing Authority will provide improved broadband access to public housing residents and other low income families through four public computer centers. The program will also provide education and employment services, as well as, provide a school to home network system for public housing residents.
One Economy Corporation Washington, DC  $   45,527,735 One Economy, the Broadband Opportunity Coalition and a diverse team of partners propose to increase adoption rates among the unserved and underserved through a comprehensive and integrated program that includes digital literacy, online content, affordable connectivity and public education that will overcome barriers to adoption and will maximize the opportunities inherent in the technology itself.
Cambridge Housing Authority Cambridge, MA  $        698,924 Three Community Computer Centers, located strategically across the city in the largest family public housing developments, serve as the nexus for a range of educational and vocational programs for adults, teens and children. The common denominator is that each emphasizes broadband utilization, the development of techology, literacy and vocational skills as key to economic advancement.
RADGOV, INC FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  $ 938,187,772 RADgov Computer Learning Centers (RADgov-CLC) will be established to offer access to computers and Internet at all our proposed locations for the unserved/underserved communities. RADgov-CLC will provide e-learning,telemedicine, distance education/vocational programs,electronic library,web seminars, video conferences, workshops,job oriented training, job placements, help reduce unemployment.
Durham County Durham, NC  $        179,533 Durham County Library will provide 8 full-service public computer centers within 5 miles of nearly every Durham County resident. With increased bandwidth, 244 public computers available without charge, on-demand job search assistance and job skills training, the library will be a leader in providing technology services to the Durham community, especially to vulnerable and low-income populations.
California Emerging Technology Fund San Francisco, CA  $     7,723,506 Digital Literacy for All is a statewide initiative involving 13 non-profits serving low-income and vulnerable populations who will: (1) Learn applications requiring broadband technology (27,102 youth/adults gain digital literacy skills); (2) Increase adoption of broadband (4,825 households subscribe to broadband services); and (3) Enter career paths (581 residents placed into full-time jobs).
Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation Philadelphia, PA  $   14,985,577 Leveraging the resources of the country's 10th largest public library system and 3 key partners, who each work with community organizations that combined reach more than one million people, the Neighborhood Internet Access Project will result in 36,850 new broadband users (28,150 public computers, 8,400 households, and 300 small businesses) and a new city-wide portal with highly relevant content.
Department of State Tallahassee, FL  $   13,537,218 This project seeks to increase the capacity of Florida public libraries to provide access to electronic government (e-government) services and to heighten the ability of public libraries to participate in emergency management activities. The program will provide a significant investment in broadband connectivity, information technology infrastructure and training.
Public Broadcasting Service Arlington, VA  $     8,744,607 PBS and 8 stations in a local/national partnership will combine national content and existing outreach programs to stimulate demand for educational broadband content. This project will combine proven outreach services by local stations to their most vulnerable populations with innovative, broadband-centric technologies developed by PBS.
Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation Columbus, OH  $        925,545 The Ohio Broadband Access Initiative for Civil Legal Services Attorneys Project will purchase wireless, broadband-enabled laptops for use by attorneys working with vulnerable low-income Ohioans in rural areas on a variety of legal matters including foreclosure, eviction, education, child custody, and child support matters in the office, in the field, in the community, and at the courts.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation Atlanta, GA  $     3,839,224 The program will bring Georgia Tech's TechSmart program to rural communities of persistent poverty in Georgia, building broadband awareness and understanding. Local leadership is developed in all community sectors to implement initiatives that improve broadband adoption and utilization, with an emphasis on vulnerable populations.
Colorado Center for the Advancement of Patient Safety (CCAPS) Greenwood Village, CO  $   34,576,030 The Colorado Telehealth Network project will improve the quality of health care by overcoming the fragmented geography and sparse demographics of Colorado with broadband technology. Backed with support for cultural change in health care delivery, broadband adoption will result in a patient-centered, physician-supportive, and outcomes-driven health care system.
Technology Access Foundation Seattle, WA  $     3,892,522 TAF will use broadband to bring educational opportunities to primarily K-12 students in a low-income, underserved community. The TAF Community Learning Space will be a technologically-equipped learning space in White Center, WA; population of 32,000. This project funds four wireless learning labs and an academic support center on the 2nd floor; 75% of the building will be open to the public.
Public Utility Law Project of New York, Inc. Albany, NY  $        360,000 This project will establish an educational program about affordable broadband (by applying savings from low income utility programs), design a model state low income broadband access program to match, augment, and sustain federal initiatives, and design model consumer protections for broadband customers. This program will increase and sustain the adoption of broadband in low income populations.
Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit Lewisburg, PA  $        807,440 The CSIU and 3 Area Agencies on Aging in Pennsylvania will implement Wii Generations: The Web, The Internet, & InterGenerations (WiiGens). WiiGens will use seniors' enthusiasm for the Wii to provide innovative computer & Internet courses, create virtual tournaments, and expand broadband. Pregnant & parenting teens and peer coaches will keep trainer/senior ratios low and facilitate sustainability.
New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance Albany, NY  $     7,737,210 This project defines the business processes, organization structure and functional requirements that will allow New York State and its 58 county governments to deliver health and human services benefits via broadband to low-income families. Relevant online capability and ease of use will increase broadband adoption.
Fulton County Georgia Atlanta, GA  $        843,200 Fulton County is requesting $843,200 to expand public computer centers in both the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System and the DeKalb County Public Library to meet the growing demand for access to public computers for job searches and other electronic resources. The two counties have joined to provide 1,203 public computers in 48 libraries.
Alliance for Digital Equality, Inc. Atlanta, GA  $        705,031 The Alliance proposes the implementation of the 'Learning Without Walls Initiative." This two-tier program seeks to cultivate and promote broadband adoption, hands-on-workforce development training, education and online tutorials with the utilization of community-based resources to meet the new and existing needs of schools, employers and Americans.
Kansas Farm Bureau Foundation Manhattan, KS  $     2,057,546 The Sedan Broadband Communication Center will give rural citizens access to technology and information that will allow them to solve individual and community problems. The SBCC will encompass all aspects of rural life, from education to health care to economic development. The SBCC will revitalize rural communities by forging new opportunities focused on technology, not size or location.
Vermont Council on Rural Development Montpelier, VT  $     2,525,675 e-Vermont: The Community Broadband Project will help rural communities and businesses realize the opportunities of the Internet for civic engagement, community betterment, school modernization, job creation and e-commerce. Working with 24 'e-Vermont Communities" over two years, it will systematically stimulate digital culture in schools and homes, community groups and businesses.
Venture Communications I, Inc. Lubbock, TX  $     1,000,000 Deploy both Laptop and Desktop PCs for rural communities to be used by the public for access to the internet at no charge. Place desktop and laptop computers inside community facilities throughout West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. Allowing existing Broadband to be utilized by all members of the community, but targeting the low-income, unemployed, and undereducated members of the community.
Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs Oklahoma City, OK  $        723,414 The purpose of our initiative is to improve the quality of healthcare for Oklahoma veterans, as well as implement an educational training standard for the agency. We are seeking this grant to create a broadband video-conferencing solution for tele-mental health, improving access and quality of care for our veterans and reducing transportation between remote state and federal veterans' facilities.
New Albany-Floyd County Public Library New Albany, IN  $        480,000 The S.Ellen Jones neighborhood is an underserved area of New Albany Floyd County Public Library. The library and its partners would like to put a public computing and job training center in a restored historical building--the Cardinal Ritter home at 1248 Oak Street. This building is across from an elementary school and playground and in the heart of the neighborhood community.
Regents of the University of California Davis, CA  $   13,791,250 The California Telehealth Network will support broadband adoption by California health care providers who use its existing broadband network. Adoption services will include eHealth training, broadband network management, job creation and the deployment of eHealth equipment. CTN will form the basis for a technology-enabled health care system that promotes high-quality, accessible health services.
Professional Resources Management of Rabun, LLC dba Mountain Lakes Medical Center Clayton, GA  $        385,025 Mountain Lakes Medical Center and partners propose Broadband Bound, a project designed to support broadband adoption among key anchor institutions, businesses and public safety agencies in Rabun County, GA through the use of video technology. Specifically, Broadband Bound will provide education and training to address critical needs related to health, economic development and public safety.
Califa Group San Mateo, CA  $     9,435,729 This project creates 66 high-definition videoconferencing and public-computer Centers at 58 California library and community-college jurisdictions. These Centers will offer advanced educational and information services such as online adult and family literacy programs, job training, placement, and education. The project addresses the needs of vulnerable populations and unemployed workers.
Miami-Dade County Miami, FL  $     2,224,960 Requested funds will be used to enhance and expand public broadband speed, access, equipment, training and support services, and overall user reliability at 47 Miami-Dade Public Library System branch sites located throughout Miami-Dade County.
Miami-Dade County Miami, FL  $     4,404,169 Miami-Dade County intends to expand public broadband access points in the community by making available 100 internet kiosk workstations throughout the community and enabling the provision of free WiFi at 12 public parks.
Northwest Arctic Borough Kotzebue, AK  $        687,912 Half our population is under 25, and many of our young people feel alienated from their Iñupiaq heritage, but they don't know how to make their way in the world of career and money either. This project will use the Internet and multimedia tools to promote a diversified, green economy and strengthen our culture, and to invite all ages into ongoing collaboration towards these goals.
City of Grapevine Grapevine, TX  $        316,099 Implement a Wireless network to link all public safety facilities into the City network increasing the speed and reliability over the current VPN technologies. This network will be used for access to public safety applications, public safety personnel training, and for getting information to the public during emergencies.
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH  $     1,030,900 The University Circle Innovation Zone Community Learning Studios Project is a public computing center venture of Case Western Reserve University, neighborhood computing and technology centers and the Cuyahoga Metro Housing Authority. Servicing 9 Studios, 'Building a Digital City" is an integrated offering combining multimedia technology with workforce, retraining, and life skills activities.
National Stroke Association Centennial, CO  $     1,011,540 Utilizing two-way real time video and audio via broadband technology, we will connect physician specialists at stroke center hospitals to stroke patients at non-stroke center hospitals, virtually bringing the physician specialist to the emergency room of the patient spoke hospital. This will serve as a demonstration project to increase sustainable broadband adoption among our target population.
Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana Elton, LA  $     9,509,256 This project will create a public computer center that meets the need for broadband service within the Coushatta Indian community, as well as providing educational and economic development services for other Native American tribes and vulnerable populations located in rural southwestern Louisiana.
The Housing Authority of the City of Durham Durham, NC  $        400,000 DHA Neighborhood Networks program assists low in-come families with access to computer technology and internet access within our public housing communities. The J.E.T. program will expand broadband and provide educational training, job training programs and job related instruction to enhance the opportunities for our unemployed and underemployed residents to secure long-term employment.
ATHENS-CLARKE COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION, INC. Athens, GA  $     3,200,000 Our project area has 125 square miles with below average broadband adoption rates. Local studies estimate the 2005 population at 108,222. Over 33% of the residents are black or Latinos. Over 30% of the residents live below the poverty threshold. Our project will extend broadband infrastructure coverage through wireless technology, in an organic and self sustaining way, to many of these families.
Wi-Zee, LLC Santa Rosa, CA  $   12,780,627 Develop a product to be used by a broadband consumer. Service Provider and consumer create data plan agreements whereby Service Provider reduces broadband rates in accordance with the data plan. CPE device in the home enforces data plan agreement. Homeowner can modify data plan agreement at any time in proportion to the amount they are willing to pay with respect to broadband rates.
Federation of American Scientists DC, MD  $   14,809,084 This project unites innovators in broadband education and training in creating a national software infrastructure that will dramatically transform the way education and training is created, maintained and delivered. Exemplar content (science and math games, green jobs and emergency response training) will prepare users for new jobs and drive broadband demand.
California Emerging Technology Fund San Francisco, CA  $     7,251,295 Funding for the Broadband Awareness and Adoption will support the development of a statewide initiative involving 8 project partners serving low-income and vulnerable populations who: (1) Gain digital literacy skills (797,807 youth and adults); and (2) Increase adoption of broadband technology (156,829 households subscribe to broadband services).
California Emerging Technology Fund San Francisco, CA  $   20,339,006 The CREATE program will: 1) Enable low-income Californians to enter and continue advancing along digital career paths; 2) Increase availability of low-cost IT hardware/software in low-income communities through its reuse; 3) Increase household adoption of broadband technology in high-priority, low-income communities in California; and 4) Effectively serve people with disabilities.
Hot Spot Technologies Sylvester, GA  $     1,950,000 Many of the problems making web access to the disadvantaged in public housing, community centers, low income neighborhoods and public parks can be addressed at reasonably low cost by providing incentives to those in these areas who are already connected to share their present connectivity. New connections would only be used where share connectivity is not feasible.. Outreach to the uninformed
Syndign Company Cartersville, GA  $                  -   Provide home and small business users with direct technical assistance to set up broadband connectivity. Identify network options, connection alternatives, and systems required to connect. A primary target will be physicians planning to set up electronic health records. Education seminars will lead to professional service offerings for both home and business users.
OSHEAN Inc. North Kingstown, RI  $     1,245,500 Partnering with Ocean State Libraries, a consortium of all the state's libraries, OSHEAN's Beacon 2.0 LCC program will provided desperately needed computers to 49 libraries at over 70 locations throughout Rhode Island. It will also provide 10 new mobile public computer centers that provide library patrons with broadband access, training, and distance learning capabilities.
Louisiana Community & Technical College System Baton Rouge, LA  $        699,460 LCTCS Public Computer Centers strategically located in community and technical colleges in each region of the state provide public access to citizens in rural areas and cities and towns of Louisiana. The LCTCS Public Computer Centers are accessible during the week and on weekends per campus schedule. Computer centers will provide job training programs and other computer based services.
City of Farmersville Farmersville, CA  $        206,185 Farmersville seeks to build, equip, and operate a public Computer Center to serve over 300 children in a Boys & Girls Club after school program and the community in the mornings and evenings. New broadband connectivity, state of the art equipment, and partnerships with civic organizations will result in computer-based classes on computer use, literacy, GED prep., and accessing health information.
BackupUSA LLC New Orleans, LA  $     1,652,246 A mobile classroom to train adults, minorities and handicapped in basic computer skills and web skills. Target populations will be unserved, underserved, disadvantaged persons in economically depressed Northeast Louisiana and Native Americans tribes throughout the state. Project goals are to increase broadband demand and usage; improve job skills, job retention; and economic development.
Marana Health Center Marana, AZ  $        635,636 Marana Health Center, a rural Community Health Center, proposes the creation of a 20 workstation public computer center. Health literacy, education programs and workforce development will be the focus of center programs. Collaboration with academic and government partners will promote the viability of delivering information through e-learning methodology.
Tanana Chiefs Conference Fairbanks, AK  $   28,842,034 ARRA success stories will be quickly generated by 42 remote Alaskan Native villages who will receive public broadband training centers using advanced satellite systems with IP HD-Multicast and Smart Content Caching. Daily updates of extensive content and multiplatform fast broadband 'live" and play-on-demand training will prepare all anchor institution staff for planned terrestrial broadband.
Georgia Partnership for Telehealth, Inc. Waycross, GA  $     1,447,139 The Georgia Partnership for Telehealth (GPT) and 34 partnering healthcare facilities propose a telehealth network that will extend access to healthcare to underserved rural areas of GA. This includes access to healthcare providers to mental health, primary care, trauma, children's services, specialty services, distance learning and education via broadband.
Public Health Communications, LLC Delray Beach, FL  $     7,612,675 PHTv is an internet protocol television network that utilizes broadband connectivity and reception equipment to reach the most at-risk segments of our society. PHTv is installed in the waiting areas of federally certified rural health clinics, community health centers and critical access hospitals reaching underserved populations with targeted health education and social awareness programming.
American Library Association Chicago, IL  $     7,796,440 Turning the Page is a professional education program for public computer centers designed to teach the skills necessary for building sustainable funding for public computing and connectivity at these anchor institutions. It was developed by PLA, with funding provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It consists of a 2 day conference and online educational content with a virtual community.
Mediacom Southeast LLC Middletown, NY  $        581,153 To promote sustainable broadband adoption, Mediacom proposes to form an innovative partnership with Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) to turn its broadband network into virtual classroom to provide information on the benefits of broadband and to train and upskill unemployed Iowans. BTOP funds would be used to create video on demand classrooms within certain state facilities.
Housing Authority of the City of Prichard Eight Mile, AL  $        975,900 The Housing Authority of the City of Prichard proposes to expand public access to broadband by constructing a Computer Technology Center and encouraging public use. The Center will expand programs offered through the current Neighborhood Networks Center and enhance service for health care delivery, education and children through innovative, interactive learning opporunities.
Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc. Fort Washington, PA  $     4,730,860 Wilco Electronic Systems,Inc., a minority-owned private cable operator, will deploy a sustainable fiber network to offer next-generation broadband services to Philadelphia's underserved low-income public housing residents. The network will include adoption applications and equipment to housing authority homes, health facilities, computer centers, and public safety departments.
Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc. Fort Washington, PA  $     4,730,860 Wilco Electronic Systems,Inc., a minority-owned private cable operator, will deploy a sustainable fiber network to offer next-generation broadband services to Philadelphia's underserved low-income public housing residents. The network will include adoption applications and equipment to housing authority homes, health facilities, computer centers, and public safety departments.
R J Software Solutions, Inc. Rochdale Village, NY  $     2,759,000 Establish Computer Technology Learning Center in partnership with the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Brooklyn New York directly across the street from Brevorgg Public Housing project with approximately 10,000 residents. Church is also two blocks from KingsBridge Housing Project with approximately 4000 residents.
Baxter County Library Mountain Home, AR  $        771,250 This project increases the number of workstations with broadband access at the Baxter County Library and its Gassville Branch Library from a total of 17 to a total of 61, and extends the hours they are available from a total of 77 to 125. It includes hardware, software, staff, and an awareness campaign.
Tampa Housing Authority Tampa, FL  $     3,814,326 The Tampa Housing Authority is transitioning 3,430 public housing units to technologically smart communities through the AccessALL Tampa initiative, with broadband service being offered as a standard amenity in public housing. The Pilot Initiative included will offer computers as standard appliances in 513 units located in four Self Sufficiency oriented communities.
Houston Housing Authority Houston, TX  $     1,908,451 Through a Broadband grant, the Houston Housing Authority establish seven Star Learning Centers. These Centers, which include one main computer center and six satellite sites, will offer a wide range of self-sufficiency programming to the agency's low-income clientele in a cost-efficient manner using video conferencing and other technologies.
Hope Through Housing Foundation Rancho Cucamonga, CA  $     2,362,668 Hope Through Housing requests funding to open Community Learning Zones at 3 affordable housing communities in Rialto, CA. These facilities will provide low income residents and the surrounding neighborhood access to center-based broadband technology and job training and placement. This project will provide opportunities for professional growth and stability in a community with high unemployment.
Research Foundation/CUNY on behalf of the College of Staten Island Staten Island, NY  $     1,205,991 The College of Staten Island; Richmond University Medical Center; St. John's University; Staten Island University Hospital and Wagner College will develop community-based public computer centers on Staten Island (SI) to fuel economic growth, advances in education and public health through outreach to clinics, social service centers, libraries, job training centers, and faith-based organizations.
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library Buffalo, NY  $        219,430 Project will enrich career and employment opportunities and enhance technology skill-training for the at-risk and underserved. The Library will add staff to present job-related training classes and provide expanded public availability using mobile CyberTrains and a stationary Training Lab. The Library will partner with Erie Community College offering classes to enhance educational opportunities.
Olive Hill Community Economic Development Corporation Morganton, NC  $        448,805 This project establishes a public computer center in downtown Valdese, NC targeting assistance to disadvantaged businesses, the unemployed, and individuals seeking higher educational attainment. Clients and the public will receive training through collaborative services with the local community college, the small business center, Town of Valdese, and traditionally disadvantaged businesses.
Surry Community College Dobson, NC  $        735,154 Serving areas of Surry County, these satellite computing centers will expand broadband availability to the poverty stricken, disabled, and unemployed, as well as the public at large. It will provide increased access to training, educational support and awareness, job searches, word processing, and resume writing assistance, as well as general web-based resources and computer literacy classes.
Electronic Information Network, the Pittsburgh, PA  $     1,496,279 The proposed project will expand capacity and access to broadband services at Public Computing Centers located in the 73 public libraries in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania to benefit the 1.2 million residents. The innovative technology proposed for the region's public library consortium will alleviate current capacity limitations, and provide a platform for future expansions.
C. K. Blandin Foundation Grand Rapids, MN  $     4,858,219 The Minnesota Intelligent Rural Communities (MIRC) initiative is a comprehensive, multi-sector approach to sustainable broadband adoption. Through education, training, technical assistance and barrier removal, an array of market development strategies will provide opportunity to residents, small businesses, local governments, and critical needs providers in rural Minnesota.
XW, LLC Dallas, TX  $   29,200,000 This project, using XtendwaveTM's Adaptive Filter Bank ModulationTM (AFBMTM) technology, will enable broadband access for virtually all the ~20 million unserved/underserved households in the US by extending the reach of DSL signals to 25k+ feet from a Central Office. Xtendwave chips in line cards and CPE modems will double the DSL area coverage for a given data rate, without digging a single trench.
Southeast Tennessee Development District Chattanooga, TN  $          54,400 The project will provide internet access to individuals who are visiting Workforce Investment Board Career Centers. Current access is very limited due to a lack of equipment to provide service.
Sunflower Broadcasting, Inc. Wichita, KS  $     3,515,860 Sunflower Broadcasting proposes increasing broadband sustainability and adoption through a targeted marketing campaign on-air and on-line; a comprehensive educational project across the state; and the development of web content for disadvantaged businesses and health service providers.
McDowell County Schools Marion, NC  $     3,006,872 McDowell County Schools application is for acquiring broadband and end-user related equipment for: a)networking capabilities; instrumentation, hardware, software, digital network technology; b)training, education, support, and awareness for school-wide and public outreach campaigns; c)innovative programs to provide public greater access to broadband service, devices, and equipment.
Neovision USA Inc Deer Park, IL  $        982,840 Wheelchair accessible wireless broadband internet cafe on wheels. Public computer and communications facility in a mobile vehicle accomodating up 18 interior users simultaneously, including 2 in wheelchairs lifted into the vehicle. WiFi hotspot extends usage to up to 256 total users counting those positioned to the exterior with suitably equipped laptops or desktop computers.
New Bedford Housing Authority New Bedford, MA  $        452,170 A joint venture application of New Bedford Housing Authority, NorthStar Learning Centers (an 'SDA") & SHARE (Society for Human Advancement Through Rehabilitation Engineering) to develop a Computer Center at Dottin Place public family housing development primarily targeted to servicing the needs of socially & economically disadvantaged & minority families and people with disabilities in New Bedford
Littleton Housing Authority Littleton, CO  $        277,260 The Littleton Computer Help Centers will help provide easy access to computers and the Internet to residents in the Littleton community. Classes such as job skills training and basic computer skills will be available as well as case management services to eligible low income families, seniors, and disabled clients. We will seek to expand broadband access and usage to the these underserved clients.
Denver Public Library Denver, CO  $        250,985 The Denver Public Library proposes a comprehensive Technology Empowerment program: Creation of a Community Technology Center at the Central Library to provide free computer and Internet access; implementation of a curriculum to meet customers' employment, business and lifelong learning needs; and provision of increased bandwidth to ensure adequate Internet connectivity into the foreseeable future.
Goodwill Industries of the Coastal Empire, Inc. Savannah, GA  $        765,503 Goodwill's Public Cyber Access Program is a three pronged approach offering increased, affordable public access to computers and related technology through: 1.) A Cyber Cafe, 2.)Fourteen (14) Cyber Access Centers and 3.) Two (2) retail stores offering high quality refurbished computer equipment and braoadband subscriptions at reasonable costs.
College of Menominee Nation Keshena, WI  $     3,352,530 CMN's proposed Comprehensive Computer Technology Center will allow the college to provide previously unavailable high speed internet access through a community technology center to vulnerable persons from 9am to 9pm Monday through Sunday. The center will also provide technology-based community education, critically needed community support activities and job training.
@Link Services LLC Okahoma City, OK  $     1,794,349 @Link Services LLC proposes to stimulate demand and provide broadband education, awareness training and equipment to vulnerable, rural populations by organizing community events, enticing event participation with Oklahoma BBQ and providing a personal, soc
Museum of Science Boston, MA  $     2,672,512 Our goal is to create lasting job and educational prospects for youth in underserved communities by starting 4 Computer Clubhouses in economically distressed communities; and improving existing Clubhouses' ability to serve as assets for the economic development of their communities, transitioning Clubhouse users to adulthood by providing opportunities to access internships, jobs, and education.
DeKalb County School System Decatur, GA  $     4,700,048 DeKalb County Schools proposes six public computer centers in densely populated, underserved communities that have low educational attainment, lack of access to the internet, high unemployment, and the nation's largest refugee population. The centers will create and save jobs, provide broadband education, training, equipment, and support and improve education, healthcare, safety, and employment.
Cricket Communications, Inc. San Diego, CA  $     8,600,000 Cricket, with One Economy, proposes to launch Project Change Access. Based on the success of a Portland, OR, pilot, Change Access strives to achieve sustainable broadband adoption for 23,000 low-income families primarily in Baltimore, Houston, Memphis, San Diego and Washington, D.C. by providing subsidized wireless broadband service, modems, access to content, and digital literacy training.
Evertek, Inc. Everly, IA  $        798,596 Educational Broadband for the Betterment of Iowa or (EBBI) will increase broadband awareness, education and availability to those who are credit challenged, on limited income or in need of educational improvement.
Hart County Public Library Munfordville, KY  $     1,360,000 We wish to add a technology center to the existing public library. This will include 20 computers for adults, 10 for children and 10 for teens/young adults. The proposal also includes the addition of an elevator for handicapped accessibility.
BEK Communications Cooperative Steele, ND  $        725,623 BEK's PCC partnership will help provide technology improvements to small, rural schools in our operating area. This will provide an equal opportunity to students in these schools by upgrading old, outdated equipment such as computers, broadband service, ITV equipment, smart boards and network servers. BEK will help these students bridge the technology gap that plagues rural schools.
BEK Communications Cooperative Steele, ND  $          42,650 BEK believes technology education is important to its communities for sustainable broadband usage. BEK has invested in training for over five years. The BEK 'Bytes" Computer Class along with the video over Internet Protocol program will allow us to continue to provide free training to the public. This grant will assist in purchasing the necessary equipment for hands-on training.
Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Networks Inc. Brooklyn, NY  $   11,878,375 A national multi-platform network of Community Based Organizations that provides broadband access, provides community computer centers, helps create jobs and lowers the cost of delivering government programs at the grassroots level to promote sustainable broadband adoption, with an emphasis on empowering low-income, minority and Hispanic residents to use technology to improve their lives.
Nordeen Technical Training, LLC Conroe, TX  $        132,550 To serve local HUD sponsored apartment residents by updating the obsolete equipment in an existing computer center (The Copperwood Learning Center), establishing a new computer center in a HUD sponsored apartment complex that lacks one (Tamarac Pines), and hiring staff to install and maintain equipment, teach classes, and tutor residents and volunteers.
