Top Wireless Technologies in 2013



By Phil Goldstein

The history of the industry is littered with technological evolutions--from analog to digital, 3G to 4G, feature phones to smartphones--so it is no surprise that today's technologies will be supplanted by newer ones.

Sometimes, new technologies fail (especially because of the business models behind them). Other times, they become wildly popular (touchscreen user interfaces, for example). What is undeniable is that every year brings with it a handful of new technologies that promise to move the industry forward, bring new benefits to carriers and consumers and offer a window into the future.

It's hard not to be skeptical of some technologies, especially if they are being pushed by only a single vendor or two--companies that stand to gain financially if others adopt the technology. Occasionally though, such technologies are able to gain a foothold and, in rare cases, grow into industry standards.

With all this in mind: What are the top new technologies for 2013? Which companies are interested in them and why? And what benefits will they bring to the industry?

FierceWireless is tackling those questions. The following technologies are the hottest ones in the industry right now, generating support from carriers, device makers and network vendors. Some of these technologies were introduced in 2012 or even before, but we think that they will gain widespread attention and adoption in 2013. They all are at the forefront of an industry that is continuous flux, and they all could have a measurable impact on how wireless companies do business in the years ahead. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it represents a slice of the future of wireless. 

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Top Wireless Technologies in 2013