SayHi - 2012 Rising Stars of Mobile Development

SayHiName: SayHi
Founded: 2011
Platform(s): iOS
Noted for: SayHi Translate

SayHi is a voice translator built for mobile and to be used on-the-go with alleged 95 percent accuracy. Users speak or type into their phone, select from one of 33 languages and dialects and the phone will repeat the phrase in the selected language. The app also touts sharing and editing capabilities, allowing users to send translated messages via Facebook, Twitter, email or text message.

The translation technology powering SayHiTranslate was invented in-house by SayHi's three-man team. In its first month, the app translated over 10 million phrases and later peaked at the sixth spot in the App Store's top 10 paid apps. SayHi originally concentrated on providing translation services for enterprise customers and hospitals, but this year it made a push towards consumers. That's a pretty big feat for a self-funded startup whose direct competition includes Google Translate.

The developers at SayHi show a lot of promise and could succeed by licensing language APIs to other companies or by developing additional apps tailored to specific languages or regions.

What's next: SayHi released SayHi Translate 2.0 earlier this year with a host of new features including the ability to adjust the speed of translations. CEO Lee Bossio told PandoDaily, "We have plenty of money to plan and grow from this point, when all of our previous planning was done on scraps. We also know that taking VC money opens an alternate path for the company, away from our plans. We are debating whether we want to take that leap or not."

SayHi - 2012 Rising Stars of Mobile Development