Samsung i7500 (Galaxy) – A guide to Android

Samsung i7500 (Galaxy)
Announced: April 27, 2009
Carrier: O2 Germany
Vendor: Samsung
Price: $87.25 on contract

Pros: The phone runs the basic Android operating system, but Greengart said that the key differentiator for Samsung's first Android phone is its "premium hardware," especially the gadget's 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen display.

Cons: Bajarin said the form factor disappointed him, as did the button layout, which reminded him of a feature phone with its emphasis on scrolling up and down and left and right. Further, he said, Samsung hasn't added much in the way of customization for the user experience. The device "proves the point that [Samsung] is taking existing assets and putting in Android because the market wants it," he said. "They haven't thought how to be different."

Impact: Jackson said Samsung traditionally doesn't focus closely on software. However, he said the shift in the industry toward an emphasis on software will not go unnoticed at the world's second largest handset maker. "This is the last Google-centric vanilla phone you'll see from Samsung," he said. "They'll bring their prolific heritage to bear with Android. ... HTC and Motorola will not alone for long in customized handset devices."

Samsung i7500 (Galaxy) – A guide to Android