Peter Chou, CEO of HTC - Execs to Watch 2009

Why you need to watch him:   

It was a good year for HTC and Peter Chou. HTC was the muscle behind the first phone powered by Google's Android platform, the T-Mobile G1. The Taiwanese handset maker also saw many of the Tier 1 operators pick up its Touch Pro smartphone and other high-end handsets running on Windows Mobile.

The company had a strong year in terms of sales, and is expecting 20 percent growth in 2009. The question is: What's next for Chou and HTC? How much he decides to push the company into the U.S. market, especially in the smartphone segment, will probably help determine HTC's fate in the coming year.

HTC's decision to acquire the design firm One & Co. signaled that it intended to remain focused on the stylish form factor that has come to characterize many of its popular phones in the U.S. market, like the Touch Diamond. And if the recent product launches and leaked 2009 product list are any indication, the company plans on bringing more smartphones to the United States in 2009.

The company, and Chou, are in prime position to the make a bold move and garner more U.S. market share. HTC seems to have a very amicable relationship with all of the major U.S. carriers. If Chou decides to increase HTC's presence in North America, there is potential for significant growth.   

Peter Chou, CEO of HTC - Execs to Watch 2009