Tap Tap Revenge - Five free iPhone apps

Developed by Tapulous

Tap Tap Revenge is to the iPhone what Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution were to previous gaming platforms--an addictive and challenging (not to mention free) music title that tests players on their rhythmic prowess. Even better, it also reins in elements of the laser Floyd show at the local planetarium, requiring players to tap the bottom of the handset screen in time with bubbles that descend from colored beams of light. The more bubbles you pop in time with the music, the higher your score--additional points are awarded for shaking the iPhone in time with arrows that follow the light beams. Users may also download exclusive tracks and even take on rival users head-to-head in two-player mode. Tap Tap Revolution hit the 1 million download benchmark within weeks of its release via the App Store--reportedly only Facebook reached the milestone faster. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Watch a demo of Tap Tap Revenge here: Video

Tap Tap Revenge - Five free iPhone apps