Broadband for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Washington, DC  $   70,000,000 This project will address the significant problem of low broadband usage in the deaf community by providing broadband access to low-income deaf Americans for a period of two years. Broadband access has the potential to remedy the isolation and marginalization faced by many deaf Americans due to cultural barriers and economic factors.
Lumity Chicago, IL  $        762,472 Lumity, a nonprofit with expertise in technology and financial services for nonprofits, will provide its skills in creating and improving community technology centers to create four centers with Aunt Martha's Healthcare Network & Youth Service Center, to provide digital literacy services and public access to un/underserved residents of Chicago's southeast side and south suburban Cook County, IL.
Municipal Housing Authority of the City of Utica, New York Utica, NY  $     1,054,288 Designed to increase broadband access to low-income & immigrant communities, the program will expand the capacity of the Housing Authority's existing computer centers as well as create new centers. A partnership of local colleges and local companies will offer computer and networking training. A Youth Technology Corps will be developed to engage young people to promote broadband awareness.
WildBlue Communications, Inc. Englewood, CO  $   15,482,000 WildBlue proposes a comprehensive program to educate, train and affordably provide satellite broadband to rural, low-income Colorado and Wyoming citizens. With its partner One Economy, WildBlue will provide community based education and training, free satellite broadband equipment, a subsidized netbook and permanent monthly fee reductions to unserved households and small community institutions.
Free Public of Irvington N J Irvington, NJ  $        428,014 The Irvington Public Library proposes to expand Internet access and broadband technology to Irvington,Essex County and neighboring communities. This will be accomplished through the addition of 25 laptop computers for loan to the general population. We will also upgrade the current T1 line.
CWLab International, Ltd. Thousand Oaks, CA  $     2,857,537 This project will start with Fresno, CA to set up a Farmer's Broadband Business Habitat capable to use broadband as the base to transform the farm environment into a state-of-the-art business center for information, finance, telemedicine, distant learning, communications and smart grid energy applications.
City of Manchester NH Manchester, NH  $          16,240 This project will install 9 new pcs with networked printers, and a wifi access point, that are all connected to the internet via a 6 Meg connection. This public access computer center is located in The Regis Lemire Youth Center and is available free-of-charge to all city youth ages 10-18.
Kansas Farm Bureau Foundation Manhattan, KS  $     5,962,912 Kansas Farm Bureau and Connected Nation propose a statewide broadband adoption initiative in accordance with the requirements of the BTOP's sustainable broadband adoption category. The non-profit organizations are laying the foundation for unprecedented progress in digital literacy and use - the benefits of which will open a world of educational, economic, and social opportunities for Kansans.
Innovative I.T., Inc. Fresno, CA  $     3,917,338 Partnering with low-income housing developers throughout California's Central Valley, Innovative I.T. endeavors to foster affordable broadband access through the installation of localized community networks, while solidifying sustainable adoption via an aggressive awareness and relevancy campaign.
The Hope Center, Inc. Gretna, LA  $     1,085,466 The Hope Center, Inc. in partnership if the Jefferson Parish Community Action Centers and the Jefferson Workforce Connection is applying to seeking funding to provide public computer centers in 7 community action centers. The centers would allow access to broadband technology education to the low income individuals, senior citizens, and disadvantaged youth, who would not normally have access.
WorkForce West Virginia Charleston, WV  $     2,105,992 This project proposal is to enhance and expand public-use computers, connection speeds, and wireless capabilities at 20 WorkForce West Virginia One-Stop offices throughout the state. The proposed enhancements will enable broadband access to partner organizations and customers, including the unemployed, disabled, veterans, youth, the aged and low income individuals.
University of Alaska Statewide Office of Information Technology Fairbanks, AK  $     4,525,936 This project creates a coordinated framework for technology literacy leading to sustainable adoption of broadband technology by a wide spectrum of end-users across Alaska using resources provided by a variety of public agencies and institutions. A cadre of local Village Internet Agents will be equipped with information technology skills of immediate help to new broadband users in the community.
University of Alaska Statewide Office of Information Technology Fairbanks, AK  $   21,683,659 The University of Alaska will expand public access to broadband services and enhance broadband capacity at community colleges, public libraries, rural health and tribal government facilities that permit public use of computing resources. The project provides employment resulting from construction and renovation of facilities, and staffing of local public computing centers.
Bluegrass Area Development District Lexington, KY  $          96,080 Provide broadband service access to rural and semi-rural senior citizens, and increase the access and adoption rates by establishing broadband accessible workstations in Community Senior Citizens Centers, and developing an end-user manual, brochures, and train-the-trainer curriculum to provide on-going instruction and support for workstation users and Community Senior Citizens Center staff.
Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation Atlanta, GA  $     1,520,062 Direct to Discovery brings real scientists and their research into K-12 classrooms. It provides interactive and engaging learning opportunities via broadband networking and HD videoconferencing. The project goes beyond merely demonstrating and evangelizing broadband applications. It implements a broadband application and provides immediate and lasting benefit for the community.
School Board of Miami-Dade County Miami, FL  $     3,473,506 M-DCPS 'Get Connected - Go Global" Sustainable Broadband Adoption brings educational equity to vulnerable students/families. By providing technology tools and access to the internet, we empower these families to improve their quality of life as they bridge the digital divide. Marketing efforts will create awareness about educational benefits to 'being connected" and the value of staying connected.
Oklahoma City University Oklahoma City, OK  $     1,312,193 OCU's Intergenerational Public Computer Center will be a leading edge facility where area residents may use the full range of broadband services. It will further provide health and employment educational courses and seminars, child development services and education, and community outreach to vulnerable populations. University professors and selected students will serve as educators.
Watervliet Housing Authority Watervliet, NY  $                  -   We will upgrade or purchase and install new computers at Watervliet and Cohoes Public Libraries, install internet access at the historical annex of the Reformed Church, and wireless access for city centers in Watervliet in order to provide the disadvantaged and underprivileged residents of Watervliet and Cohoes an environment to learn and expand their knowledge of computers.
City of Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA  $     7,496,157 The City of Los Angeles' Computer Access Network ('L.A.-CAN") will provide a high speed access point to the Internet at 188 public computer centers strategically deployed at neighborhood libraries, workforce training, community and recreation centers. For about $0.36 cents in ARRA funds per consumer served, L.A.-CAN will provide many Angelenos with their only link to broadband Internet access.
Maryland State Department of Education Baltimore, MD  $     4,352,322 Libraries WOW! will provide education, awareness, training, access, equipment, and support to job seekers, health information seekers (especially those persons over 65), small business owners and potential owners, and persons with disabilities through mobile public computing centers, operated by Maryland public libraries, at convenient locations across the state.
Western New York Rural Area Health Education Center, Inc. Warsaw, NY  $        822,188 The WNY Broadband Computer Opportunities Program(WNY BCOP): Bring sustainable broadband adoption in rural communities through easy access to education and training for rural users with a variety of computer-based applications. A key innovation is the use of a mobile computer lab which can be deployed to remote areas where users can access education and training using computers and broadband.
Western New York Rural Area Health Education Center, Inc. Warsaw, NY  $     1,258,157 The WNY R-AHEC is proposing a regional telehealth network to bring enhanced broadband enabled healthcare to rural and underserved counties in WNY. This network will initially connect 32 rural and underserved healthcare facilities with tertiary care medical centers and teaching facilities in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. The proposal advances an existing $7.2M FCC RHCPP initiative.
San Diego County Office of Education San Diego, CA  $     7,574,646 This project increases broadband demand by merging innovative technology and awareness campaigns with teacher coaching. CloudConnect provides mature educational resources and distance learning to all student populations, especially late adopters of broadband services. CloudConnect extends the learning day, facilitates distance learning and promotes the importance of broadband adoption.
Tincan Spokane, WA  $     1,283,723 This project establishes or enhances 17 public computer centers to maximize access throughout Spokane's poorest neighborhoods. The centers will provide training for vulnerable populations including teens, unemployed, homeless and victims of domestic violence, as well as small businesses. Training ranges from basic Internet searching and accessing resources to social media and video publishing.
The Rector and Visitors of University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA  $        709,277 UVa-Wise has been researching voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) as an avenue to replace our analog-based telephone system and enhance communication amount its faculty, staff, and students. VoIP would utilize our existing network infrastructure investment while helping the College to reduce annual telecommunications costs.
Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc. Lafayette, LA  $        107,450 This project is intended to enhance the quality of healthcare, and save lives, by improving ambulance dispatch capabilities and emergency communications. We seek to utilize these funds to purchase Vehicle Area Network (VAN) broadband equipment for 25 ambulances that service rural and urban patients in our tri-state service area which encompasses 38 parishes and counties in TX, LA, and MS.
Health Care & Rehab Services of Southeastern Vermont, Inc. Springfield, VT  $        743,822 Through Interactive Virtual Access, Health Care & Rehab Services of Southeastern Vermont, a non-profit Community Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities service organization, and project partners, will place interactive video technology in key locations in order to faciltate greater access to care for clients. This equipment will also be used to train staff/participate in learning exchanges.
YAS Corporation Boston, MA  $     2,860,798 YAS proposes a Broadband Career Center web portal for displaced workers to transition to careers in broadband created by expansion into unserved areas & workforce retirement. The center provides shared infrastructure using proven technology and competency based approach to facilitate cost effective skills assessment, career development, & training for use by partner institutions and organizations.
Applied Information Management Institute Omaha, NE  $     1,377,234 The Nebraska Public Computer Centers Project will serve the employment and training needs of vulnerable populations in East Omaha and the eleven-county area comprising the Panhandle. The project will offer online trainings to participants to increase employability, promote career exploration and assessment, foster entrepreneurship, and ignite growth in these economically-suppressed communities.
SkyTerra Public Safety Access LLC Reston, VA  $   37,055,628 SkyTerra will develop and assist in deploying two different types of wireless handheld broadband equipment devices for public safety agencies and will conduct a multi-year awareness and training program. The devices will be the first to operate on both the 700 MHz public safety spectrum and on the L-band satellite spectrum used by many first responders.
SC STATE BOARD FOR TECHNICAL AND COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATION COLUMBIA, SC  $     5,903,040 The South Carolina technical and community college system proposes South Carolina Ready to Educate, Activate, Connect and provide Health Information for Success Public Computing Centers (SC REACH FOR SUCCESS PCC) , a broad-based, statewide solution for enhancing awareness and providing middle- and last-mile broadband access to the rural, unserved and underserved populations of South Carolina.
TCU Community Partnership Inc. Colton, CA  $     3,546,775 The Energy & Technologies, Resource Training Center and satellite sites covering 460.6 sq. mi. of rural communities will engage 3808 seniors, 16720 dislocated/jobless people, 198 small businesses, and 1751 entrepreneurs in accessing and subscribing to affordable, high speed broadband while promoting innovative access to medical health services, quality training, and in creating 225 rural jobs.
City of Greensboro Greensboro, NC  $        199,728 We plan to create a small business/career center in our Central Library,expand the WiFi capacity at neighborhood libraries and develop a training lab with portable computers at each neighborhood library.The plans for the JobLink Center include converting the main campus into a wireless facility with laptops available for mobile classrooms and to extend fiber cabling to the new JobLink facility.
NationsLine Inc. Roanoke, VA  $        480,000 The NationsLine proposal is intended in increase sustainable demand for broadband among overlooked low income consumers in Maryland, Virginia and DC. NationsLine proposal would promote broadband and provide free customer premise to low income subscribers.
Iowa Communications Network Des Moines, IA  $     9,724,400 Project will upgrade one of the world's first and largest video conferencing networks, the ICN. The legacy MPEG2/ATM based system will be upgraded to an industry compatible H.323/SIP platform to sustain broadband video conferencing services to 730 community anchor institutions (CAIs), and provide services for 270 vulnerable K-12 schools, a 37 percent increase in broadband adoption.
UTAH TELECOMMUNICATION OPEN INFRASTRUCTURE AGENCY West Valley City, UT  $   10,500,000 The Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency, Open Service Provider Network, Fiber to the Premises, currently deployed model here integrates SBA with LM and MM applications. Here Special Assessment Areas (SAA) triple the requested federal investment while executing community fiber awareness campaigns. 16 cities founded UTOPIA, the agency designed to receive Utah's BTOP stimulus funds.
Longmont, City of Longmont, CO  $        324,684 This project seeks to remove barriers to broadband Internet access for all city residents and assist job seekers and small business people in getting back to work by updating and creating labs at the Public Library, the Senior Center, & the Youth Center. Laptops will be available for loan from the Library and Senior Center. A laptop lab will allow training to be held wherever there is Wifi access.
TCU Community Partnership Inc. Colton, CA  $        611,763 TCU's Broadband Adoption Program (BAP) is an innovative program in Cabazon, CA that promotes broadband subscription and use through education that promotes demand, awareness, and access to health care delivery education, treatment, and support services among rural s underserved seniors, displaced workers, and small businesses in access and awareness of broadband as well as innovative access.
Lonesome Pine Regional Library Wise, VA  $        372,612 Lonesome Pine Regional Library proposes to expand public computer access and capacity by providing essential, free broadband access to the Internet through its library branches for the public in Southwest Virginia. Fiber-based broadband will address current demand and connection speed problems and will make possible opportunities to expand promotion of valuable online resources and services.
Community Outreach Services Corporation Detroit, MI  $     3,568,411 To provide Educational and Life Skills Programs through the use of broadband technology for individuals of all ages throughout the Michigan Southern Great Lakes Region to enhance their development as individuals within their communities. Examples of programs include job training; after school tutoring; computer literacy; health & wellness; and building positive relationships.
Ikanos Communications, Inc. Fremont, CA  $   10,000,000 Ikanos will develop a new class of fast and affordable broadband chipsets enabling 50 Mbps speeds over existing copper infrastructure ('American Broadband 2.0" platform). This product will foster new broadband services and allow new users to take advantage of the optimized U.S. copper networks - especially in rural, unserved, and underserved areas -- and promote the creation of high-value jobs.
State Library of Louisiana Baton Rouge, LA  $   18,195,085 This project provides: 1. High end technology training statewide to public library staff, school IT staff, parish (county) government IT staff and healthcare centers 2. Broadband-ready local area networks at 340 public libraries and the State Library 3. A system of remote support for all public libraries in the State
West Harlem Group Assistance, Inc. New York, NY  $          80,000 West Harlem Group Assistance's Edward Dozier and Paul Register Technology Centers have computer based programs that link Harlem residents to certifications and gainful employment in the technology industry. Our Paul Register Center is set for expansion and we want to increase its size and capacity as soon as possible to respond to our catchment area's cry for help during this economic crisis.
New Mexico State Library Santa Fe, NM  $     1,457,488 NM State Library, University of NM, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, and 1st Mile Institute partner to sponsor 'Fast-Forward New Mexico," a broadband stimulus initiative that integrates a statewide broadband awareness campaign, a NM Broadband Conference, computer literacy and e-commerce trainings in public and tribal libraries across the state, and a centralized website.
City of Alexandria ALEXANDRIA, VA  $        254,762 Library is committed to serving all users with 4 mobile computer centers (each complete with 16 computers and peripherals) for each of the 4 branch libraries, and through hiring a FT Computer Class Coordinator for 2 years to create a uniform curriculum, market to the underserved, coordinate volunteers to teach in order for the program to self-sustain. Upgrade to existing access also budgeted.
RALEIGH AREA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Raleigh, NC  $     5,154,259 The Ark of Knowledge will deliver broadband Internet access throughout eastern North Carolina. This project will purchase six mobile units featuring wireless communications, computers, and electronic intelligence. The mobile units will target locations within counties that are currently unserved or underserved by broadband technology. The use of mobile units increases the reach of this project.
Knight Sky Consulting and Associates, LLC Frederick, MD  $     4,280,805 The SKYMAX Broadband Satellite Network provides state, city and local public safety agencies access to a robust 'enterprise" network supporting voice, data, and video on a fully interoperable basis. SKYMAX will provide an innovative, on-demand "satellite based" broadband network solution to enable affordable, non-preemptible primary and secondary telecommunications.
Sanford Research USD Sioux Falls, SD  $     1,441,330 This project will expand public access to broadband service in rural communities by providing public computer workstations and guest wireless access and in community hospitals. Outreach education will focus on specific health promotion information tailored to each community's needs as determined by county level health status and risk indicators from the US Department of Health and Human Services.
Farmers Telephone Cooperative Kingstree, SC  $   17,035,000 The Adopt a Laptop project would purchase 20,000 laptops and give them away free to customers that sign a two year broadband service agreement. This program would encourage sustainable broadband adoption by providing laptop computers to people who have little or no access to broadband services and would teach them the skills necessary to continue using broadband for many years to come.
One Economy Corporation Washington, DC  $   26,480,897 We will develop an Opportunity Network of public computer centers around the country to mitigate adoption barriers. We will partner with a coalition of partners that will include a mix of community based organizations as well as our BBOC affiliates to focus on adoption and build an ecosystem of public computer centers. Our Digital Connectors and relevant content will be staples of these venues.
adf fa, MD  $               235 Project description not provided.
University of Hawaii Honolulu, HI  $     1,226,600 The Public Computing Center project will provide high-speed access on modern computers through 66 public libraries, higher education libraries and educational centers on all islands throughout the State of Hawaii. This proposal provides 631 new computers and training, while a companion infrastructure proposal will ensure adequate connectivity to support the public Internet access.
Self-Help for the Elderly San Francisco, CA  $        600,000 Joint application from nine Chinatown community based organizations to upgrade each partner CBO's Internet connection to a T1 speed adding wireless access points for the public. Currently there is no relevant community based content on the Internet speaking to the needs of Chinatown users. We will jointly develop a bi-lingual English/Chinese website with aggregate content for our clients.
Kanawha County Public Library Charleston, WV  $     2,170,075 Through the Open a Modern Classic Campaign, the Kanawha County Public Library will bring broadband to a number of underserved populations in Kanawha County, including the community of Marmet. The construction of this community anchor will drastically increase the public access to computers and broadband in this community. Training, programs and services will be offered using the broadband network.
Tincan Spokane, WA  $        990,591 This project enhances an alliance 17 public computer centers to maximize training opportunities that encourage sustained adoption of broadband. The centers will provide training for Spokane's vulnerable populations as well as small businesses. Training ranges from basic Internet searching and accessing resources to social media and video publishing.
@Link Services LLC Oklahoma City, OK  $     2,444,636 @Link Services LLC has partnered with the University of Oklahoma Telecommunications Engineering Department, the Oklahoma State University Department of Computer Science, the University of Oklahoma National Resource Center for Youth Services and the Univer
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Inc. Milwaukee, WI  $     3,106,883 Using broadband-enabled telemedicine, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW) will deliver expert critical care consultation to clinicians who respond to pediatric emergencies in rural/community emergency departments. Physicians at CHW will provide real-time assessment, assist with therapeutic interventions, and help determine whether emergent transport to CHW is appropriate.
City of Mobile Mobile, AL  $     1,613,835 Thirteen existing Public Computer Centers will be enhanced to provide high-end connectivity, regardless of user economic or technical standing, and deliver 21st Century education and training programs, advanced media, virtual classrooms, and counseling support capabilities - effectively taking the classroom, the counselor, the medical interviewer and the mental health professional to the masses.
Yale New Haven Health Services Corporation New Haven, CT  $        998,107 REACCH will extend broadband utilization to give emergency department (ED) clinicians in four community hospitals or clinics without pediatric ED staff real time access to ED pediatric specialists at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital. Project tasks include: enhance broadband capability, install telemedicine equipment, provide technical and clinical education to launch and sustain the project.
Mission Economic Development Agency San Francisco, CA  $     3,724,128 The Latino Microentrepreneur Tech Net is a collaborative project led by the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) of San Francisco and the National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders (NALCAB) of San Antonio, Texas. LMTN will establish Public Computer Centers and a standardized bilingual training curriculum for Latino entrepreneurs at 17 locations nationwide and create 2,100 jobs.
PTI Pacifica, dba IT&E Saipan, MP  $        827,625 IT&E will leverage infrastructure enhancements to create an innovative wireless network at lower costs. This will help stimulate adoption of broadband internet services and open up possibilities for development economically and educationally.
Mitchell County Historic Courthouse Foundation Bakersville, NC  $        239,194 In collaboration with Mitchell County Public Library and Mayland Community College, the Center will provide access to broadband programs and services that will address specific educational and communication needs of displaced workers, farmers, high school dropouts, residents wanting college courses, health care workers, EMS personnel, educators, government officials, and small business persons.
City of Atlanta, Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Atlanta, GA  $        315,083 Implementation of management software for our recreation facilities, giving citizens broadband access to view and register for programs. The software will provide financial support as well as providing the means to keeping our youth safe and our seniors productive. On-site recreation facility computer workstations will provide broadband access and education.
New York State Education Department Albany, NY  $   14,266,434 Increase public knowledge/use of broadband with sustainable education and promotion through libraries and the world's most interconnected education system; develop/implement curricula; deliver education/training to promote the value of broadband; and increase digital fluency.Delivery strategies include the Broadband Express, Broadband Buddies, Cyber Sages, multilanguage web courses, marketing, etc
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Annville, PA  $        381,360 The Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs will provide broadband access, education and training to 1,500 residents at the six state veterans' homes. The initiative will enable this vulnerable population to stay abreast of current affairs, maintain contact with loved ones and use technology to share their experiences and knowledge gained while serving our country.
Kanawha County Public Library Charleston, WV  $     3,844,591 The Kanawha County Public Library seeks to dramatically enhance the the public's access to broadband computing by expanding the St. Albans library and remodeling the Elk Valley library. Training, programs and services will be offered at these broadband public computer centers.
R J Software Solutions, Inc. Rochdale Village, NY  $     2,025,790 Computer Technology Learning Center aims to stimulate the demand for broadband, economic growth, and job creation. Provide broadband educational services to unserved and underserved areas of Queens, New York in partnership with R J Software Solutions, Inc. and Exquisite Learning Center/Ione Lettman Realty 18919 Linden Blvd Saint Albans, NY 11412-3344 718-712-4600.
Alliance for Public Technology Washington, DC  $     2,054,066 The National Broadband Resource Center (NBRC) is a national non-profit dedicated to promoting broadband adoption, particularly among the most vulnerable populations. It works in collaboration with organizations representing a broad range of constituencies to provide comprehensive information, referrals, and consulting to community-based, non-profit organizations.
Springdale Public Library (City of Springdale) Springdale, AR  $          66,746 The Springdale Public Library Internet Literacy Center will provide 31 laptop wireless equipped computers that can be used in various spaces within the Library for general public internet use and internet literacy training. Training will focus on internet job searches and online application completions and other internet use capabilities.
Contact Network Inc. d/b/a InLine Birmingham, AL  $     2,341,090 This project is designed to expand upon and enhance existing videoconferencing capabilities in public schools throughout the service area, and to provide low-cost hardware and virtualization services to businesses, institutions, and residents. The project will serve a total of 17 counties in Southern Mississippi and a land area of over 8500 square miles.
Maine State Library Augusta, ME  $     1,216,467 The ME Library Learning Network creates eight regional and eleven local public library computer centers equipped with computers, accessible workstations and IP-based video conference technology. These centers will expand access to broadband technology in Maine, and provide access and training for rural and un-served communities, small businesses, an aging population, and people with disabilities.
SC STATE BOARD FOR TECHNICAL AND COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATION COLUMBIA, SC  $     2,268,840 The South Carolina technical and community college system proposes South Carolina Ready to Educate, Activate, Connect and provide Health Information for Success Sustainable Broadband Adoption (SC REACH FOR SUCCESS SBA) , a statewide solution for enhancing awareness and providing middle- and last-mile broadband access to the rural, unserved and underserved populations of South Carolina.
Niagara County Lockport, NY  $        482,764 Please see 19.Supplemental Information for full project application, narrative and supporting documents.
Northeastern Educational Television of Ohio Inc Kent, OH  $     1,259,910 Regional Fusion Public Computer Centers will use broadband technology to bring northeast Ohio's communities together. This project proposes the creation of 5 computer centers, where citizens will be trained to develop robust broadband content, and a Web site that will feature regional video on demand, a virtual public square and a regional knowledge portal.
Regents of the University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN  $     2,862,334 The Broadband Access Project will eliminate directly the disparity in broadband awareness and use in four federally designated poverty zones in the Twin Cities. The Universit of Minnesota will provide broadband training to vulnerable populations to gain information about education, health care, and job opportunities. Increased broadband access and usage, and job creation will result in these areas
State of Tennessee Nashville, TN  $     4,922,761 Public libraries are major sources of free Internet access. Along with substantial BTOP access and adoption efforts, the Tennessee State Library proposes to expand community coalitions, awareness, and broadband training, to target vulnerable and economically distressed populations. Adding hours, broadband technology and equipment will add capacity to rural libraries to bridge this Digital Divide.
Presbyterian Childrens Services, Inc. Saint Louis, MO  $     1,712,500 This project will supply the education, training and equipment to providers of services to vulnerable children and their families in Missouri, who currently are not using and/or are under-utilizing broadband services. The project will supply agencies in Missouri with the tools needed to adopt and sustain broadband technology in their work to better care for needy children and their families.
IDEA International, Incorporated Galena, AK  $     4,940,000 This proposal models an education platform that customizes school education and delivers it to student, K-12, in the security of their homes. A large population of unserved Americans, serving our country worldwide, chooses to homeschool their children but has limited experience utilizing today's technology tools. We bring families and technology tools together to provide high quality education.
OSHEAN Inc. North Kingstown, RI  $        339,611 Beacon 2.0 Providence Housing Authority (PHA) will provided six computer centers for educational and training use to residents of PHA hosung. Partnering with Providence Housing Authority, an organization that houses 5,700 people in 13 facilities, Beacon 2.0 PHA will provide meaningful educational benefits to mitigate the "digital divide" and help people and families get back on their feet.
City of Manchester NH Manchester, NH  $          18,520 This project will install 11 new PCs, network printers, a wireless access point and a projector in the Senior Center. The computer lab is available free of charge for all seniors to browse the Internet and send email and is also used to provide technical training.
Adams Public Library System Decatur, IN  $          29,270 Adams County is in flux with a large unemployed group and a larger group in the underserved/unskilled labor force. The Library particularly in the southern half of the county provides opportunities to help bridge this gap in educational, technological, and job skills development by providing computer and technology classes and GED programming space. The project will help enhance these programs.
City of Mobile Mobile, AL  $     3,392,280 Digital Mobile through key partner agencies will implement Telemedicine and Telehealth services using aggressive broadband education campaigns. Additional campaigns will offer technical training and 21st Century learning tools, programs and devices to citizens providing a significant impact on advancing the workforce skill levels, and increasing support for public safety in the target area.
Digital Monitoring Solutions, L.L.C. Baton Rouge, LA  $        863,605 The Ubiquitous Telemedicine Portal (UTP) is a Web-based platform designed to provide comprehensive telemedicine services to medically underserved populations, including: (1) specialist referral services, (2) patient consultations, and (3) remote patient monitoring. This is particularly important in Louisiana, which is consistently at the bottom in rankings for public health.
