Sprint’s Roger Solé

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Sprint’s Roger Solé
Roger Solé

Roger Solé is Sprint’s chief marketing officer and the executive who oversaw Paul Marcarelli’s very public switch from Verizon to Sprint, which is probably the most impressive marketing coup in the history of an industry that already counts noteworthy campaigns ranging from T-Mobile’s Jamie Lee Curtis ads to AT&T’s exclusive deal to introduce the first Apple iPhone.

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure named Roger Solé as the company’s new CMO in December 2015, placing former CMO Kevin Crull in charge of Sprint’s central U.S. region. And just a few short months later, Sprint unveiled a new ad campaign featuring Marcarelli, Verizon's former "Can you hear me now?" spokesman, that touted what Sprint argued was a narrowing gap between the performance of its network and Verizon’s. Marcarelli continued his work as Sprint’s spokesman through a number of promotions, though today he tweets more about politics than phones.

Nonetheless, Sprint has worked diligently to nurture its image as the inexpensive cellular alternative, most recently by opening a “twice the price” store in New York featuring services from rival Verizon.

Although Sprint’s financial and strategic performance continues to be somewhat rocky, Solé has worked to ensure the operator’s marketing message keeps it visible among some of the nation’s biggest advertisers.

Sprint’s Roger Solé

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