Rajant - wireless startups - Fierce 15 2011

 Fierce 15Rajant - Fierce 15
Where it's based: Malvern, Pa. 
When it was founded: 2002
Website: www.rajant.com

Why it's Fierce: The growth in mobile broadband is both a blessing and a curse for wireless operators. The increase in data revenues has certainly helped grow the bottom line but the resulting network capacity constraints have operators clamoring to find solutions to keep their networks from being overloaded with data traffic.
Rajant has developed an interesting data offload solution that it believes will help operators resolve some of these problems. The company offers what it calls a Kinetic Mesh Network, which is used extensively by the government, the military and mining operations to gain connectivity in rough terrain.

Rajant's solution incorporates battery-powered wireless access nodes that enable voice and data communications across a meshed, self-healing network. The equipment is able to use multiple networks such as Wi-Fi, private government bands and commercial spectrum ranging from the 350 MHz band to the 6 GHz band (including non-mobile frequencies) and create one unified network that can hop from channel to channel when a network node fails or interference is present.

But the company doesn't use software-defined radios. Instead, it incorporates a switch that aggregates different frequencies.

Users can connect to the network using any Wi-Fi-enabled device including laptops, GPS units, IP cameras and more.

Rajant was co-founded by CEO Bob Schena, who has a history of launching successful startups. Schena co-founded Airclic, a wireless application and scanning company that was acquired by Motorola and Symbol Technologies. Rajant investors include the Department of Defense, Battelle Ventures, Ben Franklin Technology Partners and Innovation Valley Partners.

What's next: Rajant is talking to wireless operators interested in offloading data traffic. Many telecom players are touring the company's testing facility in Arizona to learn more about how the company's mesh network works.

Rajant - wireless startups - Fierce 15 2011