5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the 2021 Telecom Industry Address

With the telecom industry undergoing a period of transformation, it’s essential for wireless retail operators to keep on top of technology trends and information that will keep them competitive. That’s why telecom retailers should ensure they don’t miss the 2021 Telecom Industry Address—a free virtual keynote presented by a line-up of industry experts on Tuesday, October 5.

This event is being hosted by iQmetrix, North America’s leading provider of telecom retail management solutions. Stacy Hamer, Vice President of Client Experiences at iQmetrix, said, “This Industry Address will highlight the exciting future ahead of us. We are past the ‘what could be’ and into the ‘what will be’ phase, as our industry emerges with record-breaking wireless sales powered by innovative technology. We are excited to share what the future looks like and how we believe telecom retail is here not only to stay but also to grow and transform.”

Here are five themes of the keynote that make this event unmissable:

1. Key telecom market insights and why you should care

Our telecom retail experts will examine the latest sector trends that are affecting how you do business every day. This will include such topics as telecom market convergence and acquisitions, new players in the wireless retail space, the impact of 5G on wireless retail, and how Europe and Asia’s markets are leading the new age of telecom.

2. Trends in Telecom Retail 2021 survey findings

iQmetrix surveyed telecom retail professionals across North America, which revealed some fascinating results about the current state of play, and predictions for the sector’s future. We’ll share highlights of these insightful findings and examine what they mean for telecom retail.

3. Understanding the buy-anywhere future of retail

Increasingly, telecom retailers understand that they have to reach customers wherever they are located, and at any time. Our panel will discuss the need to meet shoppers not only in-store and online, but also on social media, at pop-up kiosks, in mobile trucks, and anywhere else.

4. Tips on building resilience in an uncertain future

As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic into a “next normal” filled with uncertainty, telecom retailers must ready themselves for whatever the future may bring. Our panelists will offer essential takeaways how to stay agile and competitive—with a particular focus on data-driven, intelligent workforce management solutions in a time of retail staffing challenges.

5. Technologies and innovations to take retail into the unknown

Whether it’s a robust retail management and point-of-sale system to support your daily operations, a suite of omnichannel retail software to create a next-level unified shopping experience, or the development of technological innovations to enable your customers to buy anywhere, our presenters have the solutions to keep your telecom retail business ahead of the curve.

The 2021 Telecom Industry Address will be held on Tuesday, October 5, at 11am ET. Registration for this can’t-miss event is free and is open to all wireless retail and telecom industry professionals.

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This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.