Peggy Johnson

Executive vice president of the Americas and India for Qualcomm

As a long-time Qualcomm employee, Peggy Johnson continues to thrive and innovate at this high-tech wireless firm. Johnson hails from a large family (she's one of 15 siblings), which she credits for her ability to get along with others.

After joining Qualcomm in 1989 as a software engineer, Johnson quickly moved up the ranks. She is probably best-known for her tenure as the president of the high-profile Qualcomm Internet Services and MediaFLO Technologies division, where she helped develop BREW and other solutions including QChat and UIOne. While overseeing BREW, Johnson was credited for her team's ability to develop solid relationships with carriers around the world--no small feat.

In January 2008, Johnson was part of a Qualcomm restructuring and was named executive vice president of the Americas and India, where she is responsible for driving the adoption of 3G wireless broadband in those areas. She is also a member of Qualcomm's executive committee.

In her new position, we expect Johnson to use her talents for developing partnerships and creating alliances to help increase Qualcomm's reputation as a wireless broadband enabler.

Peggy Johnson