The top 5 wireless ads: AT&T takes the top spot, with T-Mobile not far behind

FierceWireless has partnered with TV advertising measurement firm to bring you a monthly snapshot of the wireless industry's advertising spending and digital engagement. The results below are for the top five biggest spenders in wireless industry in February.

While T-Mobile bet big on Super Bowl 50, AT&T once again led the wireless sector as the month's biggest spender, running ads during nearly every other major TV event in February. Verizon, Sprint and MetroPCS close out the chart, spreading their budgets across many airings, as opposed to targeting a few relatively expensive buys.

Check out how these figures compare with August, September, and November.

Here are the top 5 ads for February in terms of total spending:

1. AT&T spent an estimated $49.7 million in February, placing 18 ads 10,194 times on national TV. This estimated spend accounts for more than 22 percent of the Industry's total spend for the month.

The vast majority went towards the "BOGO: Hang Out" ad, which promotes the brand's 'Buy One, Give One' deal for Samsung smartphones if you switch to AT&T. This ad ran during the Oscars, the NBA All-Star Game, Adele: Live in London, and The X-Files. On its own, the BOGO ad generated nearly 1.3 billion TV impressions. In total, AT&T ads were seen 2.9 billion times on TV in February.

2. Following closely behind AT&T is T-Mobile, which also accounted for more than 20 percent of the sector's spend this month, an estimated $48.7 million. Propelled by two ads in Super Bowl 50, T-Mobile used pop-culture references to increase interest in their ads and drive more than 1.3 billion TV impressions in February. The ad with the biggest push, "Not Us," did not run during  the Super Bowl, but still racked up more than a half billion impressions on TV through 2,902 national airings.

3. Verizon ended the month in third place, spending an estimated $33.7 million. While running eight ads, the bulk of this push was spent on the "A Better Network as Explained by…" campaign, including a new ad released Feb.17, "A Better Network as Explained by Another Really Big Win." This ad celebrates Verizon being named the number one wireless brand by RootMetrics for the fifth time in a row. Verizon spent $12.4 million on the ad. Overall, Verizon generated 2.1 billion impressions on TV through 6,760 airings of its ads in February.

4. Sprint held steady in fourth, spending an estimated $29 million on 7,123 airings of its ads in February. These airings, of which 2,072 were in prime time, spread the brand's eight ads across 67 networks and 1,166 shows, generating 1.8 billion TV impressions. Although a good portion of spending focused on responses to Verizon's bold claims about being a better network, the majority went towards "$200 Samsung Credit."

5. MetroPCS was fifth in February, accounting for nearly 10 percent of the sector's estimated spend last month. Through $20.9 million worth of media time and 10 ads, the brand generated 1.3 billion impressions, spreading 6,524 airings across 40 networks and 657 shows. Of these 10 spots, three involved customers 'breaking up with Sprint' to join its network, under T-Mobile. The brand also ran two ads as part of the ESPN Deportes broadcast of Super Bowl 50.

ISpot's data does not include co-promotions or local market data. Click here for more on's methodology.

The company's software leverages proprietary audio and video fingerprinting algorithms to automatically identify and extract TV commercials, movie trailers and show promos.  

In the last 30 days, the company tracked 710.2 million explicit interactions with TV ads across 101.5 million unique consumersThese interactions include video plays, searches and social activity. The company also analyzes online views across YouTube and, searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo! and social activity on Facebook (including Facebook private views) and Twitter.

The company tags over 40 different dimensions of metadata, including brand, agency, actors, products, songs, moods, URLs and other pertinent data, to create its results.

The top 5 wireless ads: AT&T takes the top spot, with T-Mobile not far behind

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