Verizon’s Toby Redshaw

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Unlike many top Verizon network executives, Toby Redshaw doesn’t have a long history either at the company or in the wireless industry.
Verizon’s Toby Redshaw
Toby Redshaw

Toby Redshaw is a senior vice president at Verizon, where he is responsible for technology strategy, road maps and ecosystems. He works at the “nexus of pragmatism and innovation,” according to his Verizon biography, which means that he is directly working on the future of Verizon’s 5G network.

But what sets Redshaw apart from many top Verizon network executives is that he doesn’t have a long history either at the company or in the wireless industry. Instead, highlights of Redshaw’s experience include stints as global CIO of credit card company American Express and, just before that, global CIO of insurance company Aviva. Redshaw also spent six years at Motorola, where he “simultaneously had product, marketing, strategy and technology responsibilities in addition to being exec chairman of a portfolio company and the first Chief Procurement Officer,” Verizon notes. Redshaw started his career as one of the first employees on the international side of FedEx, where he had a 17-year career in business and IT.

Redshaw also has experience on the startup side of the business: Prior to joining Verizon, Redshaw was the founder of Kevington Advisors, which consulted on enterprise tech strategy, startups and various government and military engagements.

Although Redshaw has worked at Verizon for less than a year, his diverse background coupled with his sprawling directive to implement pragmatic innovation make him an executive to watch as Verizon works to deploy some of the world’s most advanced network technologies, from CRAN to small cells to 5G.

Verizon’s Toby Redshaw