T-Mobile’s Jon Freier

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T-Mobile’s Jon Freier
Jon Freier

Jon Freier is the executive vice president of T-Mobile's retail and direct channels. It’s a position that’s underscored by both Freier’s longtime history in rising through the ranks of T-Mobile as well as his apparent total embrace of the carrier’s underdog, aggressive approach to the market.

Indeed, Freier’s history at T-Mobile stretches back to before T-Mobile was called T-Mobile. He began his wireless career in 1994 at Western Wireless, which became VoiceStream in 1996 and T-Mobile in 2001. During that period Freier worked up from a regional director to divisional director to regional VP to VP and GM to area VP to, today, handling T-Mobile’s 5,000 retail stores. He rose to his most recent position amid CEO John Legere’s impressive tenure at the carrier, reflecting Freier’s ability to stand out in an already exceptional front-office team.

And T-Mobile’s growth, owing partly to Freier’s oversight of the operator’s retail operations, has been particularly impressive. During the second quarter, T-Mobile added another 786,000 postpaid net customer additions, partly due to the new 3,000 “doors in service” the operator opened this year. “Our ability to attract and retain, which is what you have realized is tens of thousands of employees is really a great story. We could possibly be the fastest-growing retailer in America,” proclaimed T-Mobile’s Mike Sievert during the company’s quarterly conference call, according to a Seeking Alpha transcript of the event.

Like a number of other high-profile T-Mobile executives, Freier’s clear passion for the job is evident in his Twitter feed. “Dear @verizon: New @TMobile Utah store open. Please reduce your sales targets. They're going to need massive relief!” he Tweeted recently.

T-Mobile’s Jon Freier

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