Ubiquisys - Top Wireless Company 2008: FierceWireless, Fierce 15


Where it's based: Swindon, England
When it was founded: 2004
Website: www.ubiquisys.com

Why it's Fierce: Femtocells are one of the hottest topics right now, and Ubiquisys is in the forefront. The company, the founder of the Femto Forum, was the first vendor to demonstrate a fully working femtocell solution in 2006. A year later, it unveiled the world's first commercial-grade femtocell system. The strength of the company's offer is through the ZoneGate access point, which can plug into a user's existing broadband gateway or may be built into a home gateway product that might include WiFi, DSL, Ethernet, phone ports and USB. The ZoneGate also integrates seamlessly with an operator's core network using standards such as UMA and IMS. The result is extended 3G coverage that reduces deployment costs and generates new revenue. A host of major operators are testing Ubiquisys' products, and the company has a list of impressive partners: Nokia Siemens, Motorola, NEC, Netgear, Kineto, picoChip, Sony and Tatara--to name a few. And it doesn't hurt that Google and T-Mobile Venture Fund have made strategic investments in Ubiquisys.

What to Look For: Look for Ubiquisys to take advantage of its leading position in the 3G femtocell market by partnering with more big-name vendors and turning operator trials into real deployments.

Ubiquisys - Top Wireless Company 2008: FierceWireless, Fierce 15