Based: Israel

Founded: 1997

Why it’s Fierce: It seems like Runcom came from nowhere last year, but the OFDMA base station and device chip maker quickly made a name for itself by scoring deals with Alcatel Lucent and Nortel. The company has a load of intellectual property around OFDMA and has pioneered several OFDMA silicon solutions since 2000. Runcom appears to be a key part of Nortel’s WiMAX strategy. Late last year, the vendor, which is spending some big bucks on WiMAX, struck a deal with Runcom for MIMO chipsets. Recently, the two entered into the commercial phase of their agreement to include Runcom’s MIMO-based RNA200 chipset as part of Nortel’s end-to-end WiMAX solutions. Sprint has already chosen Samsung , ZTE Corporation and ZyXEL to provide various end-user WiMAX products based on Runcom's silicon solutions.

What to look for: Look for Runcom and Beceem to move far ahead of the pack in the mobile WiMAX market.