Saygus VPhone

saygus vphone

The Saygus VPhone launched in 2009 with grand ambitions. It was to be the first two-way video calling phone, powered by Android, and it was to be the first phone to travel through Verizon Wireless' Open Development Initiative.

But today the phone still remains in limbo. Though Saygus in August confirmed to that it was still in business, that its gadget had passed through Verizon's ODI process, and that it would begin selling its VPhone "soon," the phone still remains MIA. Saygus' website is operational, and offers a look at the VPhone, but there is no way to purchase the device.

Further, the VPhone has been overtaken by events. Android is ubiquitous, and video calling has been mainstreamed by the likes of FaceTime from Apple, Skype and other wireless video-calling service providers. Even if the VPhone hits the market, it would likely be lost among high-end LTE phones, Android Ice Cream Sandwich phones and other such products.

Saygus VPhone