Elauwit Community Enhancement Foundation LLC Columbia, SC  $   42,658,850 The Elauwit Foundation proposes an integrated approach to increasing broadband access and fostering long-term adoption in vulnerable communities through education, personal achievement and financial gain. The strategy entails WiFi provision for 45,707 households, 287 Public Computer Centers for training and Internet access, plus 4,570 free laptops for early adopters.
Florida Learning Alliance, Inc. Tallahassee, FL  $     3,418,880 This project delivers broadband education and training to vulnerable underserved populations of Florida's 33 rural districts. The training will target K-12 education, health, and public libraries, and will be delivered through published materials, on-line modules, the project website, PSA's and television broadcasts. Project materials and benefits will sustain well beyond the life of the grant.
Trans Video Communications, Inc. Brooklyn, NY  $        226,250 To promote sustainable broadband adoption, Project BTiC will provide 5 schools in Queens with: training for teachers on effective broadband use; display and computer equipment for teachers and students to use broadband services; assistance with integrating broadband use into the school curriculum; and opportunities for parents to familiarize themselves with and use broadband services.
Steeplechase Networks Incorporated Southfield, MA  $        972,383 Steeplechase Networks, Inc. will drive sustainable adoption through user and 3rd-party awareness programs and socially and personally relevant on-line services, making broadband more useful to underserved segments and leveraging investment in high-speed infrastructure. Our applications include health, energy management, education, home/data security, community services, and small business suites.
Steeplechase Networks Inc. Southfield, MA  $     1,981,735 Steeplechase Networks, Inc. will drive sustainable adoption through user and 3rd -party awareness programs and socially and personally relevant on-line services, making broadband more useful to underserved segments and leveraging investment in high-speed infrastructure. Our applications include health, energy management, education, home/data security, community services, and small business suites.
Trans Video Communications, Inc. Brooklyn, NY  $        226,250 To promote sustainable broadband adoption, Project BTiC will provide 5 schools in Brooklyn with: training for teachers on effective broadband use; display and computer equipment for teachers and students to use broadband services; assistance with integrating broadband use into the school curriculum; and opportunities for parents to familiarize themselves with and use broadband services.
Acorn Technologies Santa Monica, CA  $   12,637,709 Develop and provide high performance and low cost devices for wireless broadband networks that will provide operation cost advantages to the network operators. The project also includes awareness campaigns and free devices for selected shools, libraries, or other public programs.
Citizens Media Group, Inc. Albuquerque, NM  $     1,655,073 Citizens Media Group, a NM nonprofit of journalists and media producers, will use its Hometown News Now program to bridge the digital divide and increase broadband adoption statewide by providing rural communities with cost-effective means to share news/info via web portal. Program partners with local media and community institutions and provides training in technology, civics and media literacy.
Florida Department of Management Services Tallahassee, FL  $     8,103,899 Connect Florida represents a strategic investment in the unserved and underserved areas of Florida. Connect Florida will create, develop, and execute a comprehensive broadband adoption program that will increase our citizens' knowledge of broadband, lower the cost of broadband and computer equipment, and increase the economic development potential of the underserved areas of Florida.
The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA  $        545,011 UVa-Wise's proposed Distance Education Expansion project is designed to reach a population of the Appalachian Coalfield region of Southwest Virginia. UVa-Wise wishes to expand our distance education program, currently focused on giving traditional students options for summer and evening course work, to offer new courses to non-traditional working students of our predominately underserved region.
Putnam County Public Library Greencastle, IN  $        168,000 Project will expand public access to Internet and word processing; provide dedicated computers for purposes of job searches, application, and resume writing; provide training in basic computer skills; expand free public access to areas of the county currently underserved; provide access and training to vulnerable populations, including low income, disabled, incarcerated and homeless.
Gauss Research Laboratory, Inc Rio Piedras, PR  $        946,100 The IX.PR Center will 1) increase connectivity, peering, and local content in Puerto Rico to increase broadband efficiency and decrease latency; 2) establish affordable IT workforce training; 3) market intensely IT business solutions; 4) increase IT revenues as IX.PR co-location centers sell linkage.
Tohono O'odham Utility Authority Sells, AZ  $        480,000 The Tohono O'odham Utility Authority is a tribally owned enterprise whose function is, among others, to provide the Tohono O'odham Nation with reliable and affordable telephone services. The purpose of this project is to provide computers, broadband equipment, education, and training to Tohono O'odham tribal members, which will support opportunities for job creation.
South Carolina State Library Columbia, SC  $        713,354 The project formed by SC State Library, Medical University of SC and SC State University works with five of South Carolina's poorest & rural counties (19.22% unemployment): Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Hampton, Orangeburg to demonstrate the importance of broadband, computer & health literacy and provide workforce development classes to citizens in their search for jobs and better quality of life.
Athens Regional Library System Athens, GA  $        478,852 Project addresses economic needs - job readiness, computer skills, and literacy - of communities served by the Athens Regional Library, and advances library strategic plans. Six public access computer labs in low-income, underserved areas in NE Georgia will be used for training. Residents may access programs through library web page and archived teleconference training; outcomes are replicable.
Future Generations Graduate School Franklin, WV  $     6,007,655 This proposal prepares West Virginia's most widespread and active community institutions--volunteer fire and emergency rescue squads--to lead in the promotion of broadband. A statewide extension strategy will equip 90 squads in low-income counties with computers for public use, a locally-trained computer mentor, and training courses to encourage broadband and make it useful to families in need.
Executive Office of the State of Mississippi Jackson, MS  $     5,844,921 The Governor's Office will lead the effort to increase adoption of broadband throughout the state, with special emphasis on the Delta Region. The project leverages the successful community-based model of the Mississippi State University Extension Service to increase awareness of the benefits of broadband by working with local partners in the education, health care, business, and civic fields.
Youth Policy Institute Los Angeles, CA  $     2,264,390 YPI Public Computer Centers will bring expanded broadband access to very low-income residents of Los Angeles in the communities of Pacoima, Pico Union, and Van Nuys. The project will create and expand four Public Computer Centers that will provide access to technology, education, and training resources not currently available for low income residents.
HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE, INC. Chicago, IL  $        399,580 Stimulate demand for innovative usages of broadband technology among community-based behavioral healthcare and faith-based organizations by implementing a telemedicine mental health and addiction treatment network. The project will train staff, showcase the viability of broadband service as a clinical tool to low-tech agencies, and rotate equipment between facilities to achieve maximum exposure.
Town of Manchester Manchester, CT  $        409,200 Broadband 'Public Computer Center" Makes use of Connecticut's Municipal Broadband Network architecture to enable programs serving underserved low income and elderly populations, support Broadband education technology, regional public safety and economic and Jobs development.
Town of Manchester Manchester, CT  $        125,000 Broadband 'Sustainable Broadband Adoption" Makes use of Connecticut's Municipal Broadband Network architecture and associated "Public Computer Center" initiatives to enable programs serving UNDERSERVED populations, support Broadband education technology, regional public safety and economic and Jobs development.
White Cloud Communications, Inc. Twin Falls, ID  $     2,533,052 The Linking Idaho Project is designed to provide high speed wireless broadband to areas of Idaho that mountains and canyons have isolated. These areas can only be served by wireless infastructure. This project will provide tremendous educational and inproved safety to remote police and fire, increasing thier ability to serve.
Elaze Digerati LLC Saint Augustine, FL  $        536,000 This project proposes the creation of a non-profit Institute having two synergistic functions: a)train technical support personnel that provide one-on-one assistance to residents of Habitat for Humanity homes and b)review and fund applied research and innovation proposals from academic institutions focused on improving usefulness, usability, and affordability of broadband services.
ENGAGE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION KEY WEST, FL  $        515,000 Providing community anchor institutions with hardware, software, and affordable IT services in a sustainable manner. This promotes broadband adoption at home, public computing centers, businesses and institutions.
DigitalBridge Communications Corp. Ashburn, VA  $     5,354,400 The Rebate PC Bundle Project is a partnership to stimulate sustainable broadband adoption in unserved and underserved areas by providing vulnerable populations with (i) digital literacy education; (ii) substantial discounts on new broadband enabled computers and (iii) affordable broadband services.
Town of Chapel Hill-Chapel Hill Public Library Chapel HIll, NC  $          33,582 Provide 30 laptop computers,a lcd projector and projection screen for use the Chapel Hill Public Library for computer classes on a range of topics including job skills enhancements, and searching for health related topics online. The computer lab would be available to local non-profit groups and agencies for training purposes and public workshops sponsored by the organization.
MSA Global Inc Decatur, GA  $     1,286,347 The Georgia Broadband Initiative for Visually Impaired Individuals is designed to further develop and implement a turn-key adult learning program to create call center job opportunities within the visually impaired community. Through the Sustainable Broadband Adoption this initiative will expanded access to the underserved and unserved visually impaired population within the State of Georgia.
State Library of Louisiana Baton Rouge, LA  $     8,798,081 This proposal will provide: 1. 4 mobile laptop labs for statewide technology training of vulnerable populations 2. Online workforce development tools & health information 3. Online tutoring for students 4. 10 laptops per parish library system for loan 5. Assistive technology for persons with disabilities
American Library Association Chicago, IL  $     1,644,785 Libraries are facing rapidly increasing demand for broadband-based services from their communities. By contrast, most librarians are not well prepared to serve as network managers and broadband capacity planners. This project will develop a set of resources for librarians so they can develop this core competency and successfully plan for and manage broadband services.
City of Tallahassee Tallahassee, GA  $        830,794 The partners seek to create a Shared IT Services program, using ARRA funding as a catalyst, with a mission focused on assisting small and medium cities and counties in their efforts to cost effectively engage progressive technology in a sustainable manner. The Shared IT Services plan will develop and support a network of local governments and enable them to enhance their use of technology.
City of Santa Monica Santa Monica, CA  $        999,920 The purpose of this grant request is to fund a sustainable broadband project that will serve to close the global broadband gap while upgrading the City's network to connect to local, state, and federal governments for public safety and transportation applications. The project leverages existing infrastructure to provide broadband to the public and businesses, and stimulate demand for broadband.
Kanawha County Public Library Charleston, WV  $        851,831 Providing 104 additional laptops, desktop videoconferencing software, webcams and headset/microphones along with screen reader software for KCPL and its one affiliate, new programs developed with key partners and targeted to vulnerable groups will bring the benefits of greatly increased broadband access to Kanawha County citizenry.
Medisys Solutions, Inc. East Brunswick, NJ  $   21,687,446 RuMBA will help vulnerable populations become more digitally literate "e-citizens," through better wired and wireless broadband access to government & Internet services. RuMBA's healthcare and public safety technology will provide Federal, State and Local first responders with ubiquitous but secure access to real-time intelligence, medical records and criminal records.
Passaic Public Library Passaic, NJ  $        320,500 Passaic Public Library's Technology Reboot Initiative will upgrade PPL's broadband technology capabilities to a state-of-the-art public access computer system. PPL services a largely Hispanic immigrant community with high unemployment, and low educational, computer literacy, and income levels. PPL will leverage this initiative to dramatically expand its existing job search and outreach programs.
Muncie Public Library muncie, IN  $        249,379 A 20-workstation Discovery and Information Station will open a new community anchor institution providing free access to vulnerable populations in a disadvantaged neighborhood. The DIS will offer computer-based homework help, gaming, physical fitness activities, computing skills training, and job center and its 12-laptop mobile lab will provide access and training to schools and senior centers.
City of Boston Boston, MA  $     1,744,084 BPCC is a coordinated project among three community anchors to provide upgraded and expanded hardware, software, and public computing training in 26 public libraries, 11 public housing developments, and 16 Centers for Youth and Families that have broadband connectivity but are at capacity and struggling to serve constituent needs. The project will increase training for sustainability.
New York State Education Department Albany, NY  $   10,521,150 [email protected] is an innovative project with a strategic mix of 30 library-based public computer centers and 5 mobile training labs targeting unemployed, underemployed and vulnerable populations in 41 economically distressed upstate New York Counties. The State Library and its partners will also establish interactive video teleconferencing services and 24/7 job resources.
Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc. at OASAS Albany, NY  $     9,306,700 NYS Telehealth Network, a State agency collaboration with nonprofit and local governments in 34 counties, will: improve services for vulnerable populations through enhanced care coordination among health and specialty (mental health, substance use and developmental disabilities) care providers, correctional facilities and other community-based services and be sustained through web-based training.
South Georgia Regional Library Valdosta, GA  $        487,606 Research shows that self-directed and self-paced learning are the most effective, efficient, and lowest cost methods of educating a population. The project goal is to redesign existing patron computer centers to facilitate self-directed learning for underserved patrons with an emphasis on education, career skills, technology training and broadband awareness.
Dixie Technology Funding Agency La Verkin, UT  $     1,680,000 Training and access through Community Mobile: evolving real-time subnet IP Cloud; fast roaming 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO(multi-in-multi-out); millisecond handoff; Wi-fi capable, 300+ Mbps bidirectional (fiberless); IP Core VOIP/SIP support; seamless convergence to GSM/CDMA; Gbit backhaul; bridging rural communications to the world with Last-mile triple play.
ZeroDivide San Francisco, CA  $   11,060,352 ZeroDivide's 'Zero Dial-up" Broadband Adoption Program will stimulate the demand for and adoption of broadband technology by vulnerable populations in targeted states by improving the economic opportunity of disadvantaged individuals, and increasing civic engagement and participation through broadband technology.
Dixie Technology Funding Agency La Verkin, UT  $     1,200,000 Ready Community Mobile: evolving real-time subnet IP Cloud; fast roaming 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO(multi-in-multi-out); millisecond handoff; Wi-fi capable, 300+ Mbps bidirectional (fiberless); IP Core VOIP/SIP support; seamless convergence to GSM/CDMA; Gbit backhaul; bridging rural communications to the world with Last-mile triple play; clearer voice calling; and deployment at a fraction of the cost.
Indiana State Library INDIANAPOLIS, IN  $     4,150,654 ILCYW ensures all Indiana residents access to essential broadband resources, bringing Indiana public libraries up to a standard level of information technology delivery that provides, at a minimum, broadband in every location; wireless access at every library; 1 computer for every 1,000 residents; and a mobile computer lab and librarian training for computer and work-related skills instruction.
City of Manchester NH Manchester, NH  $        148,080 During the past two years our Library has seen a marked increase in demand for internet access from people here to research for jobs, write resumes, continue their education, and other responses to the economic downturn. This project will replace our aging equipment and increase the number of public computers for our community.
A-Vu Media Corporation Minnetonka, MN  $     9,431,000 A highly simplified user interface facilitates preprogrammed direct access to broadband and other services delivered though an integrated digital "TV". All services are remotely programmed and controlled by a 24/7 customer service operator on a secure network. This network creates new high value connections for the users and all those providing healthcare and other broadband based services.
Deaf Action Center of Louisiana Shreveport, LA  $     1,381,252 In AccessAmerica the Deaf Action Center of Louisiana will utilize broadband and videoconference technology to provide on demand cost-effective sign language interpretation 24/7 between the deaf and community partner sites-hospitals, courts, public safety agencies, shelters, schools and libraries. Continuing education for interpreters and job skills for the deaf are part of this program.
Douglas County Public Library Minden, NV  $          66,859 This project brings a fiber optic network to a campus shared by Douglas County Public Library and East Fork Fire and Paramedics District Headquarters / Douglas County Emergency Operations Center and connects both buildings to the County Administration building. The network will support video conferencing, mobile computing, and enhanced wireless bandwidth in the Library meeting room.
Housing Authority of the City of New Haven New Haven, CT  $        379,117 The Housing Authority of the City of New Haven is requesting funding for the purchase of hardware, software, furniture and equipment associated with creating a public computer center at the newly constructed Community Center at its Eastview Terrace housing development. This equipment will enable the Authority to provide broadband access and deliver necessary supportive services to residents.
Springfield-Greene County Library District Springfield, MO  $        294,404 The Edge Community Technology Center will double the current capacity to provide additional resources to emphasize training for workforce readiness, job seeking skills, using computer software and hardware, and Library resources to meet the information needs for small businesses and other target audiences. Staff will partner with community agencies to reach the most vulnerable populations.
San Antonio College San Antonio, TX  $     2,204,650 San Antonio College's Media Services Department will establish a Certificate and Associate's Degree Program in Multimedia Technology to train digital media (audio video) professionals. The training program will be co-located with the City of San Antonio's broadband educational access channel and community-access mobile and receive-only satellite resources managed by SAC's Media Services.
Chat-Chat Internet Cafe Dallas, TX  $          77,266 I requesting federal funds to help me open more public computer centers in areas where the majority of people do not own a computer or cannot afford paying for internet access. I have one business like this already and the response has been favorable. But since our prices for internet access and other services are very affordable, this is almost like a community service. Profit margins are low.
State of Tennessee Nashville, TN  $     5,668,019 In tandem with large BTOP projects for build-out and for broadband education at rural public libraries, the TN Economic & Community Development, working with Connected Tennessee, will advance the technology visions of local communities with a statewide marketing campaign, online resource center, and training to help many more citizens step across the Digital Divide and toward sustainable jobs.
Cambridge Housing Authority Cambridge, MA  $     1,366,442 Most low-income public housing residents (62%) at CHA do not have any type of Internet connection at their residences. During this 1st round of BTOP funding, CHA would like to focus on 3 of its developments(Roosevelt Towers, Washington Elms and Manning) and provide Broadband connections and a managed computer, providing an end-to-end hassle free internet experience.
Birchard Public Library of Sandusky County Fremont, OH  $          36,440 Part one of the Birchard plan is to purchase 20 public internet PCs; 10 to replace old computers and 10 additional workstations to meet increasing demand. Part two is to create a mobile computer lab with 10 laptops with both wired and wireless capability. The mobile lab will offer classes around the county, increasing services to the rural, underserved areas of Sandusky County.
Information Systems Intelligence, LLC Grand Rapids, MI  $     3,726,694 Application provides sustainable wireless broadband to residents of 29 low-income housing communities in Western Michigan. In addition to high-speed Internet access priced 65% to 85% below the national average, 29 online portals to employment, childcare, healthcare, educational information, and governmental services, along with laptop PCs and on-going technology training, are provided.
Louisiana Department of Education Baton Rouge, LA  $   10,939,756 This multi-partner project of the Louisiana Broadband Alliance will target 12 parishes in the Northeast Louisiana Delta Region & the 5 parishes serving Louisiana's 4 Federally Recognized Native American Indian Tribes. The project provides access & use of broadband services to unserved areas to increase jobs, spur investments in technology and infrastructure, & provide long-term economic benefits.
City of Fort Wayne Fort Wayne, IN  $        518,765 The City of Fort Wayne is applying for a BTOP Public Computer Center grant to expand the public computer capabilities of three existing youth centers and the Fort Wayne Urban League facility. Each of these centers will serve a target population of low-income and special need individuals that will receive training to build basic foundational skills needed to find and obtain employment.
South Carolina State Museum Foundation Columbia, SD  $     2,288,000 The project will create a powerful platform for statewide broadband-enabled science education reaching K-12 students and adult learners, through the construction of the new Observatory at the South Carolina State Museum, a Teacher Resource Center, and related facilities for content and professional development; and pilot content delivery to five geographically diverse under-performing schools.
City of Arlington - Library Arlington, TX  $        172,000 Project Connect: Building Capacity will increase public computing services offered by the Arlington Public Library in Arlington, Texas (population 356,764). Public computing capacity will be increased in 8 locations in the city through installation of additional hardware, software and network equipment. Enhanced educational and small business development opportunities will also be created.
City of Arlington - Library Arlington, TX  $        441,600 Equipment and services provided through this grant will provide the Arlington Public Library in Arlington, Texas with a mobile computer lab equipped with 12 computers and stocked with literacy and workforce development collections, as well as a smaller vehicle to be used for outreach visits.
Educating Young Minds Los Angeles, CA  $        975,000 ACCESS / NO EXCUSE will create and operate educational complexes, both real and virtual, to connect innate talent and scholastic ability to the needs of thriving academic and business communities nationwide. Our four computer centers will provide broadband access and supplemental educational, vocational, and mentoring programs to inner-city children and young adults (ages 10-25).
Michigan State University East Lansing, MI  $     3,420,189 The program expands broadband adoption through education, commerce and healthcare. Community education engages students to create local content and employs organizers to coordinate local adoption campaigns. The commerce element trains IT skills to expand broadband employment. The healthcare component shares electronic data, telehealth resources and continuing education among health providers.
Ready for College, Inc. Tallassee, AL  $        372,900 Through the use of public computer centers, Fit for Life, proposes to introduce participants to a new way of life and engage them into an educational, health and fitness program. Fit for Life will serve senior citizens, disabled individuals of all ages and children and families participating in two after school programs. The proposed project has both a health component and computer center.
Snead State Community College Boaz, AL  $     3,661,827 Six Alabama colleges form Project BEACON (Broadband Expansion Accessed from College-Operated Networks) coalition to provide public access to training via on-campus and portable high-end computer labs and broadband access. BEACON focuses on increased levels of education, training, workforce awareness, and abilities to enter the workforce at higher and higher skill levels with decreased dropout rate
Center for Innovative Technology Herndon, VA  $     9,633,438 Building on the work of the Commonwealth's Broadband Rountable, CIT has partnered with experts and organizations across the state to deploy a holistic slate of broadband demand development opportunities including specialized education, training, and hands-on assistance in the fields of healthcare, commerce, and accessibility by vulnerable populations.
Common Sense Media San Francisco, CA  $   16,000,000 Digital literacy programs in schools across the U.S. will educate families and children about the benefits of broadband and how digital media can be used in smart and safe ways. This integrated program will help protect children from inappropriate media and will also demonstrate how broadband adoption and digital literacy can improve educational and economic opportunities for kids and families.
The University of Montana Missoula, MT  $     2,532,254 The project will create a collection of PCCs in strategic rural communities in northwest Montana. The PCCs will be linked to healthcare anchor points in the communities and supported by healthcare and educational programs. The PCCs will have sustainable high-speed connections to the internet by piggybacking onto high-speed infrastructure being developed by a Montana FCC RHCPP award recipient.
Z Consulting Group LLC Olympia, WA  $     5,900,000 There are many vulnerable and other populations for whom the traditional broadband 'G.U.I." is confusing or even unusable. A project is proposed to extend an advanced web-based retrieval engine to where simple, plain-English spoken phrases automatically locate, download and play podcasts, videos, music, or educational media; even if the user does not know the exact file name or where to find it.
Guilford County Greensboro, NC  $        829,478 Broadband All Access: Guilford County Community Centers program proposes to provide broadband access to the public in existing service locations throughout Guilford County. By providing this broadband access to citizens in areas which they must already visit (health department, social services, etc.) this program brings the centers to the locations where our vulnerable populations frequent.
Coppin State University Baltimore, MD  $        932,116 Underserved communities face distinct disadvantages because of their lack of access to broadband opportunities. In response, the Coppin Heights-Rosemont Family Computer Center will provide 15 programs that create jobs, improve education, and enhance health for families. The Center will offer a wide variety of courses and on-line resources to accomplish these objectives.
R J Software Solutions, Inc. Rochdale Village, NY  $     2,172,790 Customized RV Mobile Classroom(20 workstations), Satellite Broadband Equipped, ADA compliant, digital signage, able to travel to unserved and underserved Areas within the five boroughs of NY City.
FairPoint Communications, Inc. Charlotte, NC  $     1,802,384 Broadband with a Purpose-Maine will help the people and institutions of rural Maine understand how broadband can be used to access global resources, work more productively, and enjoy the social benefits of being connected. It is designed to replace the "build it and they will come mentality" with a project based learning approach emphasizing the value of broadband.
FairPoint Communications, Inc. Charlotte, NC  $     1,414,367 Broadband with a Purpose - New Hampshire will help the people and institutions of rural New Hampshire understand how broadband can be used to access global resources, work more productively, and enjoy the social benefits of being connected. It is designed to replace the 'build it and they will come mentality" with a project-based learning approach emphasizing the value of broadband.
Clarkson University Potsdam, NY  $        950,590 Clarkson University's Adirondack North Country Initiative for Wired Work seeks to establish 10 Public Computer Centers in and around the Adirondack Park of New York. The goal is to provide broadband access to the extremely rural and economically challenged permanent and seasonal population for the creation of a wired workforce, creating 2019 jobs by 2019.
RADGOV INC Fort Lauderdale, FL  $ 361,555,200 Around the nation, governments, at all levels starting from the counties, face tremendous pressure to reduce spending and to maintain, or even increase, the level of service provided to citizens.County.com, the 'one- stop" e-commerce/e-governance and information portal that has revolutionized the way county administrators, departments and citizens have traditionally conducted their routine busines
Board of Regents of the University of WI System Madison, WI  $     4,584,664 The project will use broadband-based videoconferencing to improve mental health services for children with serious mental disorders. This goal will be achieved by (a) providing specialist services, (b) improving collaboration between schools, mental health providers, and human services agencies, and (c) improving the training of mental health professionals.
County of Webb Laredo, TX  $     2,813,624 The project is located in Webb County, Texas and includes the construction of Public Computer Center to provide educational and economic development training/skill-building services, while also enhancing broadband awareness, access,and utilization by vulnerable populations (unemployed and low-income individuals) over the implementation period. www.laredotechcenter.org
Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc. Brooklyn, NY  $   11,878,375 A national multi-platform network of Community Based Organizations that provides broadband access at the grassroots level to promote sustainable broadband adoption, provides community computer centers, helps create jobs and lowers the cost of delivering government programs, with an emphasis on empowering low-income, minority and Hispanic residents to use technology to improve their lives.
Cook County Government Chicago, IL  $     8,000,000 A major objective of this program is to enhance broadband services for the education of underserved children in Suburban Cook County. One of the more innovative concepts of the County's Plan, entitled 'Get Connected," is to establish a series of neighborhood based Public Computer Centers (PCC) in conjunction with P.O.E.T. and Faith Based community organizations in the south and western suburbs.
FRWB Winum LLC University City, MO  $     7,000,000 Winum partners with broadband providers to offer sustainable penetration of rural, regional and under served America with low-cost service & increased privacy safeguards for consumers. With Winum, broadband providers can reduce subscriber fees, differentiate services & deliver economically sustainable broadband, while increasing privacy safeguards, fulfilling major Federal public policy goals.
Iniciativa Tecnológica Centro Oriental, Inc. (INTECO by its Spanish acronym) Caguas, PR  $        999,500 INTECO's mission is to drive socioeconomic development in its 8 member municipalities located in the Central Eastern Region of PR. INTECO designed and developed the concept of Innovation Technology Centers (ITCs) to provide technological access to underserved and vulnerable populations. The funds requested are to upgrade the existing 3 ITCs and develop 5 new ITCs in the region.
Chief Dull Knife College Lame Deer, MT  $     1,793,896 This project will establish a distance learning and public technology center on the Northern Cheyenne reservation in Montana. The center will be a public outreach arm of Chief Dull Knife College, a tribal college accredited by NAAS . Access will be provided to computer facilities, high speed internet, and distance education facilities for unserved and underserved residents of the reservation.
