The top 5 wireless ads: AT&T leads wireless TV ad spending in August

FierceWireless has partnered with TV advertising measurement firm to bring you a monthly snapshot of the wireless industry's advertising spending and effectiveness.

In August, wireless carriers spent an estimated $190.2 million on TV advertising, up nearly $10 million from July's total. AT&T led the way with nearly 30 percent of that total, taking over the lead held by T-Mobile the month prior. But T-Mobile listed a close second with 20.5 percent of spending for the month, and Verizon again third with 17.3 percent of the total.

Here is a breakdown of how much each carrier spent to show TV ads during August:

While T-Mobile spent the most on any single ad, investing $20.7 million on its "10 Gigs for All Family Plan" spot, AT&T had three spots in the top five.

The bulk of the August TV ad budget as usual went to the Big Four broadcast networks, but Univision broke into the top 5 as the outlier. Among the shows targeted were "NFL Preseason Football," followed by "America's Got Talent," "Bachelor in Paradise," the new "Fear The Walking Dead."

Here are August's top five ads in terms of total spending:

  1. T-Mobile "10 Gigs for All Family Plan" ($20.7 million)

  2. AT&T "DirecTV: Times Square" ($18.5 million)

  3. Verizon "Geese" ($15.9 million)

  4. AT&T "Politician" ($9.5 million)

  5. AT&T "More" ($8.3 million)

The top 5 wireless ads: AT&T leads wireless TV ad spending in August

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