Selina Lo

CEO of Ruckus Wireless

As an entrepreneur, Selina Lo is known for identifying promising new markets, building products for those markets and creating successful startups that thrive--and often are acquired by bigger conglomerates. Lo followed this pattern at Alteon Websystems, which was sold to Nortel for $7.8 billion, and at Centillion Networks, which was sold to Bay Networks.

Currently Lo is the CEO of Ruckus Wireless, a WiFi equipment maker that developed a solution for video-grade, high-performance wireless networking. Using proprietary multiple-input/multiple-output antenna technology to provide 802.11g networks the quality of service and multiple antennas necessary to stream video at between 20 Mbps and 30 Mbps, Ruckus is debunking the notion that WiFi isn't good enough to deliver high-quality video services. In fact, in May, the company revealed that AT&T plans to begin consumer trials of its U-verse service using Ruckus Wireless equipment to deliver HD IPTV via 802.11n throughout the home.

But Ruckus isn't stopping there. The company also is championing the use of WiFi by operators to offload data traffic from 3G networks.

Clearly the firm and its CEO know how to exploit weaknesses in the market and develop products to solve those problems. But Lo's competitive drive and aggressive business tactics sometimes rub. In a March article in Inc. Magazine, Lo discussed her realization that she needed to soften her hard-charging management style or she was going to risk offending investors and alienating employees. That type of introspection is admirable, particularly in a male-dominated industry where aggressive tactics are often rewarded with lucrative business deals.

Selina Lo