Montgomery County Rockville, MD  $        281,225 BFAM-Broadband For All Montgomery will provide broadband access, workstations, software, employment and skills training, homework and education assistance, and health programs to working parents, children and senior adults living in public housing with incomes under $10,000, to unemployed and underemployed residents, and to public library computer users in Montgomery County MD.
Mississippi Authority for Educational Television d/b/a Mississippi Public Broadcasting Jackson, MS  $     2,211,202 The Mississippi Child Care Centers Broadband Technologies Program will address broadband and computer access needs and provide enhanced educational opportunities for two very vulnerable populations, low-income children ages 0-5 years old and their parents. It will also provide resources to sustain jobs in the child care industry and provide greater efficiency for child care centers.
Wireless Neighborhoods Pittsburgh, PA  $        784,000 Wireless Neighborhoods is proposing a network of wonderful lab facilities across four of Pittsburgh's lower income African-American neighborhoods. Equipped with high speed connectivity and laptop computers these labs will bring the power of the internet to many of the city's most vulnerable children, families and individuals who too often are being left behind.
Housing Authority of the City of New Haven New Haven, CT  $     2,539,425 The West Rock Learning Center is an existing public computer center that provides computer and other training regarding many of the support services provided by neighboring Southern Connecticut State University. This project will expand upon existing broadband access, as well as make the facility fully accessible to the disabled.
LANCASTER, CITY OF LANCASTER, TX  $        820,000 Library PCC expansion will increase broadband access supporting job creation, education, health, safety, and commerce. Expansion also includes outreach to anchor institutions with an awareness campaign, equipment, and access to reach an underserved and vulnerable population group of citizens. Leverage of local and in-kind resources will help to provide sustainability of the grant initiatives.
University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development Ann Arbor, MI  $     4,455,191 This project will migrate R&E community resources to the new version of IPv6. The upcoming exhaustion of IPv4 addresses is a critical Internet sustainability factor. Enabling the R&E community to lead in the conversion will allow continued access. The un/underserved communities will be the most affected if this does not occur, as they lose access to critical information resources.
Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College Baraga, MI  $     1,872,560 This project will increase access to tribal members and other residents living on or near the L'Anse Indian Reservation in Baraga County, Michigan. Funds will be for construction of a universally accessible Public Computer Center as an addition to the College's technology resource center. The Center will be open during the evening and weekends to provide accessibility, training, and education.
INNOVENTUM, INC. FISHERS, IN  $   18,700,000 A high-quality, broadband-dependent, multimedia educational training and coaching program for persons interested in starting a new part-time or full-time business, or growing an existing business. The program, delivered through a web portal, is designed to reach 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 people nationwide across both urban and rural areas, including persons in disadvantaged situations or areas.
Deproduction Denver, CO  $     2,208,844 The Open Media Project leverages proven open-source tools to modernize outdated Public Access TV stations, transforming them into local broadband access, training, and adoption hubs. 20 pilot stations will, for the first time, put community-generated media online, promoting broadband relevance to diverse communities via the internet and a national TV series distributed on cable and satellite TV.
City of Boston Boston, MA  $     5,440,178 Innovative training programs driving sustainable broadband adoption among Boston's vulnerable citizens while empowering them to upgrade their lives on-line: TECHNOLOGY GOES HOME-teaching families to live, learn, earn, work, and play online; ON-LINE LEARNING READINESS-preparing out-of-work adults for careers in technology based jobs using e-learning resources.
University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development Ann Arbor, MI  $     2,143,658 This proposal will connect the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Network Operations Center located in Alexandria, Virginia to more than 62,000 anchor institutions (e.g., primary and secondary schools, libraries, hospitals, research universities, state government, etc) in all 50 states using the Internet2 Network to enable the delivery of advanced educational media.
Hollywood West Tenant Action Committee Los Angeles, CA  $        200,000 The purpose of the center is to deliver access to technology that will empower, educate, and mobilize persons of low-income. Adults will be able to increase their level of educational attainment and develop marketable job skills; youth will thrive in an environment that fosters academic and social achievement; seniors will become comfortable with new technology and overcome isolation.
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH  $     1,106,570 University Circle Innovation Zone's (UCIZ) unique Smart Home Grid Program will integrate sensor and smart grid technologies to create and connect communities of users in: home health and wellness programs; STEM education and associated home-based and peer-to peer networks; neighborhood public safety; and energy use and efficiencies - all grid-based networks that can grow and be sustained.
Town of Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC  $        204,565 The Town of Chapel Hill, in partnership with the public school system and local companies, proposes to upgrade public computing centers in order to facilitate access to broadband services by public housing residents, in particular K-12 students.
Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Inc. Anchorage, AK  $        424,174 The Broadband Application Program seeks to address the needs of our rural and vulnerable people through the promotion, installation, and advancement of broadband technology capabilities in the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands.
Town of Clarkdale Clarkdale, AZ  $     1,207,655 The remodel of an existing historic library to provide an interactive, innovative computer center that meets the education, business, communication, medical and creativity needs of a diverse rural population within the Verde Valley.
Dover Training Institute Atlanta, GA  $   10,014,827 Dover Training Institute seeks to close the 'Digital Divide" by opening two BRIDGE Public Access Computer Centers (BPACC). Each BPACC will have 100 computers for public use, all with Broadband access. BPACC will provide computer-training classes and new approaches to job training and income creation, as it is our goal to provide the resources to help underserved communities thrive.
Alabama Department of Mental Health Montgomery, AL  $     5,053,392 The Alabama Department of Mental Health proposes to improve access to psychiatric services for vulnerable populations, including children, in rural and remote areas in all 67 Alabama counties through implementation of telepsychiatry clinics. Project proposes to increase training and workforce opportunities for consumers and department staff through tele-training.
South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs Columbia, SC  $        929,050 The SCeFEN plans to bridge the divide between consumers and technology through public access points to the Internet. Broadband Internet connections will raise financial knowledge using easy-to-understand formats, interactive content, a self-directed environment and available assistance from trained staff and high speed media services.
Familiy Service Association of San Antonio, Inc. San Antonio, TX  $     3,881,358 The Technology Twogether in Texas project will create 66 public computer centers within 33 underserved rural counties of South Central Texas. The project will be operated by Family Service Association of San Antonio in partnership with 38 public libraries, 8 community colleges and 20 housing authorities serving more than 24,000 primarily low-income, Hispanic Texans.
Mid-South Community College West Memphis, AR  $     4,432,109 This project creates access to postsecondary education, which is critical to workforce/economic development for at least 3,500 placebound citizens in 12 rural counties in eastern Arkansas. This project unites private/public sectors to provide cutting-edge technology as a wireless solution to broadband adoption in a region with limited fixed wire broadband availability.
District of Columbia Government Washington, DC  $   10,547,649 The proposed project seeks to provide access to computers for the District's predominantly underserved populations of the city. These residents' only access to computers and thus broadband technology is via public computer centers located at libraries, recreation centers, senior centers and other publicly funded locations.
Social Communications Company Mountain View, CA  $     3,000,000 A fast, scalable, customizable, next-gen multimedia (combining vid, doc, xls, ppt, etc.) broadband communication platform for individuals and teams needing to work, learn, or collaborate with one another at any distance, virtually, and in real time. This innovative technology will drive broadband adoption, sustainability, and economic growth, and create 'shovel ready" high-value U.S. jobs.
Urban Communications Transport Corp. Bronx, NY  $     6,238,435 The project will implement a sustainable adoption program that brings digital awareness, computer literacy skill development and broadband training and job development to New York City Housing residents and communities.
Mounting Horizons, Inc. Cypress, TX  $        333,843 Project Connect is a project to bring a public computer center into three low-income Section 8 housing units in Houston, Texas and Hitchcock, Texas. Each housing unit has a Neighborhood Network center that will utilize the computer center to assist residents and the surrounding community in programs to improve their educational levels, healthcare, job readiness, and independent living skills.
@Link Services LLC Oklahoma City, OK  $     2,133,449 The proposal plans to use the unique culture impact of sports in Oklahoma to create a personally relevant demand for broadband.
Morgan County Learning Center McConnelsville, OH  $        122,727 The Morgan County Learning Center, already leading the way as an access point for higher education, seeks funding to expand educational offerings to include affordable, basic computer classes for the general public. The project's goal is to increase knowledge of computers to provide more opportunities while also improving the economic climate in a rural, Appalachian area of Southeastern Ohio.
ctechnologica Nashville, TN  $        660,000 A regional program funded by TN ECD and sponsored by the west TN federal development districts and the West TN Industrial Association. Its goal is to explore new rural economic opportunity by promoting a 21st Century Technology Workforce Pipeline and pilot new job creation through telecommuting and co-working via the Internet. In cooperation with the TN Department of Labor, TN Department of Ed.
Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Telephone, Inc. Riverton, WV  $     3,024,707 SKSRT will provide wireless broadband services to Pendleton County, WV. The network features both WiMAX and EvDo CDMA technology. To address unique terrain issues and interference criteria of the National Radio Quiet Zone, a COTS fiber optic-based distributed antenna system to low power transmitters will be installed through lower elevation population and road corridors.
i-Linc Technologies, division of Premier International, Inc. Lilburn, GA  $     3,989,533 i-Linc Technologies ("i-Linc") proposes to provide an innovative "Smart Farming Community Solution" for rural farming communities in southern Georgia. i-Linc in partnership with SGRITA (South Georgia Regional Information Technology Authority) plans to deploy one hundred (100) Smart Farming Community solutions in the broadband service area of SGRITA within 24 months of the grant award.
Aeneas Communications, LLC Jackson, TN  $        949,950 This project seeks to increase awareness in underserved residential markets and improve broadband integration by businesses and strategic institutions
PAXIO Inc. Santa Clara, CA  $        981,760 The underserved and economically disadvantaged residents of Oakland and the entire community will benefit from PAXIO's Bridging the Digital Divide Program through the distribution, installation, and support to residents to enhance awareness and adoption of high speed broadband serivces. This program creates jobs and provides resources ensuring future job growth in the target area.
HCI Action Architectural Consultants, LLC Derwood, MD, MD  $        344,000 Provide sustainable broadband access to community anchors by leveraging the approved plan of the Mount Carroll Community Development Corporation to build an Internet Cafe in the center of town. Provide reduced price access for business & community anchors based on award of grant.
SeniorNet Herndon, VA  $   30,463,000 To build upon our successful model of older adults teaching other older adults, create demand for and comfort with broadband, and make it easy to get online.
Kershaw, County of Camden, SC  $     1,048,742 We propose to provide additional broadband access and computer instruction at current libraries and three new rural facilities, two in unserved areas. Instruction will be open to all, but will particularly benefit vulnerable populations, including the unemployed and undereducated. This project provides a model of service that actively provides both the tools and skills needed for self sufficiency.
Albany Public Library Albany, NY  $        871,536 City-wide, public-private partnership in Albany, NY serving underserved residents with coordinated digital literacy & job assessment at expanded library public computing anchors & satellites, & build-out of municipal WiFi network to significantly increase free & reduced-rate broadband and virtual workforce training for residents & small business, enhance public safety & City services.
R J Software Solutions, Inc. Rochdale Village, NY  $     2,400,000 Customized RV Mobile Classroom(20 workstations), Satellite Broadband Equipped, ADA compliant, digital signage, able to travel to unserved and underserved Areas within NY State, such as Public Housing projects, Rehab-Centers, Indian Reservations, prisons, etc..
ePath Communicationsof Florida, LLC Tampa, FL  $     1,167,820 ePath Communcations of Florida, LLC proposes the Pathways Computing Center Project (PCCP), including 8 public computer center locations. PCCP will use broadband technology to train workers for new positions, provide free access to and use of a computer and the Internet and permit residents and businesses to improve their lifestyle, education, healthcare, productivity, and employment opportunities.
Roraima Consulting Inc. Jamaica, NY  $   20,000,000 This project will build and equip a Public Computer and Technology Center to provide access to the internet, teach computer and digital literacy for disadvantaged citizens in the economic empowerment zone of Kings and Queens Counties, NYS. When completed, it will also provide broadband technical, life skills, health and educational training, enhance broadband adoption and sustainability.
PAXIO Inc. Santa Clara, CA  $        910,604 Provide the City of Emeryville, its residents and businesses with access to next generation broadband services. This innovative program will create a community network enhancing public safety, community spirit, economic development and quality of life. EmmeryConnect provides a sustainable long term open access model eliminating barriers to entry for service providers.
Konvective, LLC Park City, UT  $     2,750,000 Project description not provided.
City of Manchester NH Manchester, NH  $        175,000 This project will provide public wifi hotspots thoughout the city utilizing the city's 60 miles of fiber optic infrastructure. The hotspot locations will include the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA) and the State Designated Economic Revitalization Zones.
Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant Taunton, MA  $     2,922,698 The Community ReadyNet project will establish an integrated IP video telecommunications network in southeast Massachusetts to improve coordination among local public safety agencies and community anchor institutions. The network will support disaster prevention and response while also delivering health, education, and economic benefits to residents of four local jurisdictions.
Shaw Community Ministry Washington, DC  $     4,000,000 Shaw Community Broadband Initiative (SCBI) is a community partnership formed to provide sustainable broadband access to a disadvantaged, underserved community in Washington DC; a black, low-income Shaw neighborhood. SCBI establishes three computer centers and train members of this target population, create a dynamic and mobile workforce, provide digital educational opportunities for residents.
R J Software Solutions, Inc. Rochdale Village, NY  $     2,500,000 Customized RV Mobile Classroom(20 workstations), Satellite Broadband Equipped, ADA compliant, digital signage, able to travel to unserved and underserved Areas within NY State, focused on the handicapped.
City of Enterprise, AL Enterprise, AL  $        387,125 The Enterprise Public Computer Center
Spelman College Atlanta, GA  $     1,002,200 Spelman College requests funding under the BTOP Public Computer Centers (PCC) initiative to establish and manage a PCC in the West End community of Atlanta, GA with a mobile unit to reach underserved areas in the metro area and adjacent counties. The center will provide broadband access to all with a special focus on women of color who need specific job skills, and/or remedial skills.
Mount Hope Housing Co Inc Bronx, NY  $     3,583,568 The Mount Hope Community Center Multimedia & Technology Program will provide increased Broadband access and will operate at the Mount Hope Community Center with the creation of 4 distinct computer labs and programs that will support children and youth, older adults, visually impaired, unemployed, and low income individuals by providing broadband education, awareness, training
Chelmsford Housing Authority Chelmsford, MA  $            4,200 The Chelmsford Housing Authority works with the Council on Aging to help increase our clients' ability to communicate via the Web. The COA is the centerpoint for the CHA Senior Campus. Currently their computers are outdated and need to be replaced. Updating computer access gives our seniors a greater sense of connectivity, empowerment and ability to be involved with community,family and friends.
Davenport Public Library Davenport, IA  $        207,140 To create space at the Main Library for a high-tech computer center for job seekers, adult learners, and minority and disadvantaged business owners. It will provide space for training, videoconferencing, skills practice, online coursework and applying for jobs.
Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Buffalo, NY  $        220,660 Expansion of four existing public computer centers that need broadband speed increases as well as increase in services, ie. on-line learning, computer literacy and connection to on-line medical information. In addition, every BMHA site will have hardware and internet service available for public housing residents to access for job training activities, health research, on-line learning, etc.
Albany Housing Authority Albany, NY  $        275,000 This program will allow for the expansion of the employment center for Albany Housing Authority. It will be expanded to add work experience programs, counseling, a literacy program and GED instruction. The number of immediate community members that are unemployed has skyrocketed for the past year. The addition of these training programs will provide them the necessary skills to re-enter the wor
City of High Point High Point, NC  $        261,835 The Public Computing Access and Training for Jobseekers project is a collaboration between the City of High Point, NC, the High Point Public Library, and the Guilford County workforce consortium to provide increased computer access and training for jobseekers. This project will create training labs in the library and at the High Point office of the Guilford County workforce consortium.
The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York New York, NY  $   12,517,651 Silicon Harlem is a broadband technology initiative whose goal is to provide the residents of the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone with affordable broadband by the year 2012. Silicon Harlem will deploy an advanced community-based wireless broadband network linking ten telework centers that will cover the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone from 116th Street to 168th Street.
Oxford Public Library Oxford, PA  $     1,500,000 •To support the current and future programs of a 21st Century library •To foster community engagement, information literacy and lifelong learning for Oxford's increasingly diverse population •To create an attractive, serene and environmentally responsible venue in the center of Oxford Borough.
New York State Office of Mental Health Albany, NY  $   82,485,818 NYS GHA is a broadband infrastructure to connect agencies' clinical systems together. It aggregates disconnected information from multiple agencies to create electronic health records (EHR) for our vulnerable population of about 2 millions. It securely delivers EHRs to citizens' homes and providers' offices in the rural areas and help patients stay connected with their doctors.
San Antonio, City of San Antonio, TX  $     1,238,258 The project will offer enhancements to public computing experience at libraries and community centers by providing access to more computers and training. The project will meet specific public needs in the areas of education, employment, and economic development through availability of websites, workforce skills, online test preps, homework help, and other resources.
Saginaw Valley State University University Center, MI  $        604,634 Saginaw Valley State University will acquire broad-band related equipment to serve health related and education institutions in the rural mid-Michigan region, 7 counties, to provide distance education in underserved regions to vulnerable populations thus stimulating a demand for subscribership to broadband services.
Coshocton Public Library Coshocton, OH  $          30,839 The first phase will be to install a wireless network that will allow patrons with their own laptop to access the library's broadband connection. 8 laptops will be circulated in house to help increase broadband access. The third phase will consist of 12 laptops and a Smartboard for our training lab. The library will partner with Connect Ohio, which is contigent upon being awarded their grant.
Blue Mountain Community College Pendleton, OR  $     2,569,191 Blue Mountain Community College will establish public computer centers in five dispersed communities in order to expand access to broadband services across rural northeastern Oregon. The centers will provide disadvantaged populations with unprecedented opportunities for education, job skills training, job searches, and global information and networking.
Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Milwaukee, WI  $        275,000 The public computer center's vision focuses on the fusion of instructional business, marketing and both electronic and green technologies into the learning process. The PCC will assist with business start up, business marketing and the art of electronic and green technologies as the core curriculum. We will start with approximately 50 computer workstations. Our goal is to provide broadband access
Blue Mountain Community College Pendleton, OR  $     2,634,951 Blue Mountain Community College proposes to bridge the Digital Divide for vulnerable populations in 9 rural counties in eastern Oregon (21,000 sq. miles). Residents will receive innovative broadband training taught by professional educators and delivered through 42 community anchor institutions equipped with wireless LAN. A locally-based train-the-trainer model will ensure project sustainability.
Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino San Bernardino, CA  $     1,239,980 This project will enhance five computer centers in Public Housing sites in four cities. The project will improve broadband access through dedicated T1s, and increase capacity through new stations, the addition of the Mac platform, and expanded hours. The centers will become strategic facilities delivering workforce training and online education access for low-income persons.
Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska Juneau, AK  $     1,972,205 The project will expand broadband capabilities in community access computer labs for a network of rural Business Development Centers. These Centers are aimed at developing small businesses by delivering internet access, technical assistance and entrepreneurial/job training. Computer labs are open to the general public with a focus on low-income, unemployed, and rural Alaska Natives.
Municipio de Yauco Yauco, PR  $        145,428 The Municipality of Yauco is planing to create with the assistance of Federal Funding computer centers in a few rural areas of Yauco, this with the effort of providing the communities with computer and internet access for all those communities with no accces to said services.
Sno-Isle Libraries Marysville, WA  $        896,000 Grant money for this project will fund a mobile learning lab, including vehicle and equipment, plus staff to provide technology training to rural, isolated or underserved areas within the Sno-Isle Libraries service district. The technology training center will also focus on areas with high unemployment, limited educational opportunities and low broadband connectivity.
Brick Housing Authority Brick, NJ  $        358,391 The Brick Housing Authority is requesting funds to create a public computer center that would link the Authority's senior and disabled residents with access to computers and training for proper use of same - while also providing the general public with a location to receive computer training. The proposed computer center will provide the community with the ability to connect with valuable service
MPT Services McLean, VA  $   14,185,800 At the 2005 WHCOA we learned that younger "older adults" see a social stigma in senior centers and won't go there. So, we'll create portable computer classes & go to the students - in retirement communities, coffee shops, libraries, etc. We'll also have teenagers teach our older adults. Finally, we'll partner with Microsoft so our students easily can buy computers and mobile broadband.
Riverside Health System Foundation Newport News, VA  $     7,985,755 The Riverside Broadband Distance Learning Initiative Broadband Distance Learning for Economically Disadvantaged Citizens, Creating 475 Newly Qualified Healthcare Workers with Technology Skills in Rural and Underserved Areas.
City of Ammon Ammon, ID  $   17,488,827 The City of Ammon, in partnership with Entry Point Technologies, has designed a next generation broadband network using a virtual broadband gateway technology. This project will demonstrate dependable sustainability, decreased costs, improved performance, and enhanced security while creating separate public and private broadband networks on a single facility with reduced operational overhead.
WinstonNet, Inc. Winston-Salem, NC  $        466,000 WinstonNet operates 40 public computer labs integrated with a nationally recognized training program located in mostly underserved areas. The average age of the computers now exceed 9.3 years and have become an impediment to meeting the program's objectives. The purpose of this project is to upgrade and expand the computers and facilities in order to more effectively provide broadband access.
Vermont Department of Libraries Montepelier, VT  $        601,753 Vermont citizens will have free access to enhanced public computing centers at 4 key public libraries and via 4 mobile laptop labs rotating among 61 small libraries in four rural counties. Vermont State Colleges will provide free training classes and support for citizens at library and college locations. Training will target low-income, job-seekers, seniors, and English-language learners.
SmartChicago Public Computer Centers Chicago, IL  $     5,397,910 SmartChicago Public Computer Centers expands public access to broadband at 136 anchor institutions that also support broadband education and training for underserved, vulnerable populations. This project leverages SmartChicago Broadband Infrastructure to connect locations, and will work with SmartChicago Sustainable Broadband Adoption to transform underserved communities into Smart Communities
District of Columbia Government Washington, DC  $   10,547,649 Project description not provided.
SmartChicago Sustainable Broadband Adoption Chicago, IL  $     7,475,600 One of three SmartChicago projects, Sustainable Broadband Adoption will drive broadband use through street-level outreach and user-friendly trainings including -Enhanced access at FamilyNet and Business Centers -Grassroots promotion by tech-savvy organizers -Everday Digital and Civic 2.0 workshops -Digital Youth Networks -Neighborhood portals -Hardware incentives -Business assistance
City of Union City Union City, CA  $        420,000 Provide broadband Internet access for citizens, Centro de Servicios (non-profit) Community Center and City facilities; Decoto Resource Community Center / Youth and Family Outreach Center, Kennedy Community Center R&M City's Senior Center Public Works Transit/Para-transit (ADA) Facilities, Fire Station-3, Intermodal Station Police Substation, video (safety) surveillance of BART parking lots
Public Safety Foundation of America Daytona Beach, FL  $     6,417,860 First responders and public safety officials deal with a variety of dangerous local situations and regional events such as pandemic flu and terrorist attacks. This program will develop an interoperability framework and a core set of secure mobile broadband applications to enhance response and situational awareness. The framework enables cross platform and technology boundaries and fosters 3rd par
BCT Consulting, Inc. Clovis, CA  $          43,940 BCT Consulting, Inc. will provide computers, printers, software, and additional equipment and services necessary to establish a fully functional computer center (including broadband internet access) for The Californian, a subsidized housing community (located in Fresno, CA) for the elderly, impoverished, and disabled.
Research Foundation of SUNY for SUNYIT Utica, NY  $     2,515,320 The Digital Towpath Broadband Stimulus Project will grow demand for broadband in rural New York; increase access to government; and encourage citizen participation. It will expand the Digital Towpath Project, a cost-effective shared service of small and rural local governments, which has successfully assisted rural broadband adopters in their sustained use of e-government for over ten years.
Northeastern Educational Television of Ohio Inc Kent, OH  $     1,704,426 The Broadband Education and Empowerment Project (BEEP) a statewide training initiative offering workshops to the general public on the variety and versatility of broadband applications. Workshop participants will learn how to us broadband applications that are fast becoming essential tools to everyday living while developing an increased awareness of the benefits of these emerging applications.
Axiom Technologies, LLC Machias, ME  $     1,634,224 The Washington County WiMAX Project focuses on helping the fishing, agricultural, and health care sectors develop and demonstrate the effective uses of the technology. An education and training program for the fishing and farming industry will be implemented, and a pilot program will be developed for the use of a mobile telemedicine system.
City of Montgomery Public Library Montgomery, AL  $          93,566 City of Montgomery Public Library is applying for a public computer center at the Rosa L Parks Avenue Library. The library's clients are underserved,low-income residents. This project will provide broadband access, education, and training to residents and our community partners who serve vulnerable populations including youth preparing for the GED and non-violent prisoners reentering the community
Public Safety Foundation of America Daytona Beach, FL  $     2,400,000 The Public Safety Foundation of America, through a consortium of national non-profits will educate local elected officials, community stakeholders, and public safety and planning professionals on broadband opportunities and implementation through workshops, town hall meetings, research and the establishment of replicable best practices, focused on un- and underserved communities.
University Plaza Associates, Ltd Philadelphia, PA  $          16,000 We need to purchase upgraded equipment for our Neighborhood Network Center. In addition, we would like to purchase software relating to network security, community needs (learning software for ESL, Computer use, literacy, etc). We would also like to pay for a professional consultant to periodically troubleshoot our network and check our computers for maintainence needs.
Michigan State University East Lansing, MI  $        896,114 Based on prior research, we determine the optimal number of computers in a given library service area and propose a set of upgrades to meet this objective. To deploy these computers, we use a system of college internships to train the next generation of IT workers. Our proposal will provide an optimized level of community computing capacity while providing hands-on training for IT students.
Connect SI Foundation, Inc. Marion, IL  $     3,922,584 The Content Development Team is an innovative Sustainable Broadband Adoption program to advance internet applications for education, business, healthcare, and public safety. Education and business communities engage through technologies that maximize broadband use, improve workforce training and transform the region into a global economic competitor.
Daktel Communications, LLC Carrington, ND  $        124,008 The DCT Community Learning Center will provide broadband educational opportunities in south central North Dakota with special focus on training for senior citizens. The Learning Center will offer affordable, hands-on courses in a user friendly environment. Through this project, we will improve the quality of life in rural ND by creating access to various computer training.
Harris County Houston, TX  $        861,805 Project will upgrade T1 lines at 10 public libraries and 2 community centers with broadband, improve LAN capacity, replace PCs that are too old, and upgrade Internet gateway to support the new broadband. Improved capacity will permit the number of public computers to be increased, and each location will have a mobile laptop classroom to turn the community meeting rooms into computer training labs
Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications on Behalf of The City of New York New York, NY  $   11,995,051 NYC Connected Communities makes critical enhancements to public computer centers in low-income New York City communities. It takes a holistic approach, confronting multiple obstacles to broadband use and adoption, and highlighting employment services. Implemented through an array of anchor institutions, it saturates each community with resources to promote awareness and ensure availability.
