Omnilink Systems - Top Wireless Company 2007: FierceWireless, Fierce 15

Fierce 15 Winner

Based: Alpharetta, GA
Founded: 2003

Why it's Fierce: Omnilink Systems is a pioneer in a relatively new industry segment—vital status solutions, or VSS. The firm uses a combination of GPS, cellular technology, RFID, and situation-specific sensors to monitor the vital status of people and things that can move. In one of its more innovative applications, Omnilink is working with the Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems to provide electronic monitoring of offenders. Specifically, Omnilink's advanced forward link trilateration is used to track and monitor offenders in real-time, even when they're are inside buildings or on buses or trains. The technology allows the offenders to be monitored and it ensures their compliance and accountability per the requirements of the judicial system.

The firm was also selected by Sprint to be part of the carrier's Advanced Wireless Solutions program, which provides business customers with end-to-end mobility solutions. Recently, Omnilink was awarded the 2007 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Mobile Vital Status Solutions.

What to look for: Omnilink recently hired Steve Hudson as its vice president of business development. Hudson was an eight-year veteran of Sprint, where he rose to senior manager of strategic business development. We expect Hudson will help Omnilink development relationships with other operators and will help the firm gain more visibility with its VSS applications.

Omnilink Systems - Top Wireless Company 2007: FierceWireless, Fierce 15