Finding the edge in converged networks

Radisys has supported edge computing since the early ETSI MEC days. Its involvement has widened with new solutions, and through its participation in new initiatives and standardization efforts.

In this conversation, I talked with Neeraj Patel, Vice President and General Manager of MobilityEngine™ at Radisys, about the evolution of edge computing and about Radisys’ role in the ecosystem to promote edge computing’s adoption.

“If you look at the evolution of 4G and 5G, and at gigabits of downloads and uploads, it’s all about the user experience. That’s where we see MEC coming in.”

And low latency is crucial to get a good QoE. “There isn’t a technical way to solve the latency issue unless you move some of the core functions closer. You’re not going to move the entire core closer, that doesn’t scale. That’s why multi-access edge is a layered hierarchy model that’s coming into the networks.”

By Monica Paolini, Senza Fili Consulting, in collaboration with FierceWireless

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