North Orange County Community College District Anaheim, CA  $     1,779,392 The collaboration of North Orange County Community College District, California Community Colleges Economic Workforce Development, Extricom, and City of Anaheim will improve education and health outcomes, expand broadband internet access to the community, expand on an existing comprehensive computer literacy program, and supplement current community programs and services throughout the district.
ENGAGE COMMUNICATIONS INCORPORATED KEY WEST, FL  $        219,200 Enhancing existing public computing centers at the Monroe County Florida Public Library System. Building 2 new public computing centers in Key West, Florida.
Montana Department of Commerce Helena, MT  $     3,731,024 The Project is a partnership between the State and six federally recognized Tribal governments to increase Tribal members' access to broadband by expanding computer centers at selected Tribal community anchor institutions, purchasing hardware and software, implementing training programs targeted at community needs, and providing free broadband to the most vulnerable populations in Montana.
Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications New York, NY  $   28,208,965 NYC Connected Learning addresses lagging broadband adoption by low-income students in an effort to boost adoption broadly and maximize long-term impact. The program removes multiple obstacles to adoption in concert, providing middle school students and their families in the City's poorest communities with computers, training and resources to drive adoption and improve student academic achievement.
City of Salem Salem, OR  $          47,000 This project will establish a new 20-station Public Computer Center housed within the Teen Library opening at Salem Public Library in July 2010. The 20 laptop computers will be made available for in-center use for individuals, small groups, and staff-led classes on topics relating to homework and research, college planning, and workforce entry.
Louisiana Department of Education Baton Rouge, LA  $     3,218,060 This multi-partner project of the Louisiana Broadband Alliance will target 12 parishes in the Northeast Louisiana Delta Region & the 5 parishes serving Louisiana's 4 Federally Recognized Native American Indian Tribes. The project provides access & use of broadband services to unserved areas to increase jobs, spur investments in technology and infrastructure, & provide long-term economic benefits.
@Link Services LLC Oklahoma City, OK  $     1,908,094 @Link will utilize the unique cultural relevance of Oklahoma Sooner Football to stimulate demand for broadband services.
@Link Services LLC Oklahoma City, OK  $        605,414 @Link Services LLC will utilize the significance of youth sports in Oklahoma to target vulnerable populations of children and children with special needs to stimulate demand and provide a public computing center.
WiViu Technology Inc. Sunnyvale, CA  $     1,500,000 Access to specialized medical care is difficult in underserved areas. Video telemedicine over Broadband can solve this problem if the medical video can be guaranteed to be free of artifacts resulting from lossy, congested Broadband networks. This project will use WiViu's patented technology to deliver a video telemedicine product enabling Community Hospitals access to medical specialists across US
International Air and Space Educational Foundation (INASEF) Kingman, AZ  $     5,831,014 MaxCare - Delivering Healthcare over Broadband will provide telehealth services to vulnerable populations in rural areas of AZ, NV, ID, OR and WA. Physicians will connect to patients in remote locations via video conferencing equipment over broadband connections to provide medical services previously unavailable. Healthcare education services will also be provided over broadband.
Neighborhood Networks New York Consortium Douglaston, NY  $     4,942,231 The Neighborhood Networks New York Consortium is an association of computer learning centers in low/moderate income housing in the New York metropolitan area. This grant will increase the capacity of member centers to provide services to their communities by expanding hours of service, online programming, increased staffing, updated equipment with broadband technology, and additional locations.
8x8, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA  $     6,174,000 This proposal seeks funding of ~$7.7M to hire and train 45 new broadband professionals in Sunnyvale, CA from a pool of graduates from The Stride Center, a nonprofit offering computer training for deserving adults from disadvantaged communities. These positions will increase broadband usage by small (4-5 employee) businesses by educating business owners about the benefits of VoIP services.
Los Angeles Unified School District Los Angeles, CA  $     5,934,121 LAUSD middle schools will serve as online parent community centers by providing each middle school with a wireless laptop cart to be used by the school community. Schools will provide training to parents in the area of school resources, city services, communication with teachers and staff, job/career search, and general health information.
New Jersey Association of Public & Subsidized Housing Residents, Inc. Newark, NJ  $        375,000 Technology has become a basic need. Networking within the community is the key to sustaining successful public housing resident councils associations which is a vital entity of a community anchor institution; the local public housing authority. Our organization's mission is to assist elected leaders of Public Housing Resident Associations,on utilizing broadband technology to communicate and enhan
HomeTown News Network, Inc. Alamosa, CO  $     3,900,000 This project creates a public information channel to bring awareness and to educate rural communities on the 'what," 'why," and 'how" of broadband technologies. The informational content is produced in various languages to reach vulnerable populations, such as Native American Indians and Spanish only speakers.
Hot Springs Greater Learning Foundation Thermopolis, WY  $        680,216 The technology center is the driving engine of a proposed complex to develop a creative approach to a sustainable rural economy. Central components: community/regional education, job training; e-commerce business training & services; entrepreneurial think-tank; technology applications and jobs related to statewide travel/tourism, economic development, natural sciences research, technology.
Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority Norfolk, VA  $     1,798,634 The computer based technology center will serve as the hub that bridges the digital divide through by providing residents with access to broadband connectivity. It will provide Adult Basic Education classes which will include ABE and GED instructions, elementary and secondary school tutorial, post secondary academic support and workforce development services.
Stark County District Library Canton, OH  $        205,381 The Stark County District Library Computer Center and Public Training Lab project will create a permanent computer training center that can be used for computer and job training. It will be used as public computer center when not being used for training. The center, located in downtown Canton, Ohio will serve all of Stark County.
IKON Cares, Inc. Bronx, NY  $     2,289,967 IKON Cares, Inc. will expand the adoption rate amongst low income households by removing the barriers to broadband use. To empower disadvantage individual by providing access to "High Tech" occupations. To provide affordable broadband Internet Connections to disadvantage areas and low income individuals.
AZTRONIX, LLC Nashua, NH  $     2,000,000 Overview: UZAPTM (Currently in Beta) is a FREE virtual on-line marketplace that connects Rural, Urban and Suburban buyers and sellers worldwide (via a revolutionary online platform that combines the best search and safety features of auction websites with the precise, localized vertical targeting of interactive classified websites on a global scale. Aztronix supplies all SW and systems services.
National Emergency Number Association Arlington, VA  $   18,880,383 Working closely with supporting emergency response agencies and national partners, the Next Generation Safety Consortium will lead a major effort to unleash public safety broadband demand. We will promote the development and use of shared broadband networks, services, and applications for emergency response and education through innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable activities.
City of Atlanta Atlanta, GA  $   13,751,390 Atlanta will build an 82 sq mile broadband video surveillance network to achieve a 10% crime reduction. The system will integrate with Homeland Security, government agencies, and private businesses. The project will advance broadband adoption into underserved areas without fiber installed. Without this project, there would be no economic reason for any broadband vendor to do so in these areas.
Sno-Isle Libraries Marysville, WA  $        676,090 Monies will fund computer training labs in selected Sno-Isle Libraries to enable customers to develop computer skills and receive targeted training for employment opportunities. Laptops that may be checked out by customers in libraries that have high demand but limited physical space will provide access to a larger number of users.
Illinois Rural Electric Cooperative Winchester, IL  $     1,279,200 This project envisions 12 computer centers with a total of 427 computers with broadband access. The applicant would provide the computers, networking and Internet access, with equipment and software necessary for users at one location to communicate with those at other sites. Students could then take classes at other schools. Full time staff would provide continuing outreach/support.
East Alabama Emergency Medical Services Inc Lincoln, AL  $     1,851,114 East Alabama EMS, Inc. proposes purchasing two Mobile Computer Centers - trailers with 13 computers, a driver and an educator/technician that will travel to underserved areas to provide unrestricted public access to computers connected wirelessly to the broadband or satellite network. The MCCs could also be used during a mass casualty or disaster situation to be utilized by public safety personnel
Executive Office of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Office of Administration) Harrisburg, PA  $     5,000,000 This project relates to our BTOP Infrastructure and Sustainability applications to provide a multi-faceted approach to improving educational technology.Our goal is to establish PCCs within the public libraries and community colleges of PA to provide residents and students in unserved/underserved areas with access to highspeed Internet and computers to promote research, education and skills.
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Shippensburg, PA  $     2,640,000 This campus-wide project provides much needed renovations to the existing IT infrastructure. It replaces underground main distribution backbones that are at the end of their useful lives, deteriorating telecommunications manholes and duct banks, duct and cabling between demarcation points and remote hubs, and other work needed to modernize and assure continuing reliability of this aging system.
Arnett Development Group LLC Concord, NH  $     1,800,000 A telehealth collaborative between the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) and the non-profit WCNH Inc. Arnett Development Group (ADG) LLC is the Agent and Implementation Manager for this collaboration. DHMC is Northern New England's largest healthcare system, and is a leader in deploying telehealth into underserved areas. WCNH Inc is a not-for-profit authorized by eight towns.
Texas Southmost College Brownsville, TX  $        723,166 Texas Southmost College a community college in partnership with the University of Texas at Brownsville seeks to improve access to Broadband Internet for the region served. Wireless Labs will be created in the two campus libraries as well as a mobile lab. A traditional desktop lab will be created at the college's International Technology, Education and Commerce Center.
Leon County Tallahassee, FL  $        634,000 This project will increase public access to the Internet and provide computer literacy training to our citizens, including our vulnerable populations. Currently, patrons wait up to two hours for access to existing, out-dated public PCs. Existing public access PCs will be upgraded and additional PCs provided at the libraries and community center systems using virtualization technology.
UPMC Pittsburgh, PA  $   38,304,424 Connected Medicine Telehealth Network, a project of UPMC/UPMC Health Plan, offers telehealth solutions to meet the healthcare needs of target populations. Patient-centric health care and remote monitoring is available through an integrated, standardized, scalable model that leverages successful UPMC systems/expertise, and proven standards-based technology to provide equitable, quality healthcare.
Illuminari, LLC O Fallon, MO  $     2,323,093 We have assembled a team of accomplished professionals with expertise in the areas targeted by NTIA's BTOP to develop and deliver a superior program that includes broadband Awareness, Demonstration, Education, Presentation, and Training (ADEPT) to help stimulate broadband penetration and adoption within Missouri, and to prepare Missourians to be productive within the 21st century economy.
University of Massachusetts Lowell Lowell, MA  $        783,094 The Lowell, MA and neighboring Merrimack Valley project bridges the digital divide by delivering broadband access, awareness and training to low-income youth, persons without college diplomas, and seniors. A partnership among seven organizations, LINK will build out computer centers, develop content modules, produce twenty jobs, and promote broadband adoption for several thousand households.
High Plains Library District Greeley, CO  $        245,200 The High Plains Library District will Connect Weld to the World by setting up public computing centers in rural and underserved Weld County, Colorado communities. These sites will be emulations of the successful model implemented in September 2008 with the City of Evans, Colorado at the Evans Community Center. For more project information visit our project website http://arra.webnode.com.
Kennesaw State University Kennesaw, GA  $     1,800,683 ProjectClick empowers 700 residents in 2 poverty stricken Southwest Georgia counties to 'earn" laptop computers by taking basic computer training, then advanced online training in education, healthcare or entrepreneurship. This research-based project provides on-demand support and social networking know-how to encourage sustained adoption with the aim of reducing rural poverty.
Wyoming Health Information Organization Cheyenne, WY  $        823,324 WyTED Net will expand an existing pilot telestroke program to all hospitals in Wyoming and provide training and technical support. This program will be based on "best practices" in stroke treatment through telehealth, and leverage telehealth resources, infrastructure, leadership and experience. Future services will be expanded to include cardiac, trauma, and other clinical services.
Oregon Employment Department Salem, OR  $        347,036 Upgrade broadband performance at statewide network of one-stop career centers. This will enable job seekers to obtain online training and update their skills. It will enhance our service delivery which right now is compromised due to insufficient bandwidth.
Network Computers LLC Fort Gratiot, MI  $        165,493 This proposed project will involve the comprehensive addition of 20 computer work stations in our facility. The addition of these computers will be of a great advantage to our surrounding communities, most of which do not have high speed internet available to them.
The Enterprise Center Community Development Corporation Philadelphia, PA  $     1,521,474 The eKitchen Multimedia Center, a demo kitchen and computer lab, will offer broadband access and interactive classes to build business acumen and capacity for new food retailers, create jobs and increase local food access for under-resourced urban communities. Minority and low-income food entrepreneurs will learn to adapt healthy recipes and create market share via online marketing strategies.
OneCommunity Cleveland, OH  $   25,352,770 The Knight Center of Digital Excellence, along with the nation's top digital adoption experts, proposes the Connect Your Community project to ENGAGE, TRAIN, EQUIP, and SUPPORT new broadband users in ten regions, ultimately empowering more than 50,000 individuals from vulnerable groups to reap the benefits of being digitally connected. The Knight Center is a program of award-winning OneCommunity.
Palo Alto College San Antonio, TX  $     1,000,000 Palo Alto College proposes to create two Public Computer Centers for 2 years(one at the Main Campus and one at the Westside Education Training Center) which will consist of approximately 30 Internet accessible computers at each Center with access to a Learning Without Walls (tutoring to high school 90 students a year) and Workforce Development component (training & employment to 90 adults a year)
Internet Colorado, LLC Gunnison, CO  $            9,728 As part of Internet Colorado's effort to improve public computing facilities in Gunnison, this project will provide end user training for the Wireless network and updated computing facilities at the City of Gunnison's community center.
Bedford Public Library, City of Bedford, Texas Bedford, TX  $        367,985 Grant funds will buy PCs, software, peripherals and furniture for the Community Computer Center in our new library. The Center will be open to all. Classes and outreach wil target the unemployed, people with low vision, seniors, children & teens. The City has funds for the new library, with space for the Computer Center, but does NOT have enough funds to furnish and equip the new facility.
Greene County Public Library Xenia, OH  $          82,600 Increase the number of public Internet access points within the seven branches of the Greene County Public Library and provide computer training opportunities. Provide each of the library's seven branches with laptop computers to circulate within the building. Provide a seven-station mobile laptop training lab to provide Internet and basic computer training in each library and in the community.
Franklin Regional Council of Governments Greenfield, MA  $     2,969,724 Get Online (GO!) offers a regional approach bringing together eight organizations to provide awareness, education and training, increased access and services to unserved and underserved residents of the 4 counties of western Massachusetts. Complimentary activities will assist rural and urban residents, small businesses, small/mid-sized farms, promoting economic development & sustainable adoption.
The Curators of the University of Missouri Columbia, MO  $     1,491,695 University of Missouri Extension seeks to upgrade and enhance programming, equipment, and software at its statewide network of Telecommunication Community Resource Centers so the centers can expand their ability to offer educational opportunities that help people either become employed or become better employed (higher wage jobs); particularly in rural Missouri where broadband access is low.
Asian Media Access, Inc. MINNEAPOLIS, MN  $        500,000 The Asian Pacific American Community Network (APA ComMNet) Public Computer Center will be a technology access and training facility with 30 computers, a mobile lab of 15 computers, and media production equipment to mitigate the ever-growing digital divide. APA ComMNet will provide computer access and computer/IT/media training to under-served immigrant and refugee residents of the Twin Cities.
B&J Computers, Inc. Murphysboro, IL  $        242,572 To provide Internet access and training to students and the underserved of Murphysboro, Illinois. The center would also give computer based training for skills improvement and Internet access for job searching.
Broadband Alliance Collinsville, IL  $     1,940,000 In support of Broadband USA, we will be developing bi-ligual education programs to identify and assist rural and disadvantaged subscribers. To optimize learning we will use a variety of mediums to educate; including virtual coloring books and self paced on-line learning. As an additional feature we will be providing a wizard to help subscribers select the best service for their budget.
Waccamaw Community Hospital (Georgetown Hospital System) MURRELLS INLET, SC  $        998,300 The program will connect rural healthcare offices and pharmacies to Georgetown Hospital System (regional hospital system). The program will extend the National Lambda Rail via the Palmetto State Providers Network into the rural areas. This project will provide services like e-prescribing, an EHR, pediatric consultation, and remote patient monitoring, which are only available via broadband.
New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance Albany, NY  $     8,800,000 We will expand the New York State myBenefits.ny.gov, a portal for accessing health and human services benefits, with relevant and easy to use capabilities that will increase broadband adoption by low-income families. We will partner with local counties to provide low-cost kiosks for on-site clients to make the transition from a face-to-face process to one that is broadband oriented.
America 2.0 Inc. Santa Cruz, CA  $        990,000 Thousands of Jobs will be providede to anyone with a Broadband Connection as customer service or sales technicians for any of our client companies with a web site. Working from their homes, Sales and Service Specialists will be given state-of-the-art LIVE VIDEO technology from their computer to perform customer service and/or sales support rolls for any online business.
Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Harrisburg, PA  $     7,895,440 This project leverages PA's economic development network to deliver holistic outreach, technical, and financial assistance to communities, businesses, first responders, and anchor institutions in areas where broadband has been or will be deployed. By focusing on the full continuum of broadband adoption and targeting users who drive job creation, this project will produce economic impact statewide.
Ogden City Corporation Ogden, UT  $   19,247,267 Ogden Area Community Broadband Access Adoption will provide broadband access to citizens in underserved areas, public service agencies, and local government agencies. This will create a support to community agencies by strengthening facilities, creating jobs, providing training opportunities and promoting public awareness.
Stillman College Tuscaloosa, AL  $     1,542,000 The proposed grant, The Stillman New Directions Technology Opportunity Program, will allow the College to address the economic, social, and educational needs of residents in the target areas through technology that will expose them to a world of economic and educational opportunities.
City of Spartanburg Spartanburg, SC  $        312,498 The City of Spartanburg's CC Woodson Community Center is a public center that will offer on-site structured and instructor driven programs and services for people of all ages and interests. With the introduction of broadband access and new computer technology, the center can offer specific programs in job training/applications, GED and literacy training, and computer literacy.
Central Wyoming College Riverton, WY  $        513,000 The Web accessible Wyoming PBS Digital Learning Library (DLL) will be developed and on-line training for in-service teachers provided. Video curriculum resources on western history, culture, natural resources, and the Native American tribes in Wyoming will be added to the collection with newly produced Wyoming social studies resources for grades 4-12, including a module on tribal government.
Wham! Inc. Allen, TX  $        885,348 This project develops a revolutionary device to place free, high-definition video calls using a TV and broadband Internet connection. Video calling is a highly desirable, much anticipated application. By stimulating demand, this project intends to spur long-term, sustainable broadband adoption much like Web browsers created sustainable demand for Internet connectivity in the 1990s.
HoffmanInternet.com Washington, DC  $     1,000,000 The 'JOBFORCE Training & Public Computer Center Project' will extend public computer access to metropolitan residents & visitors in the District of Columbia seeking use of pc's with broadband connectivity to make use of online job training, online college education programs, and job placement opportunities.
City of Nashua, NH - Nashua Public Library Nashua, NH  $          48,000 The Nashua Public Library is requesting funds to replace 33 thin-client stations with PCs and to purchase an additional 27 PCs. This grant also requests funding to upgrade Ethernet and power capacity to the computer training lab and to the Media Department lab. With grant funds, public access computing capacity would be enhanced in the Children's, Adult/Teen, Media, and Training departments.
Tacoma Housing Authority Tacoma, WA  $        824,250 The Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) will increase access to broadband technology for low income, under-educated and unemployed residents. A mobile broadband access lab, vocational technology training for adults, academic support and computer literacy training for youth, and increased support for four on-site computer labs will increase computer access for the vulnerable populations housed by THA.
Butte-Glenn Community College District Oroville, CA  $   37,579,379 ALLIANCE Project will collaborate & innovate to build our national capacity to educate key underserved segments of our population. We will drive adoption & utilization of broadband access by integrating delivery of interactive video content by using broadband to expand interactive learning & by leveraging improved digital literacy & transformational exposure to broadband video conferencing tools.
District of Columbia Primary Care Association Washington, DC  $     3,915,000 This project will encourage sustainable broadband adoption, increased access, and improved technological literacy skills in low-income, underserved areas of our nation's capital, promoting sustainability by proving the value in home health information technology (HIT) connectivity for patients with multiple chronic diseases, and creating jobs in allied health for individuals with basic HIT skills.
Delaware Department of Technology and Information Dover, DE  $   10,906,401 Delaware State University (DSU) working with the State of Delaware, proposes networking infrastructure to provide students, faculty, and staff with a modern IP network, facilitating innovation, distance learning, enhanced education, research, and research training, user mobility and compliance for underserved areas of Delaware.
CHC-TV, LLC Scottsdale, AZ  $   35,000,000 This program uses broadband to deliver engaging healthcare education to patients using the emerging techniques of IPTV and VoIP connections in the nation's community healthcare clinics. Most of the current 7200 NACHC healthcare center locations in the country will participate in the outcomes of this phase of the grant program where the system will touch the lives of over 20 million people.
Computers for Youth Foundation, Inc. New York, NY  $     9,917,223 The CFY/LAUSD Family Broadband Engagement Program catalyzes broadband usage among low-income families by providing them with free refurbished computers, training around the educational benefits of broadband, inexpensive broadband options, and ongoing technical support. The program draws on both CFY's and LAUSD's expertise in helping families use technology and broadband for school success.
Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania Harrisburg, PA  $     1,200,000 Pennsylvania United is a non-partisan, multi-industry, statewide partnership of business, community and economic development leaders who seek to maximize ARRA's impact. This Project shall establish and inter-connect 14 public community centers; 13 focused on serving the needs of the visually-impaired and 1 center focused on workforce training in rural Pennsylvania.
Sinte Gleska University Mission, SD  $     1,295,167 Sinte Gleska University will upgrade 4 community centers and open three new centers on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation. Center-based broadband access will support education leading to the General Equivalency Diploma, and other computer-based training. Centers will be available to community residents of all ages, targeting especially elementary, middle, high school, and college students.
Oakland, City of Oakland, CA  $     4,901,619 Building upon comprehensive public, private partnerships and strategies, Get Connected Oakland utilizes broadband technology to address equity divides in broadband, healthcare, education, and employment access and programs. GSO serves 174,386 school-aged children, youth, unemployed adults, seniors, and vulnerable populations including the disabled and HIV/AIDS patients and provides 80 jobs.
@Link Services LLC Oklahoma City, OK  $     1,179,625 @Link Services LLC proposes to stimulate demand and increase broadband subscribership in rural areas of Oklahoma with the use of a proven grassroots campaign methodology.
East Alabama Emergency Medical Services Inc Lincoln, AL  $     3,210,146 East Alabama EMS, Inc., proposes to provide eligible emergency responders with laptops and/or desktop computers to transmit patient information to a receiving hospital to optimize cardiac patient care. Providing the hospital pre-arrival information via the broadband system will allow the patient to receive immediate care by cardiac personnel while bypassing the ER, saving time and lives.
NATVentures LLC Bangor, ME  $   50,000,000 Project description not provided.
Salish Kootenai College Pablo, MT  $     2,605,785 The Salish Kootenai College Public Computer Center will provide broadband access to the 26,203 residents of the Flathead Indian Reservation in Northwest Montana. SKC faculty will also use the facility to upgrade and/or create asynchronous distance education courses and degree programs of study for American Indian adn Alaskan Native communities throughout the United States.
Radio Oklahoma Network, LLC Oklahoma City, OK  $     5,909,750 The program will stimulate broadband demand and adoption throughout the state by educating unserved and underserved rural communities, including 35 federally recognized Native American tribes. A demonstration bus will make more than 350 stops to promote broadband and provide training in the areas of education, health care, agriculture, finance and safety, supported by a sustained media campaign.
DeKalb County Government Decatur, GA  $     3,000,000 DeKalb County Government is proposing to establish Technology Resource Enrichment Centers (TREC) to close the gap between citizens with access to technology tools and resources and citizens without access. DeKalb's is requesting $3,000,000 to deploy 20 fixed, 2 mobile TREC units and 6 kiosks to provide greater access throughout the county to technology based resources.
Telstar Cablevision Inc. Metamora, IL  $          55,200 The project is for enhancing computer centers located at the Eureka Public Library, and Illinois District 140 Schools to provide public education, awareness, access, training and promote academic achievement.
Los Angeles Urban League Los Angeles, CA  $     5,178,268 The Los Angeles Urban League proposes creating a public computer center to provide broadband access to over 10,000 residents in South L.A.. We plan to expand our existing Family Literacy & Youth Training Center to develop a new Community Technology & Media Center. We will create jobs, offer education and job training for adults. Disabled clients and vulnerable populations will all be served.
RovAir, Inc. Reading, MA  $     5,656,115 RovAir will deploy and facilitate activation of wireless mobile broadband equipment (3G). RovAir will enter into the necessary contractual agreements with Verizon and Sprint, and implement a timeshare program so that multiple users can access one account. Verizon and Sprints network infrastructure is already in thousands of markets across the U.S.
OneBroward, Inc. Davie, FL  $     1,171,000 OneBroward CAN (Community Action Network) is a digital empowerment project to connect the underserved communities of Broward County, Florida, by aligning programs of computer ownership, technical training, and student internships. OneBroward CAN is a convergence of technologies, community, and e-citizenship to create digital communities with 21st Century skills. YES, OneBroward CAN!
Executive Office of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Office of Administration) Harrisburg, PA  $   12,500,000 The Pennsylvania Education Network is a state-supported plan to bridge the Digital Divide in education that involves schools and libraries from pre-K to college.This application sets up a three-part program to provide professional development to educational professionals, conduct outreach and education to the general public and support broadband-delivered projects in unserved/underserved areas.
Broadband Census Data LLC McLean, VA  $     2,679,945 The objective of the grant is to develop national-level user-generated data about broadband, focused on public anchor institutions (libraries, schools, colleges, public buildings, civic centers, transportation hubs) by creating a national network of speed test servers; engaging in outreach to public computer centers; building a friendly web interface to collect and publicly release broadband data.
Daktel Communications, LLC Carrington, ND  $        200,320 Late adoption of broadband service in our area is due to the significant upfront financial commitment of investing in computer equipment, a need for proper training and lack of general broadband awareness. We believe putting affordable laptops into the hands of low-income households, providing an opportunity for training and increasing the frequency of the message will encourage such adoption.
The University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX  $     5,856,480 Project description not provided.
PAXIO Inc. Santa Clara, CA  $        918,000 Promote the adoption and use of open access high speed networks to Business in San Jose. This innovative program will demonstrate the economic and sustainability of open access broadband to the business community. The Fiber-IN Business program creates sustainable open access model eliminating barriers to entry for service providers and providing a fertile business development foundation.
@Link Services LLC Oklahoma City, OK  $        610,358 @Link Services proposes to stimulate demand by means of an an innovative financial incentive provided to existing broadband users to recruit neighbors, friends and family.
Peer Plus One Communications, Inc. Campbell, CA  $     5,000,000 Project description not provided.
