Palm's Santa's Gone Centro - Holiday Commercials

In this Palm Centro ad that is the first in a series, Santa Claus gets a Palm Centro as a gift and undergoes a radical transformation into a hip new character who likes to simply be called, "Claüs." The ad makes the case that by getting a Palm Centro--for as low as $49.99 the end of the ad proclaims--you, too, can be hip and with it with a snazzy little smartphone of your own. Though the appeal of the phone seems to be transformation via osmosis, it is long enough to showcase some of the features of the phone, including GPS, a camera and instant messaging. Although Palm itself is hoping Santa can bring it its own transformation, the ad is a hit.

Aesthetics: A
Effectiveness: B+

Overall Grade:A-

This Santa-Centro ad is not as effective as its predecessor, which used some of the footage from this second one. While hitting the "Centro makes you hipper" trope again by placing "Claüs" among the 18-29 demographic and reminding customers that the phone is an upgrade from parchment, the commercial does not really give any clue as to what makes the Centro so great, except to remind customers at the end about its features, which are standard on most smartphones.
Aesthetics: B+
Effectiveness: B

Overall Grade: B

Again, more of the same shtick. This one hits the trope in a more specific way that is probably familiar to most smartphone users or potential smartphone users: taking a picture and emailing it to a friend; in this case, it's a miniature dog "Claüs" gives to the valet who is tasked with parking his reindeer. The image sticks in your mind a little longer, but the effectiveness leaves something to be desired. 
Aesthetics: A-
Effectiveness: B

Overall Grade: B+

Palm's Santa's Gone Centro - Holiday Commercials