Omnilink Systems

Company name: Omnilink Systems
Where it's based: Alpharetta, Ga.
When it was founded: 2003
Year it was a Fierce 15: 2007

Why it was a Fierce 15: Omnilink Systems was a pioneer in a relatively new industry segment: vital status solutions, or VSS. The firm used a combination of GPS, cellular technology, RFID and situation-specific sensors to monitor the vital status of people and things that can move. In one of its more innovative applications, Omnilink worked with Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems to provide electronic monitoring of offenders. The firm was also selected by Sprint Nextel to be part of the carrier's Advanced Wireless Solutions program, which provided business customers with end-to-end mobility solutions. Click here for more.

What has happened since it was awarded the Fierce 15: Omnilink remains active in the tracking space. The company has worked with AT&T and Vodafone and is trying to finalize an agreement with Verizon Wireless.

Omnilink Systems