AME OUTREACH PROGRAM CORPORATION Washington, DC  $   25,000,000 AME Outreach yearly works with the vulnerable and underserved population to preserve and create job opportunities. Being tasked by forty AME churches to lead the MSTEC-BROADBAND INITIATIVE. Ten of the forty partners have requested mobilization for their congregations and communities to engage ongoing educational exchange. Reaching one hundred thousand congregations and community supporters.
Sara Hightower Regional Library Rome, GA  $        560,000 To provide a facility, technology and training for small buisness owners that otherwise would be unavailable to them
United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corp. Fairfax, VA  $   17,320,498 The UNCFSP, an educational aid organization serving Historically Black Colleges and Universities, proposes to develop PCCs within its member institutions. This project will enhance HBCUs capacity to provide broadband access and critical programs in health, education, and job training to vulnerable communities. PCCs through this grant will empower the communities sounding each HBCU.
University of Louisville Research Foundation Inc Louisville, KY  $     3,481,202 University of Louisville, with partners, will fortify service capacity and increase broadband speeds in 10 public computer centers in an underserved area in Louisville, Ky. through equipment installation, train-the-trainer skill building using engineer interns and resident coaching to increase Service Area subscribership. Innovative tactics provide e-health, education and safety programs.
Zion-Benton Public Library District Zion, IL  $        100,000 The Steps to Success program will provide workspace, training and equipment for users to enrich and enhance their lives. Steps to Success will support, train, and educate users to find a job, advance in their career or start a small business by creating a work center with desk space and a high-resolution printer/copier, laptops that users can check out to use in the library and online resources.
Telstar Cablevision Inc. Metamora, IL  $          46,755 The QCRB-SA is an innovative approach to ensuring broadband service for anchor institutions and public safety organizations through grants and business discounts. The QCRB-SA Project supplements federal and state grants with a ten-year guarantee of sustained service. There are two anchor institutions and three public safety agencies in the program.
Clarkson University Potsdam, NY  $        678,663 Clarkson University's Adirondack North Country Initiative for Wired Work seeks funding to create a Sustainable Broadband Adoption campaign in the extremely rural and economically challenged Adirondack region of New York. This project will provide outreach, education and awareness to drive broadband adoption and create a skilled and cost-effective wired work force with 2019 new jobs by 2019.
Oaklawn Improvement District Wichita, KS  $          42,589 The Oaklawn Improvement District, through their Oaklawn Community Center, would like to provide broadband internet accessible computers and printing capability to the general public, at no cost. These computers will be available for education and training purposes for all ages. Some example uses include resume writing, job search, and participation in educational opportunities.
City of Houston Houston, TX  $     2,713,300 The City of Houston proposes to create or expand 80 public computer centers targeting underserved neighborhoods with more than 262,000 residents across the Houston region. Located at city-operated community centers and municipal and community college libraries, the centers are to serve an additional 26,693 clients, an increase of 14 percent during the week and 12 percent on weekends.
Connected Nation Bowling Green, KY  $   24,000,000 Every Citizen Online is a public-private partnership program to enable computer ownership and broadband use in low-income homes. The program will help vulnerable populations overcome barriers to adoption. Joining together technology companies and local entities, the program will provide digital literacy and help unconnected consumers purchase a broadband-enabled computer using an instant rebate.
Alabama Department of Homeland Security Montgomery, AL  $   12,373,292 ANGEN breaks down barriers to broadband for safety, healthcare, and related organizations, unlocking sustained demand by anchor institutions all over the state. Deploying Next Generation Safety Consortium's Elements, ANGEN will focus on network-centric applications needed to enable hundreds of organizations - that today use little broadband - to be accessible, informed, interoperable, and aware.
Fayetteville State University Fayetteville, NC  $     1,026,074 The purpose of this activity is to educate vulnerable populations about broadband, provide training access and equipment, and support FMHA and FSU in providing these services. Services provided will address economic growth and job creation in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
A.W.O.L. All Walks of Life, Inc. Savannah, GA  $     1,068,538 Reboot Reuse: Savannah is a project that addresses the narrowing of the digital divide in Savannah's high poverty census tracts. The project will increase sustainable broadband adoption by low income families in Savannah and develop computer and internet skills of participating low income youth and adults through providing equipment, training and broadband awareness and education.
MT. AIRY COMMUNITY SERVICES CORPORATION Philadelphia, PA  $          96,800 Using a mobile lab with 4 wireless netbook workstations and wireless broadband access, MACCC will offer 80 hours of customized computer curriculum for unemployed ex-offenders. The training leads to Job Readiness certification of the participants in ICDL (International Computer Driving License). They receive a wireless netbook and one year of mobile broadband access upon certification.
City of Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI  $     4,135,393 Connecting Milwaukee Communities will build upon vibrant, existing programs, expanding and enhancing community based access to broadband services, computer basic skill development and access to computer units and wireless services. It will provide educational assistance and technical expertise connecting disenfranchised residents to the internet.
Advent Christian Village. Inc. Live Oak, FL  $          21,200 Updating the existing ACV Learning Center at Dowling Park, will facilitate offering this rural, underserved, economically disadvantaged community greater access to broadband service, devices, and equipment. Providing classes on broadband technology to area residents and employees will open up web-based resources to our vulnerable population.
Village of North Palm Beach North Palm Beach, FL  $          35,144 The Village of North Palm Beach has made the expansion of its public computer center a top priorty. The project will greatly increase free public broadband access through the installation of additional workstations. In addition the project will enhance the already established training programs conducted at the computer center.
The City of Bessemer, Alabama Bessemer, AL  $     6,650,482 Our CyberLearning Project is a blended training effort (online courses + on-site instructors) to encourage and sustain improved broadband usage. The nonprofit National Education Foundation (NEF) will provide the online courses as a 25% matching grant. CyberLearning Inc, an established SDB with a strong performance record, will "train the trainers" and provide technical support.
New York State Office of Children and Family Services Rensselaer, NY  $     4,111,008 NY State Office of Children & Family Services provides services to over 1000 court-placed disadvantaged youth. The Juvenile Justice Transformation Project includes the following services: Enhanced Education (Virtual Classroom, Videoconferencing, Distance Learning) Tech. Network Academy Tele-health Videoconference Services Family & Community Engagement Tele-presence in Court Proceedings
University of Louisville Research Foundation Inc Louisville, KY  $     2,930,504 University of Louisville and partners will create Louisville Sustained, a dynamic, neighborhood-based movement facilitated by community builders and student engineers to aid subscribers in the Louisville Connected Service Area use essential programs and privacy systems to explore life benefits of e-health and e-wealth skill building, job search and distance learning as competent Digital Citizens.
Housing Authority of Murray Murray, KY  $        125,000 The Ash street learning center is a place where the community can access broadband technology to do research, learn computer skills, support their education, and better their quality of life. Currently the capacity of the Ash street Learning Center is not enough to accommodate the community. Many people are turned away.
Northwest Georgia Housing Authority Rome, GA  $          74,330 Our project provides broadband access to all residents of the Northwest Georgia Housing Authority. We are adding computers to all properties, providing laptops with wireless capability for residents to use in the comfort of their homes, and increasing the number of computers in our three existing computer labs.
City Of Grapevine Grapevine, TX  $          59,954 The City is proposing a two classroom public computer training facility in the Community Outreach Center. This facility will provide computer literacy training for both adults and children and in-house computer training for City employees. Children can utilize this facility to do research, receive mentoring, and learn necessary computer skills that will contribute towards a successful future.
Santa Barbara City College Santa Barbara, CA  $        500,000 Provides enterprise level support/analysis tools for small/medium business to determine and implement new broadband applications for marketing, customer service, productivity and collaboration via the project website at no cost! With on line assessment, custom hiring documents, and scope of work documents the business owners or managers can take effective action on outsourcing, hiring or training.
Titanium Inc. DBA Zing Troy, MI  $     5,000,000 By forming a collaborative body we have created a model example of sustainability. Building off an existing advanced (WiMAX) infrastructure we are empowering libraries,computer centers and the under privileged residents of the region. On top of that we are implementing educational, e-learning programs along with work force reeducation training. Any grant will be used to rapidly expand coverage.
EveresTV Inc. Fort Lee, NJ  $     2,554,112 NJSNT will provide broadband access, computer/broadband education, equipment and support in 120 public housing and public and non-profit community, senior and public centers/ libraries for the elderly, unemployed, low-income and persons with disabilities.
Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Cass Lake, MN  $     1,581,252 The Leech Lake Community Computer Centers Project (CCC) will bring four station computer centers to 13 Community Centers spread across the Leech Lake Indian Reservation in remote, rural Minnesota. This reservation is over 1100 square miles and transportation to a centralized computer center would not be an effective solution. This project is in concert with the Leech Lake WAN project.
Boat People SOS, Inc. Westminster, CA  $        641,297 This project will encourage and assist a total of 6,550 businesses, households, and faith-based and community organizations in subscribing to broadband services. The target population consists of under-served subgroups of Vietnamese refugees and immigrants in Orange County, California: newcomers, seniors, Amerasians, and people with disabilities.
True Broadband Networks, LLC Kansas City, MO  $        999,122 True Broadband Networks will lead this shovel-ready initiative in collaboration with a coalition of SDB partners to expand public access to broadband services and enhance capacity through four public computer centers located in underserved communities targeting vulnerable populations most impacted by the recession to stimulate job creation, long-term economic growth and opportunity.
Center for Media Law New York, NY  $     1,806,470 The collaborating institutions (Collaborators or Partners) create and distribute educational and training materials online. This includes GED preparation, nursing and health care instruction. This program would cover computer skills, substance abuse, immigration law, and criminal law. Material would be distributed to anchor institutions as well as to computer users with high-speed connections.
New Hampshire State Library Concord, NH  $        160,000 The state of New Hampshire has 234 public libraries; each is independent and governed by its own board of trustees. Because of this amorphous structure for library services the New Hampshire State Library is proposing to use funds provided by the BTOP Public Computers Centers Program to establish mobile computer labs to reach libraries within the st
Industrial Grade Broadband, LLC Ann Arbor, MI  $ 149,994,946 Industrial Grade Broadband (IGB) can deliver fast, affordable, and reliable broadband signal to unserved/underserved communities through a new generation of green technology that transform the patchwork of old, inefficient, technologies and overpriced services into a seamless whole. IGB's solutions focus on bridging the digital divide - and the bridge over the digital divide is green
Eastern Upper Peninsula ISD Sault Sainte Marie, MI  $   10,007,230 The Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District proposes creating seamless, web-based learning environments for students in rural and remote areas of Michigan through 'cloud computing" enabled by providing students and teachers with mobile computers for use at school and at home with the goal of spiking sustainable consumer demand for broadband services.
Avergent Frankfort, IL  $     7,585,000 To deploy and sustain Public Computing Centers in the Midwestern and southern United States. Public Computing Centers will provide access to broadband attached computers, applications and other computer usage services. Additionally, the Public Computing Centers will provide IT industry certification training (Microsoft, Cisco, etc) both on-site and via the WWW.
Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network Inc. Brooklyn, NY  $     4,983,358 A multi-platform network of community based organizations that provides broadband access, provides community computer centers, helps create jobs and lowers the cost of delivering government programs at the grassroots level to promote sustainable broadband adoption, with an emphasis on empowering low-income, minority and Hispanic residents to use technology to improve their lives.
Boat People SOS, Inc. Westminster, CA  $        304,015 The proposed project will help 200,000 Vietnamese in Orange County, California - the largest concentration of Vietnamese outside of Vietnam - access broadband services by overcoming multiple barriers, including: low level of computer literacy, high costs of service, and absence of a community-wide initiative to ensure broadband access.
Public Safety, Georgia Department of Atlanta, GA  $     9,797,988 The Georgia Department of Public Safety proposes the installation of point to point links at 72 of the 191 Georgia Interoperability Network (GIN) sites. The installation of these links will greatly increase bandwidth and reliability. In addition, DPS will install 18 fiber links between GIN sites. The result will be reduced annual operating costs and much higher reliability for the end user.
Boat People SOS, Inc. Falls Church, VA  $        197,850 To bridge the digital divide for the Vietnamese community of greater Charlotte, we will develop a CTC and web-based resources; Facilitate access to broadband-related services through the CTC for both individuals and local CFBOs and businesses; and provide training, education, and support programs by using the CTC as a platform for workshops, seminars, and classes.
City of Sheffield Sheffield, AL  $     2,216,827 Our CyberLearning Project is a blended training effort (online courses + on-site instructors) to encourage and sustain improved broadband usage. The nonprofit National Education Foundation (NEF) will provide the online courses as a 25% matching grant. CyberLearning Inc, an established SDB with a strong performance record, will train-the-trainers and will provide technical support.
Jefferson County Schools Charles Town, WV  $     3,000,000 This grant will create a robust and reliable broadband network to serve the student population of Jefferson County and its residents. This project will provide increased access to computers with broadband access to the Internet and other educational resources. In the process of creating this network the acceptance and understanding of broadband will be greatly increased in and around the area.
Boat People SOS - South Jersey Pennsauken, NJ  $        204,020 The project will facilitate access to broadband service through the Computer Technology Center (CTC). The CTC will serve minority communities with barriers to broadband access, information, and services.
WildBlue Communications, Inc. Englewood, CO  $   15,482,000 WildBlue proposes a comprehensive program to educate, train and affordably provide satellite broadband to rural, low-income Arizona citizens. With its partner, One Economy, WildBlue will provide community based education and training, free satellite broadband equipment, a subsidized netbook and permanent monthly fee reductions to unserved households and small community institutions.
Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez, Inc. dba Universidad del Turabo Gurabo, PR  $     2,038,603 The main goal of the Universidad del Turabo (UT) project: Center to Encourage Sustainable Adoption of Broadband Services (CESABS), is to serve the target service region by establishing a broadband program comprised of six (6) Public Computer Centers, and through the delivery of a Basic Certificate in Broadband Literacy Program.
City of Dayton, Ohio Dayton, OH  $        719,170 The City of Dayton (Dayton) partnering with the Dayton Metro Library (DML) will expand and enhance existing public computing centers (DML and Dayton Recreation Center), as well as creating a new public computing center by renovating an underutilized DML branch, which, in conjunction with Dayton's Broadband Infrastructure program application, will greatly expand public access to broadband service.
Brinksman Consulting & Trading Group, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA  $        200,000 The objective is to create a planning guideline for the small telco that has no strong technology/business planning organization. With this guide, the owner/manager can develop overall plans for the deployment of Advanced Architectures in the Access Plant area. The USDA will provide the guide to winning bidders for development of projects under the Broadband Infrastructure Applications awards.
Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois Champaign, IL  $     2,914,946 The Learning Resource and Research Center will expand the capabilities of the Illinois Fire Service Institute's first responder training efforts by using high-speed broadband capabilities to deliver distance learning opportunities throughout Illinois, the United States, and globally through video-conferencing and other distance learning techniques.
University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT  $     2,447,804 UEN will increase broadband subscribers through compelling educational services. The four-tiered state-wide approach: Content, Outreach, Support, and Training (COST) also represents the cost to our citizens if we fail to make quality Internet tools and resources accessible to all, equally. COST will reach all 2,736,424 Utah residents and innovatively targets 745,151 vulnerable children and adults.
Alliance for Digital Equality Atlanta, GA  $        674,418 The Alliance proposes the implementation of the 'Learning Without Walls Initiative." This two-tier program seeks to cultivate and promote broadband adoption, hands-on-workforce development training, education and online tutorials with the utilization of community-based resources to meet the new and existing needs of schools, employers and Americans.
Rural Community Assistance Partnership Washington, DC  $   36,005,010 The RCAP network will provide technical assistance and training to small, rural, unserved and underserved communities regarding all aspects of Sustainable Broadband Adoption development and deployment. RCAP will also provide loans to eligible communities to finance pre-development costs such as feasibility studies and pre-construction expenses associated with funding awards.
City of Newaygo Newaygo, MI  $     1,398,000 The STREAM community center will provide high speed internet capability in addition to classrooms, presentation facilities and work space to the underserved population of Newaygo County. The STREAM, as a state-of-the-art public computer center, will serve all community members seeking education, job training, and a work environment to help them succeed in today's technology driven economy.
EZH2GO Honolulu, HI  $     3,960,000 Community Connect aims to create unique broadband driven methods of communication between Community Services(including but not limited to Educational and Medical Institutions & Emergency and Civil Services)and the entities (commercial or residential)whom they serve. In addition to training, this project will deliver content which will be immediately relevant and impactful to the users' daily lives
Ritter Public Library Vermilion, OH  $          37,990 Ritter Public Library seeks to expand our public access computing infrastructure from 9 internet computers and 8 word processing computers to 40 internet enabled computers. This will occur in concert with our building expansion project.
Maricopa County Library District Phoenix, AZ  $        150,202 Maricopa County Library District (AZ) is building a new public library in White Tank Mountain Regional Park. Broadband connectivity via fiber-optic cabling to this location is not currently available. To provide broadband access to the new library, requesting broadband grant funding is being requested to cover initial service installation costs.
National Black Programming Consortium New York, NY  $   11,571,886 Public Media Corps will impact 3 million Americans over 2 years in 15+ markets by training 200 people to link persistently underserved communities to broadband technologies via public media, creating demand for adoption. We are building on the success of the New Media Institute, currently in its 4th year, that has convened over 500 public media professionals & technologists to connect communities.
University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development Ann Arbor, MI  $     5,954,486 [email protected] Adoption unites regional and national academic networks as a nationwide cooperative focused on high-performance broadband infrastructure for schools, libraries and health care centers. We provide a public awareness campaign, detailed analysis of barriers, measurement of new adoption and participant-staffed working groups aimed at increasing 100Mbps-and-up broadband adoption.
Independence Hall Mutual Housing Association Houston, TX  $        138,920 Independence Hall Apartments is a 292-unit apartment property for seniors and disabled people in Houston. IH Computers-for-All will provide high-speed broadband service for a 20 station computer learning center and a wireless network with computers in 75 residents' homes. After the grant period Independence Hall will continue to add residents to the network.
ACORN Institute Washington, DC  $     3,172,042 The Digital Empowerment Project bridges the digital divide in low-income and minority populations by promoting adoption through grassroots outreach, training participants in computer centers; and providing in-home computers and broadband access. This approach is based on research-driven practices and ensures an efficient and scalable effort to facilitate broadband in disadvantaged populations.
South Carolina Department of Corrections Columbia, SC  $     6,788,817 The SC Depts. of Corrections & Juvenile Justice along with Palmetto State Providers Network, SC Area Health Education Consortium & University of SC will develop a telemedicine and e-health network to provide critical mental health & healthcare services to vulnerable populations in their facilities to better serve public interest & need for a more efficient system of care.
Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority Santa Fe, NM  $        177,600 Our Agency proposes two Public Computer Labs offering Broadband access and computer generated classes for a wide range of educational and social service programs that decrease the drop-out rate, and increase jobs to generate economic mobility. This bilingual project demonstrates the culture and economic bridging capabilities of New Media Literacy in populations that speak little or no English.
Connect Arkansas Little Rock, AR  $   12,610,089 Connect Arkansas, the state's designated lead broadband agency, proposes to utilize a statewide network of public, private and non-profit agencies to assess and address the state's broadband needs amongst many diverse populations in the state's 75 counties. Together with over 20 collaborating partner agencies, Connect's goal is to dramatically increase citizen's use of broadband internet.
Hall-Voyer Foundation Honey Grove, TX  $          21,500 Honey Grove's Public library will the only site in this area to offer access to computers, broadband internet and wireless internet. Upgrade and expansion of it's computer center will be covered by this grant.
BROADBAND RURAL COMMUNITY GROUP LLC RAMSEY, NJ  $     1,723,539 The BRC Project is designed to provide Public Computer Centers and implement Smart Classrooms, Mobile Libraries and educational platforms.
Arizona State Library Archives and Public Records Phoenix, AZ  $     1,280,118 This project enhances existing computer facilities and meets growing demand in 84 public libraries statewide by providing public access computers. The computers will be used to access valuable e-resources, enabling libraries to provide training in 21st century skills while promoting broadband awareness and providing outreach by taking mobile laptops and training to vulnerable populations.
ACORN Institute Washington, DC  $     2,999,903 The Digital Empowerment Project bridges the digital divide in low-income and minority populations by promoting adoption through grassroots outreach, training participants in computer centers; and providing in-home computers and broadband access. This approach is based on research-driven practices and ensures an efficient and scalable effort to facilitate broadband in disadvantaged populations.
NORTHERN MARIANAS COLLEGE SAIPAN, MP  $     5,157,918 Support the creation and continue existence of a virtual campus and community center for the residents of the CNMI promoting public education through the adoption of broadband services.
The Coordinating and Development Corporation Shreveport, LA  $     1,000,000 The Coordinating and Development, through its Louisiana Partnership for Rural Broadband Connectivity (LPRBC) will implement a program to increase awareness/usage of Broadband to enhance/improve the lives of the Region's citizens in activities such as distant learning, better job opportunities, business to business communications, banking and purchasing online, and accessing government services.
NORTHERN MARIANAS COLLEGE SAIPAN, MP  $     2,890,900 Creation of Computer Centers to provide e-Learning, Video Conferencing and Training to support the creation and continued existence of a virtual campus and community center for the residents of the CNMI promoting public education through the adoption of broadband services.
American Telemedicine Association Washington, DC  $        925,453 This project will evaluate and promote the benefits of telehealth as a leading driver for broadband adoption. By profiling the telehealth sector, identifying models for its deployment, and developing awareness campaigns that promote its dissemination, we will position telehealth to extend its reach dramatically and maximize the promise of broadband for health care providers and their patients.
21st Century Living, LLC San Diego, CA  $        501,850 The ATBI will provide households access to high speed broadband service via 'Living Station" computer installed within each home.The Living Station will provide internet access to residents, as well as monitor household energy and water consumption to promote conservation among users.The Living Station will also provide access to educational institutions including CA State University of San Marcos
Open Neighborhoods Los Angeles, CA  $        796,950 Provide efficient adoption of an open Wi-Fi mesh network into the low-rent housing areas of Mar Vista, Del Rey and a newly formed open Wi-Fi mesh network in the low-rent housing areas of Venice/Lincoln. Working with the Los Angeles Unified School District's Computers for Youth and the City of Los Angeles Community Computer Centers, we'll provide last-mile solutions to the under served community.
Tri County Economic Development District Colville, WA  $     3,381,139 Build a multi-agency, multi-use facility serving rural areas not located near existing county-based agencies. Provide public access to technology-based & face-to-face services & resources: library, distance learning, business development, social services & health care, local government, & noncredit education. Partners will integrate programs so physical, social, & economic barriers are reduced.
City of Quincy Quincy, FL  $     1,750,916 Our CyberLearning Project is a blended training effort (online courses and on-site instructors) to encourage and sustain improved broadband usage. The nonprofit National Education Foundation (NEF) will provide the online courses as a 25% matching grant. CyberLearning Inc, an established SDB with a strong performance record, will "train the trainers" and provide technical support.
City of Okmulgee, OK Okmulgee, OK  $     2,682,738 Our CyberLearning Project is a blended training effort (online courses and on-site instructors) to encourage and sustain improved broadband usage. The nonprofit National Education Foundation (NEF) will provide the online courses as a 25% matching grant. CyberLearning Inc, an established SDB with a strong performance record, will "train the trainers" and provide technical support.
Beaufort County Library / Government Beaufort, SC  $     3,700,000 The St.Helena Branch Library & Public Computer is a multigenerational facility providing success-building resources through broadband access to the underserved children and families of St. Helena. This library & public computer center will bring opportunities in technology, including kids learning labs, creative career & gaming labs & workforce-skills labs to help this community "Turn the Page."
SR1 Ridgeland, MS  $     3,000,000 SR1, a non-profit organization, proposed project 'eMississippi" is to support cultural diversity and social inclusion to increase public awareness, benefits and safe usage of broadband technology among rural Mississippians. SR1 will aid in applications and services that are important for society in Mississippi that fall into the broad categories of e-learning, e-health, and e-safety.
Uplift, Inc. Detroit, MI  $        992,000 TECHknow Computer Centers will provide computers, internet access, business technology classes and proctored assistance 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm daily to assist individuals to become skilled in business technology software in hopes to improve job prospects. TECHknow Computer Centers will also provide a facility for individuals to develop a home shoring virtual call center practice 8am to 2:30 pm
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Champaign, IL  $        992,173 UC2B is an intergovernmental consortium of the University of Illinois and the cities of Urbana and Champaign providing fiber-optic broadband connectivity to the community's anchor institutions, fiber-to-the-home connectivity in underserved neighborhoods, improved access/support to public computer centers, and a sustainable adoption and educational outreach program for vulnerable populations.
21st Century Living, LLC San Diego, CA  $        648,855 The CCN will provide households within the project access to high speed broadband service via 'Living Station" computer installed within each home. The Living Station will provide internet access to residents, and monitor household energy&water consumption to promote conservation among the users. It will also provide access to educational institutions including Lemon Grove Unified School District.
Studio 4 Networks Inc los angeles, CA  $     1,762,400 In California lower income populations have a low adoption & access rate of broadband. These populations could benefit the most from broadband services that would assist in increasing education levels. Through the Broadband Adoption Campaign, Studybeat will partner with community anchor institutions and broadband providers to convince lower income populations to subscribe & access broadband.
City of Albany Department of Youth and Workforce Services Albany, NY  $        454,000 Public-Private partnership in Albany, NY will 1) expand existing municipal WiFi network to significantly increase free & reduced-rate broadband access for residents & small businesses, enhance public safety & City services, & deliver virtual workforce training; & 2) offer coordinated digital literacy & job assessment programs at improved public computing anchors & satellite labs.
Steeplechase Networks Incorporated Southfield, MA  $     1,174,890 Steeplechase Networks, Inc. will drive sustainable adoption through user and 3rd-party awareness programs and socially and personally relevant on-line services, making broadband more useful to underserved segments and leveraging investment in high-speed infrastructure. Our applications include health, energy management, education, home/data security, community services, and small business suites.
Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Las Vegas, NV  $     4,229,084 FAST TRACK RECOVERY is a project of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. Serving 1.3 million people in remote rural and growing urban areas, the project provides speedy public access bandwidth, laptops and training in 24 facilities and positions the Library District as a fast track portal for recovery and sustained economic development.
Superlatives Durham, NC  $        357,766 Godspeed Internet Cafe is one of three minority owned businesses currently under construction in the inner city of Northeast Central Durham, North Carolina. The first phase of this project is Superlatives Fine Foods and Godspeed Internet Cafe. The second and final phase is TROSA Community Grocery Store.
Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit Lewisburg, PA  $        807,440 The CSIU and 3 Area Agencies on Aging in Pennsylvania will implement Wii Generations: The Web, The Internet, & InterGenerations (WiiGens). WiiGens will use seniors' enthusiasm for the Wii to provide innovative computer & Internet courses, create virtual tournaments, and expand broadband. Pregnant & parenting teens and peer coaches will keep trainer/senior ratios low and facilitate sustainability.
PAXIO Inc. Santa Clara, CA  $        566,400 The Rivermark community desperately seeks high speed broadband, and the goal of this project is to bring open access next generation services to this community. This project will serve as a model of how open access high speed networks can be deployed and the strong impact open access has on broadband adoption.
