Qualcomm’s Durga Malladi

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Qualcomm’s Durga Malladi
Durga Malladi

Durga Malladi is senior vice president of engineering for Qualcomm, and he’s got a front-row seat to the future of wireless.

Today Malladi leads much of the research work at Qualcomm, a company that has long been among the leading innovators in the wireless industry. Specifically, Malladi oversees the 5G and 4G cellular projects in Qualcomm Research, work that spans everything from millimeter-wave backhaul to shared spectrum access to IoT operations and Cellular Vehicular Communications (C-V2X). In addition, he heads the Systems Engineering department in Qualcomm Research.

Malladi rose to his position after putting almost two decades of work into Qualcomm, starting first as an engineer and then leading the company’s work in 4G LTE-Advanced technology (a technology that is being deployed today to reach speeds of up to 1 Gbps).

Malladi’s achievements range from Qualcomm’s IP Excellence Award to the company’s Distinguished Contributor Award, but perhaps Malladi’s most impressive statistic is his 248 U.S. patents.

Qualcomm often relies on Malladi to represent the company at industry trade shows and public events, and it’s clear why: Malladi is able to traverse topics ranging from 5G to V2X with ease, going both deep and broad in a way that both engineers and nonengineers can understand. But perhaps most importantly for Qualcomm, Malladi can explain how technologies work as well as why they are important—and where they might be used in the future.

Qualcomm’s Durga Malladi