Based: San Diego, CA

Founded: 2005

Why it’s Fierce: The broadband wireless world brings a new set of challenges for operators. If chips are going to be embedded in a plethora of devices, ranging from laptops to music players, then how can operators bill and account for them? Will there be a subscription for one device or a group of devices? Will people be charged by various tiers of service? New services such as VoIP, streaming video and telemetry require some extensive bandwidth optimization. Those are exactly the challenges that Proximetry is tackling. The company’s software solution, AirSync, is a comprehensive performance and network management tool that enables operators, public safety, and energy and transportation organizations to provision and manage performance in the network. Proximetry’s technology allows proper management of devices, users and applications--plus network operators have control over wireless network traffic, including real-time bandwidth optimization for VoIP, video and other data-intensive services.

The recent additions of wireless telecom veterans Anthony Thornley, retired president and COO of Qualcomm, to the board of directors and Carlton O’Neal, former vice president of marketing at Alvarion, as vice president of marketing and business development, has to make you think that Proximetry has got something here.

What to look for: The rapid proliferation of wireless broadband networks will generate great demand for Proximetry’s core technologies.