7725 Reno #1, LLC Okahoma City, OK  $     1,215,753 7725 Reno #1, LLC proposes to provide broadband access to the largest, privately owned job creating strategic facility in the State of Oklahoma.
Promo-Tech USA Glendale, AZ  $        565,553 Multi-faceted awareness campaign promoting broadband Telecommuting will add value to existing, new and future broadband capacity by encouraging not just utilization, but productive utilization. PSAs will excite individuals and corporations about the benefits afforded by Telecommuting and will stimulate the demand for broadband, encourage sustainable adoption and even stimulate economic growth.
PAXIO Inc. Santa Clara, CA  $        374,000 Through the subsidizing of access and distribution equipment, creat the opportunity for residents to receive next generation open access services from an existing fiber beachhead.
Franklin Regional Council of Governments Greenfield, MA  $     3,914,642 Proposed is an innovative system of traditional and wireless-based centers throughout Western Massachusetts, especially in disadvantaged urban and unserved rural areas. Proposed are 10 computer centers, 6 teaching labs, and a lending system that will distribute netbooks to 99 public libraries. To support them, a collaborative system of outreach, training and education will be established.
Monterey County Information Technology Salinas, CA  $        630,000 The County of Monterey proposes the implementation of a project that will place computer(s) in all unserved and underserved libraries in Monterey County. Additionally, computers and peripherals will be placed in a branch of the Office for Employment Training.
Cuyahoga County Public Library Parma, OH  $        317,639 Cuyahoga County Public Library (CCPL) would like to increase the capacity of our Technology Access Centers by 72 workstations to increase public access to broadband and access to formal computer training courses. Currently the Library has more than 600 public computers available for public use; however, we are finding this is inadequate to meet demand. CCPL has an annual visitor rate of 7 million.
EchoStar XI Operating L.L.C. Englewood, CO  $   28,350,000 The Customer Premises Equipment ('CPE") Coupon Program will encourage wider adoption of broadband service by providing consumers with the training and equipment they will need to become successful broadband users. The program will also promote the availability of broadband service to increase awareness.
TelVue Corporation Mount Laurel, NJ  $     8,000,000 TelVue plans to drive sustainable broadband adoption by offering broadband Internet streaming video and video-on-demand to 1000 rural and underserved communities across the US. TelVue PEG.TV is an easy-to-use service that empowers rural communities and organizations to quickly deploy a live video and video-on-demand portal to serve local needs via broadband Internet.
Shaker Heights Public Library Shaker Heights, OH  $        156,942 Shaker Library's Information Commons and Internet Café are designed to offer the public twice the number of computers with high-speed Internet with a full complement of software, and free training. Additionally, we will create a Community Entrepreneurial Center for home-based and family businesses to provide equipment such as a specialty printer, fax and copy machines, scanners and a laminator.
Las Vegas-Clark County Urban League Las Vegas, NV  $     5,304,753 Vulnerable families will have Access to Computer Technology and Instruction in Online Networking. The ACTION program develops community technology centers and provides training to vulnerable populations in utilizing broadband to access educational and employment opportunities. ACTION is a collaboration of the Las Vegas-Clark County Urban League, Cox Communications, local government and partners.
Keystone Energy Technology Enterprise Center, Inc. MOUNT CARMEL, PA  $        998,000 The Keystone Energy Technology Enterprise Center is a high tech business for developing alternative/renewable energy technologies and high performance building systems. This project will allow it to install a structured wiring system for the building to support broadband solutions, install a Cisco Telepresence center, install a computer learning center, and install necessary Cisco IP software.
Portsmouth Public Library Portsmouth, OH  $          61,200 This project is one component of the "Connect Ohio Community Technology Centers Program", and will enable us to receive the full benefits of this program. We currently provide the only free public computing access in our county. These equipment and facility upgrades will help us expand the capacity of our facilities and more fully serve the broadband access needs of the population we serve.
Louisville Free Public Library Louisville, KY  $     1,429,185 This project increases the computing center capacity across the Louisville Metro library system and develops targeted public programs at 7 libraries serving underserved populations. Specifics goals include increasing Internet bandwidth at all 18 libraries to 768kbps per workstation; providing programs for technology training, and job search and preparation training.
Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority Akron, OH  $        302,805 The Computer Connection program offers top-quality, network-based interactive instruction, capable of providing each student a self-paced, hands-on approach to education skills, computer education,literacy education, GED, distance learning, improved job seeking skills and English as the Second or Other Language and will be available to over 5,000 low-income residents of Summit County, Ohio.
Boat People SOS, Inc. Bayou La Batre, TX  $        203,260 A large proportion of Southeast Asian refugees and immigrants in Bayou La Batre, Alabama do not use computers or have access to broadband services. Through this project, Boat People SOS will allow the Southeast Asian community to become better integrated into mainstream America via broadband services and thus close the gaps in equality of opportunities and quality of life.
Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network DBA MAIN Bastrop, TX  $     3,555,304 The Texas Connects Coalition is a comprehensive statewide initiative significantly expanding broadband public computer center capacity in communities across Texas, from large metropolitan areas to very remote rural areas. It will also develop and share best practice models, standard resources and an interactive communications network supporting centers and technology projects.
Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs Indianapolis, IN  $                  -   Bring IT Home Indiana will lead 30 communities to implement broadband adoption by: •Establishing a Digital Connectors program to train youth to become technology leaders in their communities •Creating broadband opportunities in the homes of low-income families •Fostering entrepreneurism and business development through online access •Increasing self-reliance through technology and Internet
Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs Montgomery, AL  $     3,086,864 The project aims to improve the quality of life for Alabama's most vulnerable citizens by improving the ability of the state's 22 community action agencies to assist these individuals by enhancing agency technological capabilities by providing assistance in acquiring high speed connectivity where needed, updated equipment, regular training, and at least one client access computer in each location.
Boat People SOS, Inc. Springfield, MA  $        245,225 This project, Neighborhood Empowerment and Support through Teamwork Computer Technology Center (NEST-CTC), will cover the Philadelphia area. The project will facilitate access to broadband service through the Computer Technology Center (CTC)and serve minority communities with barriers to broadband access, information, and services.
Lake Tahoe Community College South Lake Tahoe, CA  $        610,000 Lake Tahoe Community College (LTCC) proposes to use the funding available through this grant to construct the Lake Tahoe Public Intranet (LTPI), a community wireless broadband network for the provision of 1) low cost access to wireless broadband to underserved areas of our community and 2) free access to wireless broadband for the delivery of educational and training content.
City of Miami Miami, FL  $     1,251,621 ELEVATE Miami is an innovative public computer center model leveraging the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County public parks to deliver broadband access and training to underserved and underconnected individuals in South Florida, boosting employability and broadband uptake.
Center of Higher Development Chicago, IL  $     4,496,431 The agency will make broadband WAN available to all 4,850 residents in housing developments which house 7 of its computer centers and train residents in the use of wireless services. It will double its computer workstations, increase staff and provide expanded instruction via distance learning. Its employment progam will also be expanded to help 200 clients find jobs annually.
City of Corpus Christi Corpus Christi, TX  $        704,000 Purchase and install environmental data collection stations and for the Conrad Blucher Institute at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.This will expand the areas capabilities to provide accurate assessments of environmental and weather related conditions while utilizing the City's wireless network. A portion of these weather stations will be placed in schools across the city providing students eopportunity
TELISITE Corp. Austin, TX  $        825,000 TELISITE is a revolutionary web portal and outreach program that energizes citizens to adopt and improve broadband service. Combining an aggressive person-to-person education campaign with TELISITE's portal, TELISITE teaches citizens about broadband, engages them to express service needs, and supports rural broadband providers in new ways by allowing citizens to partner in the buildout of networks
Cook County Government Chicago, IL  $   16,000,000 Cook County has developed an innovation solution entitled 'Stay Connected." This initiative will expand on the PCC program and offer low cost Internet and Voice services in the underserved areas and throughout Cook County. Cook County is the only county in the country with an approved Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) license.
Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc. Brooklyn, NY  $     4,983,358 A multi-platform network of Community Based Organizations in Puerto Rico that provides broadband access at the grassroots level to promote sustainable broadband adoption, provide community computer centers, help create jobs and lower the cost of delivering government programs, with an emphasis to empower low-income, minority and Hispanic residents to use technology to improve their lives.
Connected Nation Washington, DC, DC  $     8,277,245 Connect South Carolina (Connect SC) is spearheading a statewide sustainable adoption strategy. Connect SC brings together Connected Nation, the Alliance for Digital Equality and Communications Workers of America to lay the foundation for unprecedented progress in digital literacy and use, the benefits of which will open a world of educational, economic, and social opportunities for South Carolina
Robert W. Woodruff Arts Center, Inc. Atlanta, GA  $     8,367,871 The Project will provide interactive arts education through broadband to preK-12 students and teachers throughout Georgia. This will enable students to use broadband to see, hear, create, and learn visual, musical and performing arts with professionals from the premier arts center in Georgia. This will improve academic performance, create jobs and promote sustainable broadband adoption.
Connected Nation Bowling Green, KY  $     8,485,476 ConnectKentucky is leading a statewide sustainable broadband adoption strategy. Amalgamation of three organizations (Alliance for Digital Equality, Communications Workers of America and Connected Nation along with its wholly owned subsidiary ConnectKentucky) has initiated progress in digital literacy and use, the benefits of which will cultivate educational, social and economic opportunities.
California State University, Fresno Foundation Fresno, CA  $        275,514 The CCCLS will provide computer/on-line employment skills assessment, web-based skills enhancement training, vocational/professional certifications, and job development and counseling for diadvantaged small businesses in one of the nation's poorest regions. It will combine the proven efforts of the ACT Center and the University Business Center off-campus operations.
City of Rancho Cucamonga Rancho Cucamonga, CA  $        277,772 The RC Family Resource Center Community Connections Computer Center project will address the growing need for employment search and support services, as well as educational programs for children and adults. The program will target the low income area of Rancho Cucamonga and consist of workshops, trainings and education opportunities as well as dedicated employment search stations in the facility.
Comanche County Telephone Co., Inc. DeLeon, TX  $        130,160 CCTC plans to open 3 multi-workstation computer centers at company facilities in DeLeon, TX; at OK T&T in Dustin, OK, and at North Texas Telephone Company in Byers, TX. Each of the computer centers will be open to the public. The staffed centers will allow area residents to have access to broadband services, and will serve as anchor locations for training programs and community outreach efforts.
Connect Ohio, LLC Columbus, OH  $     4,512,257 Connect Ohio's Public Computer Center Support Program will increase capacity of existing centers by providing standardized equipment and curriculum, central registration, public outreach, instructor training, administrative oversight, field and technology support. This cohesive program will drive additional capacity and provide a clear path to statewide broadband adoption.
Raven NC, LLC Smithfield, NC  $        788,880 Raven is seeking funding to begin production of its patent-pending hydrophobic lens design for broadband satellite antennas which will significantly reduce weather interference, providing enhanced quality in data signal. The improvement advances the quality of competitive broadband offerings, driving sustained adoption, and stimulating job creation and economic growth.
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA  $        257,998 Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) is proposing to establish a public Mobile Public Computer Center to provide computer equipment and services throughout the Library's 19 neighborhood locations. The mobile lab will provide CLP with the flexibility to expand and promote broadband access to underserved communities throughout the City of Pittsburgh. All services provided by the Library are free.
State of Colorado, Office of Information Technology Denver, CO  $     3,730,740 The Colorado Broadband Promises project takes a multi-pronged approach to build awareness for broadband accessibility and to educate the citizens on how broadband can have a positive effect on important activities such as business growth, health care, and education. The project will use both a mobile vehicle and partnerships with community anchor institutions to extends its reach and success.
Hilbert Communications, LLC Green Bay, WI  $     3,745,440 Hilbert Communications (HC) will partner with rural communities to ensure that low-income residents have access to broadband. Within HC's Funded Service Area, HC will provide each municipality with one free computer and one free broadband service access point for every 50 people with an average income of less than $15,000. Municipalities will be responsible for designating locations.
Alereon, Inc. Austin, TX  $     3,718,942 Broadband enables richer content to users, especially multimedia. The largest, most capable multimedia display in the home is the TV, especially HDTV, which are now in a large number of homes. The program targets use of an HDTV in the home as a monitor using a wireless link called NoWire, which will enhance the broadband experience, and increase the sustained demand for broadband services.
Hilbert Communications, LLC Green Bay, WI  $                  -   Hilbert Communications (HC) will provide rural community anchor institutions with discounted broadband internet service - offering these institutions a 25% discount on HC's already affordable rates. HC is coordinating this project along with its Broadband Infrastructure and Public Computer Center projects.
Berekely, City of (inc) Berkeley, CA  $        686,360 The purpose of this grant application is to secure funds to establish six (6) interconnected Public Access Computer Centers to provide broadband education, awareness, training, access, and equipment to underserved and vulnerable populations in the City of Berkeley. These facilities will be housed at City of Berkeley Senior Centers (3) and City of Berkeley Youth Recreation Centers (3).
City of Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN  $     5,298,236 The City of Minneapolis'innovative Sustainable Adoption program will result in skilled, informed public housing broadband subscribers. This model can be replicated in any of the 3,200 public housing authorities across the United States. Communities can expect to decrease the racial, ethnic and socioeconomic barriers to jobs, skills training, health care, education and citizenship resources.
City of Brownsville/Brownsville Public Library System Brownsville, TX  $        760,500 The Library System is proposing an expansion of the Public computing Center that would allow for an increase from 24 to 100 computers. The Library has partnered with the Brownsville Literacy & United Way to provide BroadBand Access and computers to these community locations.
Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network DBA MAIN Bastrop, TX  $     8,782,319 The Texas Connects Coalition is a comprehensive statewide initiative significantly expanding broadband public computer center capacity in communities across Texas, from large metropolitan areas to very remote rural areas. It will also develop and share best practice models, standard resources and an interactive communications network supporting centers and technology projects.
Southern University Baton Rouge, LA  $   11,182,648 The Southern University Center (SUS) will serve as an anchor institution to expand existing Public Computer Centers based on a hub-and-spoke technology model to provide access to the internet.
Attleboro Housing Authority Attleboro, MA  $        273,000 A resource center serving vulnerable low-income elderly, disabled, unemployed families and children in AHA resident commmunities and individuals participating in member agency programs that support families throughout the Attleboro community. Components include e-learning, training, job searching, living skills development and resource support utilizing broadband access in multiple applications.
Lawndale Business and Local Development Corporation Chicago, IL  $     2,114,885 Lawndale Business & Local Development Corp is asking $2,114,885 for 2 years to enhance 5 public computing centers and create 3 new centers in tandem with Lawndale Community Wireless Network, a 7-year initiative that's bringing digital broadband programming to a neglected metro area. Since 1985, LBLDC has promoted the economic health of Lawndale and provided opportunities for employment training.
CHRISTUS Health Irving, TX  $     1,190,590 Low-income residents of thee Texas metropolitan areas gain access to on-line primary health care and health information. Twenty-seven public computer centers will be created at at public housing, community clinics, and hospitals. A health portal will provide gateway to primary care and health information, supported outreach efforts to encourage public use.
City of El Paso El Paso, TX  $     4,462,380 The Virtual Village project will expand access to a wide range of computer center resources and the Internet to all El Pasoans. Community residents can enter the Pathway to Success pyramid at any point and access the resources that they need: Literacy/Basic Skills, Information Skills Training, Virtual Village, and Small Business Centers.
Newport News Redevelopment & Housing Authority Newport News, VA  $        993,880 The Newport News Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NNRHA) will extend computer access and training across the City of Newport News into eleven NNRHA owned properties. Four of these sites are Boys and Girls Clubs, four sites are senior citizen complexes, one site is used for Girls Incorporated, and two are existing computer centers that will be updated and expanded.
United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corp. Fairfax, VA  $   24,000,000 UNCFSP, an educational assistance organization serving Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and Minority Serving Institutions, will leverage HBCUs as community anchors to increase broadband subscribership within vulnerable communities. The adoption program will serve as the initial phase of UNCFS strategy to increase adoption rates,propelling the community into the 21st century.
Ecumenical Counseling Institute, Inc. Washington DC, DC  $        623,777 ECI works to bring computer access, counseling, education and economic opportunity to all community of the Waldorf MD area through a variety of programs. The project shall involve Career Guidance, Counseling and Information Technology Training CCGIT. The program will carry out Career guidance, Counseling services and Computer Training.
SHILOH DISTRIBUTION CENTER, INC. LEXINGTON, TN  $     2,012,705 These community computer centers will be in rural areas located within city & county-owned facilities, schools, private buildings, churches, nonprofits, etc. The centers will be open to the public for individual broadband use and organized class times - especially focusing on CISCO training and certification curriculum for displaced workers and those looking for career path changes.
William Leonard Public Library District Robbins, IL  $     2,658,135 This project is designed to offer an array of relevant programs and workshops to increase access to broadband and training of computer technology at various levels for all ages uses and persons with or without disabilities: • A computer lab - skills building software • New construction for center • Homework & tutoring • Computer literacy • Employment • Health PSAs
Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, NJ  $     5,400,000 We will implement a low cost, scalable, and sustainable broadband network comprised of 118 municipal senior and congregate nutrition centers in NJ equipped with computers and broadband Internet connections to promote Internet adoption by NJ seniors, and to deliver new Internet-based municipal-sponsored health care services to local seniors.
Monroe County Public Library Bloomington, IN  $        204,545 Monroe County Public Library will renovate a 900-square-foot space in the Main Library to create a 'Lifelong Learning Center" with technology lab and classroom dedicated to broadband access and lifelong learning. With its community partners, the Library will expand job search and career preparation services for adults seeking employment and entrepreneurs.
City of Houston Houston, TX  $     3,124,190 Houston WeCan Sustainable Broadband Adoption Initiative
City of Salem Salem, OR  $          50,450 Salem Public Library will meet a growing demand for connectivity through an increased number of fixed computer stations, laptops for in-library use, and increased speed and capacity for its wireless network. In addition, the project will offer an array of software and training classes to help local job seekers find opportunities, build skills, and navigate online application processes.
The Coordinating and Development Corporation Shreveport, LA  $     1,500,000 The Coordinating and Development, through its Louisiana Partnership for Rural Broadband Connectivity (LPRBC) will implement a program to increase awareness/usage of Broadband to enhance/improve the lives of the Region's citizens in activities such as distant learning, better job opportunities, business to business communications, banking and purchasing online, and accessing government services.
Waukesha County Technical College Pewaukee, WI  $        840,359 Career Connect Success is an innovative proposal offering an advanced physical and virtual Community Computer Center designed to foster a highly skilled workforce earning a sustainable wage, and attract new business in our region. Through the Center, citizens access (thru broadband and computing technology) personalized career assessment, online skills training, and career search assistance.
Tactus Technology Mountain View, CA  $                  -   Tactus Technology requests funds to introduce a revolutionary user interface for mobile broadband devices where transparent, physical buttons rise up out of a flat touch-screen, then disappear into the screen when not required. The buttons are reconfigurable, dynamic, can be in any shape, size, or array such as a keyboard layout. This is particularly valuable for the elderly and the disabled.
BROADBAND RURAL COMMUNITY GROUP LLC RAMSEY, NJ  $        929,861 The BRC proposal includes providing the residents broadband facilities, tools and services. The proposal involves the implementation of Smart Classrooms, Libraries, Public Computer Centers, Mobile Library, and educational content to train and educate the students and residents, which will have an immediate impact on Public Safety, Health Care, Education and spur rapid economic growth.
El Paso Community College El Paso, TX  $     7,880,798 This project will provide a comprehensive menu of services, including refurbished PCs, PC loan/purchases, marketing/outreach, a community portal, computer literacy training, workforce development and training, technology counseling, and small business training. These services complement El Paso's BTOP Track 1 & 2 requests.
Connected Nation Bowling Green, KY  $     7,541,015 The Connect Ohio program targets Ohio's 4.36 million residents who do not subscribe to broadband Internet service in their homes, and brings together Connected Nation, the Alliance for Digital Equality and Communications Workers of America to lay the foundation for unprecedented progress in digital literacy and use, opening a world of educational, economic, and social opportunities for Ohioans.
Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois Champaign, IL  $     2,957,827 UC2B is an intergovernmental consortium of the University of Illinois and the cities of Urbana and Champaign providing fiber-optic broadband connectivity to the community's anchor institutions, fiber-to-the-home connectivity in underserved neighborhoods, improved access/support to public computing centers, and a sustainable adoption and educational outreach program for vulnerable populations.
Broadband Interstate Telecom Services Cumming, GA  $   39,115,192 BITs will implement a main computer technology center and public computerc centers for sustainable adoption in Atlanta, Georgia and Gulfport, MS. In addition, we will deploy 6 other satellite public computer centers in Picayune, MS, Biloxi, MS, Tuskegee, Alabama and Metro Atlanta. These computers center are located in rural unserved and underserved urban areas where connectivity is limited.
Institute for Family Health, Inc. NY, NY  $   10,386,611 Project description not provided.
PAXIO Inc. Santa Clara, CA  $        973,000 The Fiber Advocate program will increase awareness and adoption of open access ultra high speed broadband. Support and resources will be provided to make ultra fast broadband a reality for fiber advocates and their communities. Open access inclusive networks deliver more services, more choices, and lead to faster innovation and greater adoption of broadband. Welcome-IN.
Youth Policy Institute Los Angeles, CA  $     5,115,287 The Family Technology Project will provide 3,000 families in Los Angeles with laptops for their homes and broadband access at no cost after completing a computer literacy class taught by credentialed teachers. An additional 2,240 families will access broadband training materials provided through the program.
UTC Associates, Inc. New York, NY  $     1,394,289 Provide Telemedicine - Virtual Doctor Services using Mobile Phones with video cameras for live streaming.
Pleasantville Housing Authority Pleasantville, NJ  $        507,098 The Pleasantville Housing Authority(PVHA)will continue to build on the success of our Neighborhood Network Lab funded in 2003 and the Community and Supportive Services Resident Self Sufficiency initiatives which began with a 2002 HOPE VI grant. PVHA will expand broadband services to our senior complexes and sustain our NNL center with this funding opportunity. Our current funding ended 9/30/2009.
Mountain Empire Older Citizens, Inc. Big Stone Gap, VA  $        867,734 MEOC's innovative project brings together access/use of broadband technology to improve services to frail elderly or disabled. A variety of technology applications using broadband access will include realtime home health monitoring, telecommuting, telemedicine, electronic medical records and alleviation of social isolationism in an rural area.
TELEPULSE TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION ALEXANDRIA, VA  $     9,768,882 We will put our patented DTMD technology into updated DSL-like broadband equipment. The result ([email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] than 32kft on a single twisted pair) is available to ALL the bundle's wires simultaneously without capital expenditure at a cost ($/Mbps) eventually less than 1/10 of current methods. It effectively eliminates unserved and underserved in the last 1-6 mi.
West Hartford Public Library West Hartford, CT  $        102,906 The Bishops Corner Branch Library will connect to the Town's fiber network, add computers and peripherals, and upgrade software to expand the services and training available to the public with this grant award. A state-funded renovation grant has been awarded to provide for energy conservation, and improved accessibility for the branch; adding this technology will complete the transformation.
21st Century Living, LLC San Diego, CA  $        289,980 DHS WB will provide households within Hacienda Hills access to high speed broadband service via a 'Living Station" computer installed within each home. The Initiative will provide internet access to residents, as well as provide free job-skill training by offering certification programs and office productivity applications by Microsoft and Adobe.
Karakana Communicom, Inc. dba Computerworks of California Inglewood, CA  $        350,000 Emphasize the community access to underserved areas - Free - Educational
Chambers Community Technology Center Colorado Springs, CO  $     1,000,000 Chambers Community Technology Center is requesting grant money to open up a Summer 2009 Public Computer Centers and Sustainable Broadband Adoption in a local disadvantage community in Colorado Springs to service the following patrons: K-12, Elderly, College aged students and people who do not access to the world wide web from home.
City of Alice, Texas Alice, TX  $        103,000 The Alice Public Library Project proposes to upgrade the current public computing workstations at the Alice Public library and branch at Premont, to provide faster operation for all computer tasks, larger screens for better readability and current office software. Upgrading File/Print Servers and network infrastructure will allow faster network connections to cut lag time for end users.
NEW HORIZON CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER, INC DISTRICT HEIGHTS, MD  $     3,000,000 Design, development, and operation of a Multi Class and Multi Speed Wireless Services Network with tech media work skill training and digital media production platforms. These platforms will be used to provide Supplemental Educational Services to "at risk" students to help improve proformance in school and their families members who are in need of job training and placement.
City of Dickinson Dickinson, TX  $          14,326 To aquire or replace computers and software including computer hardware, software and broadband connectivity to serve a larger percentage of the population using the facility toseek services to enable them to provide job aplications, resumes and e-mail for potential employment and other related applications , social networking, research, and other information.
Rapides Parish Police Jury Alexandria, LA  $        310,661 The Rapides Parish Police Jury seeks to bring a higher level of computer access for rural citizens to assist in amplifying the opportunities to increase distance learning, training and career certifications through pre-existing and established small community center venues; and to introduce emerging Broadband technology to its local training and workforce centers.
American Homeowners Foundation Arlington, VA  $        185,000 We will stimulate demand by educating rural I-66 corridor DC commuters who live in the western VA counties of Shenandoah, Warren, Frederick, and Clark about teleworking benefits, existing incentives, and future broadband expansion plans. We will communicate via direct mail, press releases, flyers, and our website. Results will validate potential for similar efforts on major spokes to other cities.
Clarendon Foundation, Inc. Las Vegas, NV  $            8,000 Applicant will provide netbook computers configured for WiFi to public libraries in Hampshire and Morgan Counties, West Virginia. Co-Applicant West Virginia Broadband Cooperative will provide WiFi LAN hardware and free broadband Internet services. Patrons will be able to sign onto a WiFi network that the Cooperative will install at the library either with a checked-out netbook or own computer
Maremel Media, LLC Monrovia, CA  $        853,063 Older adults/seniors broadband learning content (DVD, webinar, live training), provided via a free community-partner local "Train the trainers" program for seniors groups, schools, libraries, and community centers, connecting through community to reduce hesitation and anxiety about using the web and increase its relevance - bridging them into Internet use in the context of their own communities.
Broadband-4-All, Inc. Columbia, SC  $     2,698,030 Drives sustainable broadband adoption by enabling economical, simple and secure delivery of Education, Healthcare, and Energy Management services to the home through a residential gateway that is connected to education, healthcare, and energy service providers over the Internet using existing and expanded fixed-line and wireless broadband telecommunication services.
Elauwit Community Enhancement Foundation LLC Columbia, SC  $   35,104,619 The Elauwit Foundation proposes an integrated approach to increasing broadband access and fostering long-term adoption in vulnerable communities through education, personal achievement and financial gain. The strategy entails WiFi provision for 45,707 households, 287 Public Computer Centers for training and Internet access, plus 4,570 free laptops for early adopters.
