Realmac Software - 2012 Rising Stars of Mobile Development

Realmac SoftwareName: Realmac Software
Founded: 2006
Platform(s): iOS, Mac
Noted for: Clear

Realmac Software focuses solely on products for Apple devices. Previously the company focused on photo and Web design software for the desktop. Earlier this year Realmac released its first iOS app, Clear, a simple, easy-to-use list making app and one of our Top Apps of February 2012.

This week, Realmac created a version of Clear for Macs, but the fact that its mobile app came first could be a sign of something bigger. For one, Realmac has already sold over 600,000 copies of Clear, a huge feat for essentially a three-man operation. "We want to bring Clear to the iPad, but nothing to announce right now," the company tweeted. The most recent update to Clear touts iCloud syncing, quote sharing, quick list switching and the ability to create tasks in Clear via other apps, such as Launch Center Pro.

What's next: Dan Counsell, Realmac's founder and director, told BusinessInsider, "I can tell you that the future of Clear is already meticulously mapped out and we have some truly amazing things planned for the next 12 months."

Realmac Software - 2012 Rising Stars of Mobile Development