T-Mobile Pulse – A guide to Android

T-Mobile Pulse
Announced: Sept. 3, 2009
Carrier: T-Mobile UK
Vendor: Huawei
Price: $280 on a prepaid model

Pros: The fact that it's the first Android device being sold on a prepaid model could help broaden the phone's--and Android's--mass-market appeal. It's also a big step forward for Huawei in terms of producing a high-profile device for a Western consumer market.

Cons: Huawei--known mainly as an infrastructure provider in Western markets--does not have strong brand among Western consumers, which could hamper sales.

Impact: "It's enormously important to Huawei," Greengart said, in that it will help grow Huawei's brand and stature in the market. "You can't underestimate a headline product" like this, he said.

T-Mobile Pulse – A guide to Android