BlackBelt Technologies, Inc. Birmingham, AL  $        500,308 The establishment of publicly accessed computing, training, data and development center within Selma, Al. The center will specialize in the delivery of technological access, training and development resources to small to medium business, rural health agencies, public housing authorities, state and local governments. Broadband access will be provide within a 1 mile radius of the facilities.
Greater Harris County 911 Emergency Network Houston, TX  $     4,043,200 Several regionally-appropriate 911 entities have come together to create the Texas Gulf Coast Regional Consortium to deploying a regional Emergency Services IP-enabled Network to serve it's rural, suburban and urban jurisdiction. This consortium includes the Emergemcy Commuication/911 Districts of Greater Harris CO, Galveston CO, Montgomery CO, Brazos CO, and the Houston-Galveston Area Council.
City of Rapid City Rapid City, SD  $        522,400 Expand the current capabilities of the City of Rapid City computer center to enhance public service and public access for the citizens of Rapid City at the City Library and General Beadle School community library. Also provide for a disaster recovery system to backup all city computer systems, in particular the critical functions like public safety, the airport, and police and fire departments.
Somerville Housing Authority Somerville, MA  $        408,450 The Somerville Housing Authority provides housing assistance to low-income families that lack employable skills which impairs their efforts to achieve economic self-sufficiency. The solution, as proposed by this grant request, is to expand existing computer centers, provide comprehensive computer training, and public internet access.
Eutaw, City of Eutaw, AL  $          89,430 Project description not provided.
Navajo NAtion ISP Action INTELEX Farmington, NM  $   21,100,000 NNISP Chapter house community center equipment
Eagle Communications, Inc. Hays, KS  $        596,600 Eagle Communications will outfit a mobile unit with multiple personal computing platforms and regularly travel throughout their footprint. The objective is to provide free-of-charge training and introduction to broadband services and capabilities for residential and commercial users. Eagle Communications shall hire staff to operate the unit and provide training and demonstrations.
Town of Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC  $          70,720 This project adds network switching equipment to a municipal fiber network to provide a highly reliable broadband network environment to support area preparedness and public safety functionality.
21st Century Communications, Inc. Valdosta, GA  $   50,000,000 Collaboration with Project Kick-Start for Broadband Public Computer Center Expansion [William - add description]
Ada Community Library Boise, ID  $          64,500 The Ada Community Library PCC would be created within a new library branch located in an underserved area of Ada County, Idaho, opening in 2010. Providing broadband computer and technology services beyond those currently offered through current locations, the PCC would offer career development, small business resources and computer training accessible to all, including persons with disabilities.
World Cable Inc bayside, NY  $        800,000 Provide Computer resource centers for underserved and minorities. With additional focus on providing resources for english learning and career guidance. In addition provide courses on vocational skills to empower individuals for a meaningful career.
City of Salem Salem, OR  $          80,375 Center 50+ will address unmet demand for Internet connectivity and access to computer classes, particularly classes related to job-seeking. The project will reinvigorate an aging 10-station computer lab with the installation of 25 new workstations and peripherals, improve wireless networking, and support a variety of classes targeted at helping older worker succeed in the workplace.
Trillion Communications Corporation Bessemer, AL  $   14,952,099 The Trillion team is proposing a holistic and innovative approach to reducing disparities by implementing its eCommunity Program in (7) community clusters. To ensure sustainable broadband adoption, eCommunity will first ensure that every household, business and public institution is connected to a broadband infrastructure that is future proof, service provider neutral.
Charity In The Community Chicago, IL  $        984,782 The purpose of the project is to expand programs that build and recover communities by using broadband access as a means of enhancing education, developing a sustaining workforce, creating e-commerce opportunities, and recovering and stabilizing communities. The project's goals are to educate, support, and empower community residents; create jobs, nurture e-commerce, and improved quality of life.
PAXIO Inc. Santa Clara, CA  $        947,000 Provide the City of Brentwood, its residents, businesses, schools and municipal services with access to next generation broadband services. This innovative program will leverage existing infrastructure to create economic development, improve quality of life, enhance connectivity for schools, and establish an open access network for the benefit of service providers and end users alike.
METAMORF Technologies Greenbelt, MD  $   15,000,000 The solution is based on plans to utilize the spectrum of Motorola technologies to integrate over 1000 workstations located at up to 50 District of Columbia public computers locations. The maximization of these current locations is critical to improving workforce, community and economic development efforts because the unemployed are also the underserved.
Commerce Housing Authority of the City of Commerce Commerce, TX  $        873,000 To provide the economically disadvantaged persons in Commerce and surrounding areas equal opportunity access to broadband internet, telephone service, technical support, and educational services.
HLB Morales Padillo & Co. - PSC San Juan, PR  $        847,332 To bring broadband access with a data rate of 30 Mbps (employing Cisco's Mesh and Assistive technology) to 9 rural communities. Also, broadband access will be provided to critical community facilities such as city hall, fire stations and public health clinics. The 9 computer centers will encourage technology use and education by offering digital literacy an basic productivity software trainings.
Jedai Networks Atlanta, GA  $     2,820,575 We are planning to provide, internet and commerce based training to the underserved counties of Georgia. We will further encourage better education, and greater economic growth through high-speed technology awareness and training. The following counties are our targets for this application: Union, Towns, Rabun, Lumpkin, White, Habersham, Stephens, Franklin, Hart, Banks, Hall, Forsyth, Dawson
Nadine Chatman Consulting Firm, LLC Arlington, VA  $        763,325 We will create a website that will offer real time broadband comparisons to help the consumer make an informed choice about the type and quality of services offered. Comparison shopping is the best way for individuals to get the broadband deals by looking at the services available in their area. They can input in their postcode and any preferences they might have to make these informed decisions.
Jedai Networks, Inc. Atlanta, GA  $     3,034,068 We are planning to provide, internet and commerce based training to the underserved counties of Georgia. We will further encourage better education, and greater economic growth through high-speed technology awareness and training. The following counties are our targets for this application: Washington, Jefferson, Burke, Richmond, Glascock, Hancock, Warren, McDuffie, Columbia Taliaferro, Wilkes
Connect Arkansas Little Rock, AR  $     8,759,270 Connect Arkansas, the state's designated lead broadband agency, proposes to utilize a statewide network of public, private and non-profit agencies to assess and address the state's broadband needs amongst many diverse populations. Together with over 20 collaborating partner agencies, Connect's goal is to dramatically increase citizen's use of broadband internet through public computer access.
Jedai Network, Inc. Atlanta, GA  $     1,984,789 We are planning to provide, internet and commerce based training to the underserved counties of Georgia. We will further encourage better education, and greater economic growth through high-speed technology awareness and training. Our targets for this application: Laurens, Johnson, Emanuel Treutlen, Montgomery,Candler,Evans,Tattnall,Appling, Jeff Davis,Toombs,Wheeler,Wayne,Wilcox,Telfair,Dodge
Jedai Network, Inc. Atlanta, GA  $     3,405,702 We are planning to provide, internet and commerce based training to the underserved counties of Georgia. We will further encourage better education, and greater economic growth through high-speed technology awareness and training. Our targets for this application: Turner,Ben Hill, Coffee, Bacon, Wayne, Brantley, Charlton, Ware, Clinch,Ware, Pierce, Atkinson, Lanier, Lowndes, Berrien, Tift, Cook
Jedia Network. Inc. Atlanta, GA  $     2,584,067 We are planning to provide, internet and commerce based training to the underserved counties of Georgia. We will further encourage better education, and greater economic growth through high-speed technology awareness and training. Our targets for this application: Harris, Talbot, Taylor, Macon,Dooly,Crisp,Sumter,Webster,Randolph,Clay,Quitman, Stewart,Webster,Schley,Marion,Chattahooche,Muscogee
San Diego Intranet Project SAN DIEGO, CA  $     1,111,613 We are a minority owned and operated concernt that wants to assist area youth and adults in leveraging broadband technology for academic, professional and and personal enrichment. We plan to provide training which will include resume and job search clinics as well as training on the use of various business office applications. We also plan to provide free wi-fi to people within range of our site.
TAILORED COMPUTER SYSTEMS CORP UPPER MARLBORO, MD  $     5,000,000 TCS Corporation is an Advance Technology Solution Provider (ATSP) who has a blueprint technology-architecture for the 21 century that quickly and efficiently allows individuals to become a skill and competitive laborer for tomorrow technology. They will be able to access pertinent information to make more informed and timely decisions. We have partner with key organization to create a labor force.
JRH Design and Construction Carmel, IN  $     1,500,000 A platform to promote investments in smart grid technologies through the development and distribution of tools and support mechanism which increase functionality, interoperability, and operational efficiency. The project packages will enable measurable improvements for rural utilities, creating jobs in the modernization of our electrical information and broadband systems.
Pluto Technologies, Inc. Carlsbad, CA  $   10,700,000 Pluto will work with several Community College districts to expand their current training programs and provide new service to under served residents of the community. Programs will include job training, computer training, software training, and community development programs. New community centers will be opened to provide free access to low-income, unemployed, and senior residents.
Fuzecore, LLC Pocatello, ID  $        730,000 Proposed wireless mesh network in rural areas located in Northern Utah. FuzeCore will create a ubiquitous wireless network resulting in connectivity for all. Complimentary access available for all at minimum download speeds of 78K and minimum upload speeds of 256K. Tiered options will be available for those needing additional bandwidth; creating the structure for a sustainable network.
McCauley Communications Group, LLC Austin, TX  $        190,822 One of the largest barriers to broadband adoption is perceived lack of relevance by non-Internet and dial-up users. This project seeks to incorporate both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators to increase the perceived value of broadband through intensive practical skills training in digital media content creation for communities with below-average broadband adoption rates.
Finger Lakes Migrant Health Care Project, Inc. Penn Yan, NY  $        580,723 The NY State Community HealthNet will connect community clinics, rural health networks, and rural child headstart programs to create a telehealth-based Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) for the rural, underserved patients, including the largest migrant farmworker population in the State. The Network will support distance-learning and education, creating sustainable broadband adoption.
Finger Lakes Migrant Health Care, Inc. Penn Yan, NY  $        610,506 The NYS Community Digital Innovations Program proposes to implement one public computer center hub and one mobile computer center that will promote computer and broadband literacy in rural and migrant farmworker communities in the State. It will bring the benefits of computer and broadband adoption to the rural residents through learning applications targeted to age-specific groups.
SLB Radio Productions, Inc. PITTSBURGH, PA  $        275,000 This project uses Internet Radio as a driver for broadband adoption as well as community expression and connectedness. We propose to work with the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh to create community radio stations for two public housing developments, train youth to program/operate the stations, and distribute Internet radio devices to residents so that listening via broadband is easy.
Flint Hills Technical College Emporia, KS  $     3,192,976 FHTC, Adult Education Center & WorkForce Center, Emporia, KS are working to create public computing centers to provide broadband access. The public & students will apply for jobs, learn skills, access career information, do video conferences & job interviews, take classes & certification exams using the center. These activities will be facilitated by the KansasWorks office moving to the campus.
HLB Morales Padillo & Co. - PSC San Juan, PR  $        749,225 A tailored broadband awareness campaign that will use regional radio, newspaper, television, web resources, technology summer camps, advertisement and a publication dedicated only to this initiative. The process will take in consideration schooling levels, employment sources, and population distribution. Effectiveness will be monitored through specially designed polls using mixed media.
Corsicana Public Library (City of Corsicana) Corsicana, TX  $          54,009 In order to improve high speed internet access by customers of the library, the computer center will be expanded from 14 public PCs to 20. New computer equipment, software, switches, and furniture will enhance the customer experience in the computer center, which will be reorganized to insure that all computers are easily accessible. Training will be offered monthly to computer center customers.
Reality Technology, Inc. Denver, CO  $        520,973 The RTI Small Business Technology Center provides economically challenged businesses with access to business resources in a mentoring environment. The center is located in a Hubzone and is operated and maintained by Reality Technology, Inc. The principals of Reality Technology hold Master and Bachelor degrees in Information Technology and are certified candidates of the SBA 8a program.
Downtown Community Television Center, Inc. New York, NY  $        384,250 As part of DCTV's ongoing mission to broaden access to media creation tools, we intend to launch a three-fold initiative to promote high-speed Internet access. By teaching local computer literacy classes for seniors, expanding our acclaimed youth program, and creating an online media class to reach beyond New York and into rural areas, DCTV will widen its impact to new underserved populations.
Siva Systems Inc. Somerset, NJ  $     3,824,000 To set up a series of Broadband Public Computer Centers which will be training centers acting as a catalyst for education, information and knowledge. These centers are a gateway for students, unemployed adults, children, seniors and vulnerable citizens in finding employment, improving health care, self and community awareness.
North Charleston Housing Authority North Charleston, SC  $        200,000 The North Charleston Housing Authority (NCHA) will provide training and services to over 200 low income clients. the center will offer training, tutoring, open hours and other programs.
The Research Foundation of SUNY Albany, NY  $   30,000,000 The New York State 'Bridging the Cyberspace Divide" (NYS-BCD) is a statewide industry, university and government partnership. Its mission to deploy the most comprehensive cloud computing training, & government service delivery in the country
Housing Authority of the City of Wilson Wilson, NC  $        200,000 The Milo L. Gibbs, Jr. Resource Center will be set up as a computer center that will provide computer usage and training to our clients. The computer center will be designed to assist 200-300 low income clients within the Housing Authority jurisdiction.
Siskiyou County Economic Development Council Yreka, CA  $        909,000 Project description not provided.
City of Greensburg Greensburg, KY  $          75,000 The Post-Secondary Education and Entrepreneur Center will house a public computer center for area residents to use for online classes, internet access, and preparation of business plans, resumes, homework for classes, and other tasks. Post-Secondary Center will work with workforce development and higher education institutions for access to services and resources and computer access is critical.
SIVA SYSTEMS INC SOMERSET, NJ  $     2,920,000 To create broadband awareness among general public through various programs including but not limited to speeches, webinars, training classes, computer rental, loaner laptops/computers etc., utilizing vehicles with mobile broadband computers, there by leading general public to higher broadband adoption rates.
Faith in Action Community Connection Ellsworth, ME  $          35,000 We are partnering with the Downeast Family YMCA to operate a Senior Center in the recently closed middle school building in Ellsworth. The YMCA will operate their childcare programs there, while Faith in Action operates programs for seniors in the same building, sharing some space. We will offer computer classes for senior and broadband access that can also be used by children and families.
NorCal TeleHealth San Jose, CA  $        623,520 An affordable telemedicine solution that enables medical specialists and remote emergency responders to interact in the triage of time-critical medical emergencies including stroke and cardiovascular events. Designed with a flexible architecture this solution overcomes the technology and financial limitations of existing solutions and extends the reach of advanced medical care to the underserved
Utah Transit Authority Salt Lake City, UT  $     1,950,000 Purchase and install an interoperable broadband wireless system for commuter rail between Salt Lake and Provo, Utah and potential light light rail lines. This infrastructure would integrate with existing wireless broadband for a seamless user experience.
Kings Canyon Unified School DIstrict Reedley, CA  $   22,811,027 Kings Canyon USD and the City of Reedley will develop 6 Public Computer Centers that will be free and accessible to families/employees in California's impoverished Central Valley. Computer Centers will be created in Reedley, Orange Cove & Mendota. A specialized computer center will be created at Break the Barriers in Fresno, which serves thousands of able bodied and disabled individuals.
White Plains Landmark, LLC White Plains, MD  $     5,482,502 Landmark Real Estate Center (LREC) is requesting funding to complete construction of a state of the art public computer center in White Plains, Maryland. The BTOP funding will be used to build out the center, acquire broadband related equipment, intrumentation, networking capabilities, hardware and software and digital network technology for a broadband facility open to the public.
Reality Technology, Inc. Denver, CO  $        508,320 Reality Technology provides small business learning.
Financial Education and Economic Transformation Center Aurora, CO  $     1,500,000 This project is an education program intended to promote broadband demand and affordability by providing improved broadband access to consumers in underserved areas and providing Financial Literacy education, for K-12 youth and educators in after-school programs, with broadband access, equipment and support to community anchor institutions and vulnerable populations in Colorado.
JAZZ SEMICONDUCTOR, INC. Newport Beach, CA  $   10,821,688 Fabrication of a SiGe 500 GHz chip enabling fast Broadband, to be integrated into BB Boxes. The Boxes will be installed at households of 1,000 beneficiaries of vulnerable population, ages 17-28 with secondary education, bundled with distance learning Portal and virtual classes, to equip them with a much needed Certification of Broadband Specialists.
Harris County, Texas Houston, TX  $        861,805 Project to upgrade T1 lines at 10 libraries and 2 community centers with broadband, upgrade LAN capacity, replace PCs that are too old, and upgrade Internet gateway to support the new broadband. Improved capacity will permit the number of PCs to be increased, and each site will have a mobile laptop classroom, enabling use of meeting rooms as computer training classrooms.
Southern Vermont Health & Recreation Center Foundation, Inc. Springfield, VT  $     4,048,800 The EdgarMay Health and Recreation Center together with our regional partners Springfield Hospital, and Vermont Telephone Company Inc will create a rural society of wellness in Southern Vermont that will be a national model. Our healthcare broadband computer center model will create sustainable infrastructure for easy access and transfer of health and preventative care information.
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Akwesasne, NY  $        594,307 The technical proposal for the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe is centered on identifying and constructing the facilities to (1) provide connection for two major regional fiber rings, (2) interconnect with outside carriers for connectivity to regional and national providers and (3) provide data communications for both inter and intra reservation interests.
Geisinger Clinic Danville, PA  $     8,422,861 Geisinger is committed to an eICU program to serve rural Pennsylvania hospitals. Comprised of a central Command Center staffed by intensivists, the eICU bridges the needs gap in areas with shortages of intensivists by distantly managing patients (via 10 Mbps Ethernet point-to-point lines). This care model can reduce mortality, save costs, and help ensure that community hospitals remain viable.
All Indian Pueblo Council - Ohkay Owingeh Albuquerque, NM  $        800,000 Deployment of a mobile public computer center with broadband connectivity servicing all New Mexico Pueblo Indian Tribes. The mobile computer center will travel to all nineteen New Mexico Pueblo Indian Tribes and the offices of the All Indian Pueblo Council. Work stations with broadband connectivity will be provided for community use. Computer classes and other classes will be provided.
All Indian Pueblo Council - Ohkay Owingeh Albuquerque, NM  $     5,949,460 Deployment of Cisco HealthPresence broadband technology to support health imaging, digital records and broadband communications at New Mexico Pueblo tribal health facilities. Deployment of a mobile Cisco HealthPresence clinic to provide broadband health imaging, support of modern medical services, digital records and broadband communications at all nineteen New Mexico Pueblo Tribes.
City of Anniston Anniston, AL  $        200,000 At the Library, this project will expand the existing Public Computer Center with notebook computers and add mobile teleconference equipment. At the Museum, equipment will be purchased to enable virtual tours of the Museum as well as provide teleconference capabilities. Both anchor sites will provide various levels of training.
Municipality of Cayey Cayey, PR  $        160,000 To expand public access to broadband service at remote communities in the Municipality of Cayey. To enhance broadband capacity to allow the public to use computing centers for education, employment, economic develpment and others. To provide broadband access and training to community institutions, for example, schools and libraries that serve vulnerable population.
Pennsylvania Prison Society Philadelphia, PA  $     1,200,000 The Broadband in Prison Project will expand broadband technology access to largely unserved inmates at five Philadelphia jails. By creating and staffing five computer labs, this Project will train 1000 incarcerated individuals each year so they will be able to learn computer literacy, conduct Internet job searches and discover how to access community-based social service and educational resources.
Philadelphia Housing Authority Philadelphia, PA  $     2,376,669 Digital Philadelphia will create Multi-systemic Public Access Computer Technology (MPACT) Centers to provide broadband digital resources and programs for education, employment, and health to underserved communities in Philadelphia, PA. The Philadelphia Housing Authority will lead a group of partners, including libraries, recreation centers, community based organizations, and homeless shelters.
TAILORED COMPUTER SYSTEMS CORP UPPER MARLBORO, MD  $     4,500,000 TCS Corporation is an Advance Technology Solution Provider (ATSP) who has a blueprint technology-architecture for the 21 century that quickly and efficiently allows individuals to become a skill and competitive laborer for tomorrow technology. They will be able to access pertinent information to make more informed and timely decisions. We have partner with key organization to create a labor force.
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Akwesasne, NY  $     1,221,633 The technical proposal for the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe is centered on identifying and constructing the facilities to (1) provide connection for two major regional fiber rings, (2) interconnect with outside carriers for connectivity to regional and national providers and (3) provide data communications for both inter and intra reservation interests.
Capital City Table Tennis Association Washington, DC  $     3,700,000 Design, development, and operation of a Multi Class and Multi Speed Wireless Services Network with tech media work skill training and digital media production platforms. Use of this broadband network and its tech media and digital media production platforms to provide poor families and children with the socio-economic resources, the know-how, and opportunities.
Operation HOPE, Inc Los Angeles, CA  $     3,602,989 The Broadband Access and Enhancement Project is designed to upgrade the hardware, connectivity and systems used in 6 existing financial literacy centers in CA, DC, and NY; as well as to open a new center in New Orleans, LA.
Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania, Inc. Harrisburg, PA  $        930,000 The Pennsylvania United - Sustainability and Adoption Project is designed to increase the number of households with computers to increase the pool of potential broadband buyers, to increase regional broadband purchasing power to attract and maintain sustainable broadband infrastructure investment.
Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association Norcross, GA  $        700,000 LISTA Programs focus on working in communities to build technology awareness, strengthen technology skills in traditionally underserved communities, develop the next generation of Latino technology professionals and technology business owners. LISTA's programs include technology-oriented humanitarian missions, La Familia Technology Week, the L2 Initiative teaching people simple technology skills
Columbia Housing Authority Columbia, MO  $        641,859 The CHA Neighborhood Networks Computer Literacy Centers will provide over 1,000 public housing residents with computer access and training to help close the technology gap that creates a barrier to family self-sufficiency, employment, school success, and access to vital health and human services. Three centers will be upgraded and 3 new centers created to increase access. All centers will be c
The Valley Garden Activities Center, Inc Huntsville, CA  $          57,400 This project will enhance the (Valley Garden Activities Center, Inc.) Community Network Learning Center located in Huntsville, Alabama by up-grading equipment and installation of wireless connectivity. Broadband access will be made available to the vulnerable populations residing in Huntsville. Located geographically in an economically depressed area of the city, the Community Network Learning Cen
Pluto Technologies Inc. Carlsbad, CA  $   14,950,000 Pluto will work with sever Community College districts to expand their current training programs and provide new service to under served residents of the community. Programs will include job training, computer training, software training, and community development programs. New community centers will be opened to provide free access to low-income, unemployed, and senior residents.
The Society for Internet Advancement of Orange County Santa Ana, CA  $     2,391,200 Our mission is to put rural small business and entrepreneurial motivation to work using broadband services and internet technologies. Reaching into underserved areas with limited opportunities to launch new internet-based business ventures, our program creates a 'bright spot' of hope by providing a bundle of technical, business and marketing services to rural businesses.
Kennedy King College Chicago, IL  $     4,300,000 KKC and SRB Communications propose to increase access to technology-based learning for underserved populations. Activities will expand and enhance development of skills, and aptitudes through online coursework and teleccourses aired on college-owned PBS station WYCC. The broadband reach will help students achieve academic credit and professional development that will empower future generations.
Sewireless Lagrange, GA  $          50,000 To develop an existing program to help students achieve educational equality, and develop managerial and technical capabilities through distance learning technology. In our remote, poverty-stick en, culturally-diverse communities broadband access is exactly what's needed to continue and expand our social-economic development program.
Miami County Medical Center Paola, KS  $        141,116 This preoject seeks toimprove the speed and efficiency of connectivity through the application and upgrading of T-1 lines between Olathe Medical Center and Miami County Medical Center and replace DSL lines for connectivity with 8 rural cllinics and 1 outpatient rehab facility serving the rural populations of Linn, Franklin and Miami County (Kansas)
Columbia Housing Authority Columbia, MO  $        977,211 'Equal Access for All" will provide free wireless broadband service to Columbia Housing Authority residents. Computer literacy training will help close the technology gap that creates a barrier to family self-sufficiency, employment, school success, and access to vital health and human services. Residents will receive training and access to computers with a virtual desktop system providing trainin
Linden Free Public Library Linden, NJ  $          17,696 With the construction of our new public library, we want to offer the most up-to-date technology possible. To that end, we are looking for any and all help to defray the costs to offer this service, which today is a necessity.
Lemongrass Consulting, Inc. Locust Grove, GA  $     1,936,000 The proposed Community Technology Center in New Ellington, South Carolina will include high speed broadband; 20 workstations for public access and use; computer repair and recycling; a classroom for technology training; and a small business incubator focusing on the Information Technology (IT) trade. The center will be available for a mix of uses including health education.
Sisterhood Agenda, Inc. Newark, NJ  $     1,119,131 The USVI Broadband Access Project will serve as a model program to increase computer use and connect rural communities in the Virgin Islands to the rest of the world, effectively serving those who are unserved and underserved. The USVI Broadband Access Project makes it possible to access computers and achieve affordable, widespread access to broadband Internet access.
The Atlanta Fisk Club Inc Duluth, GA  $        500,000 The Technology and Arts Network (TAAN) is a program that will focus on combining the current programs of the Atlanta Fisk Club with technology to broaden the perspective of youth who are technologically under served. We also plan to introduce, cultivate and youth to the rich history and of the arts and culture to increase interest in the use of technology and appreciation of the arts.
TEV Enterprises Hinsdale, IL  $     1,947,000 One compelling reason for sustainable broadband adoption is to provide emergency & community messages to support safety, health and welfare. We seek funding to develop and distribute software for broadband-connected PCs to receive broadcast emergency alerts, 'all clear" messages, Support Services (Emergency Responders, Military, Utilities...) messages and community information.
Housing Authority of the City of Rock Island Rock Island, IL  $        176,695 RIHA is expanding its Neighborhood Network Center sites to include robust educational and employment opportunities for residents of its four low-income public housing sites to improve access to and opportunity for self-sufficiency.
RIdgaway Philips Company Spring House, PA  $     2,013,500 BT via implementation of real-time medical communication for nurses of 1,000+ medically vulnerable home care patients & implementation of EHR. Most patients are children or at risk maternity clients on Medicaid. The grant will provide training & close the loop facilitating real-time communication among physicians, caregivers, case managers, insurance companies & patients & create doctor portals.
Miami County Medical Center Paola, KS  $        436,671 This project seeks to improve the speed and efficiency of connectivity through the application and upgrading of T-1 lines between Olathe Medical Center and Miami County Medical Center and replace DSL lines for connectivity with 8 rural clinics and 1 outpatient rehab facility serving the rural populations of Linn, Franklin and Miami counties in Kansas.
Miami County Medical Center Paola, KS  $        743,650 This project seeks to improve the speed and efficiency of connectivity through the application and upgrading of T-1 lines between Olathe Medical Center and Miami County Medical Center and replace DSL lines for connectivity with 8 rural clinics and 1 outpatient rehab facility serving the rural populations of Linn, Miami and Franklin counties in Kansas.