Netbiscuits Mobile Web Developer Contest - Developer Contests

What is Netbiscuits? Netbiscuits operates a B2B web software platform for development, publishing and advertising in the Mobile Internet. The Mobile Web Developer contest is open to developers of any application made using the Netbiscuits platform. Share your vision of the Mobile Internet and create your own mobile websites, portals, communities, games, download centers, video channels, shops, campaigns, or landing pages. You’re free to do anything you like, as long as it's tailored to mobile and based on Netbiscuits.

Contest registration and entry period:
Deadline for entry is October 15th 2008. Enter by registering for a trial Netbiscuits account at

Michael Neidhöfer, CEO of Netbiscuits, and Eliot Weinman, President of Trendsmedia, Yankee Group's events and publishing division, will head the jury. The advisory board will be staffed with experts and executives from Netbiscuits and other leading Mobile Web companies and agencies like Yahoo!, Ebay, Cisco, Nokia Interactive etc.

Prize: The 6 best Mobile Websites will win prizes worth more than 40.000 USD.

Netbiscuits Mobile Web Developer Contest - Developer Contests