Scopely - 2012 Rising Stars of Mobile Development

ScopelyName: Scopely
Founded: 2011
Platform(s): Android, iOS, Facebook
Noted for: Dice With Buddies, Jewels With Buddies

The mobile social gaming space is fiercely competitive, with larger companies like Zynga (NASDAQ:ZNGA) and GREE dominating the lion's share of top downloads. However, there's still room for a newcomer to unseat one of the top dogs.

Social gaming firm Scopely could be the one to do it. The startup made headlines earlier this year when it offered new hires $11,000 wrapped in bacon and a commissioned oil portrait. The company launched its first two games, Dice with Buddies and Jewels With Buddies, earlier this year and has secured $8.5 million in funding to date.

Last month, the company followed up with Bubble Galaxy with Buddies, another social game with an interesting marketing strategy: Scopely said it would donate one gallon of water to residents in Burkina Faso (a country in West Africa where 59 percent of the population lacks access to clean, safe water) for every Bubble Galaxy with Buddies played between a unique set of Facebook friends. Scopely announced that 4 billion bubbles were popped in Bubble Galaxy With Buddies' first two weeks. 

What's next: Travis Chen, the company's chief game designer, told Pocket Gamer, "I think we definitely want to, at some point, explore a game that's less casual. I'm totally stoked about making a turn-based strategy game at some point."

Scopely - 2012 Rising Stars of Mobile Development