Who are the worst wireless CEOs of all time?

The death of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) co-founder Steve Jobs earlier this month at the age of 56 focused the world's attention on his leadership skills. While many have criticized his style -- saying that he was autocratic, demanding and dismissive--the general consensus was that he was a visionary. He transformed multiple industries, from personal computers to music to mobile.

The flip side to good leadership is the often spectacular failures of some executives that lead their companies astray. Either through lack of foresight, the inability to alter strategies quickly enough to changing market conditions, inept communication skills or a combination of all, there are numerous executives who have botched the job. We picked a few of the most high-profile executive flops of all time. Who were the worst CEOs in wireless?

Conversely, there have also been executives who have come in and righted the ship, often through remarkable headwinds and against the odds. These comeback kids often charted radically different courses than their predecessors because that was precisely what was needed at the time. Some are still in the process of their turnarounds but all have made substantial progress. Who are the comeback kids in wireless?

Did we miss any executive failures or did we err? As always, please let us know in the comments.

Who are the worst wireless CEOs of all time?