Sincerely - 2012 Rising Stars of Mobile Development

SincerelyName: Sincerely
Founded: 2010
Platform(s): Android, iOS
Noted for: Postagram

Sincerely is a San Francisco-based startup headed up by Xobni's Matt Brezina. The company focuses on sending physical gifts through mobile. Its most famous app, Postagram, allows users to take photos with their phones and send them to friends and family as physical postcards. The company's other apps include Dotti (a disposable camera app), Sincerely Ink (a greeting card creator) and PopBooth (photo strip creator) also all include turning mobile photos into real world creations.

This year, Sincerely has really taken off, starting with its expansion to Europe in January. By April, the company added mobile donation features, allowing users to send a photo message with a donation to the charity of a user's choice.

In August, the company began working on an initiative with Facebook to bring physical postcards to a user's Facebook friends. Users can select a Facebook photo, attach a message and send the card to the friend after paying a small fee. Earlier this week, Sincerely began a new promotion with The Gap to send Postagrams through Facebook.

What's next: Brezina has hinted that Sincerely is working on expanding its real-world gifting options and moving more in the direction of becoming a "gifting" company. Details as to what exactly this would entail haven't been provided.

Sincerely - 2012 Rising Stars of Mobile Development