Company name: PictureIQ
Where it's based: N/A
When it was founded: 1998
What year it was a Fierce 15: 2003
Website: N/A

Why it was a Fierce 15: A spin-off of Adobe Systems, PictureIQ was a Fierce 15 winner because of its server technology that allowed enhanced static pictures and multimedia animations across different networks. The company had a partnership with Nokia to help it improve the imaging portion of its MMS system. Click here for more.

What has happened since it was awarded the Fierce 15: In late 2003, PictureIQ sold its intellectual property to Kodak subsidiary Ofoto and laid off its employees. In an article in the Puget Sound Business Journal, CEO Tom Hull said that the company was ahead of its time, and the market for its applications didn't materialize in North America and Europe.