T-Mobile’s Karri Kuoppamaki

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In speaking for CTO Neville Ray’s strategies, Karri Kuoppamaki often jokes that he can’t match Ray’s accent but will do his best to explain things anyway.
T-Mobile’s Karri Kuoppamaki
Karri Kuoppamaki

Karri Kuoppamaki is vice president of radio network technology development and strategy at T-Mobile. And perhaps more importantly, Kuoppamaki appears to have grown into T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray’s right-hand man in terms of representing the Uncarrier’s network efforts at industry trade shows and other events. In speaking for Ray’s strategies, Kuoppamaki often jokes that he can’t match Ray’s accent but will do his best to explain things anyway.

And Kuoppamaki often has much explaining to do, considering T-Mobile’s efforts to push its network in new and unique directions.

Specifically, during the past several years, T-Mobile has had to grow its LTE network from a laggard position to what today can be argued is a leading position. Moreover, the carrier continues to push its network in new directions, be it unlimited video data through Binge On to T-Mobile’s efforts to rapidly expand its network footprint through its 700 MHz spectrum licenses.

And in the coming years, Kuoppamaki will have even more work to do as T-Mobile seeks to rapidly deploy its new 600 MHz spectrum holdings, as well as launch 5G services across all of its spectrum holdings starting as early as 2019.

If Kuoppamaki takes the same thoughtful, informed approach to these new problems that he has employed in his past work and his public appearances, T-Mobile may well reach and exceed its goals.

T-Mobile’s Karri Kuoppamaki

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