SNAPin - Top Wireless Company 2007: FierceWireless, Fierce 15

Fierce 15 Winner

Based: Bellevue, WA
Founded: 2003

Why it's Fierce: SNAPin's software suite relieves a number of carrier pressure points: customer care, billing and troubleshooting by enabling the customer to quickly solve their issues with the help of some onscreen assistance. SNAPin's software is embedded or ported OTA to a handset and can be toggled on or off, but when activated a customer can check his or her account status in real-time since it links directly to a carrier’s back office. Also, if someone is having trouble with a phone, SNAPin's troubleshooting software comes into play when a subscriber dials customer service: The software immediately runs diagnostics on the phone and updates its firmware with a patch if need be. If the problem cannot be solved automatically, SNAPin's software sends a report to the carrier's customer service and routes the call to the call center saving all parties the hassle of trying to explain the issue.

What to look for: SNAPin is on the verge of announcing a major deal with a tier 1 carrier in the U.S. Expect similar deals to follow, especially in Europe.

SNAPin - Top Wireless Company 2007: FierceWireless, Fierce 15