Fulfilling Internet Connectivity Expectations Across the Skies

When people board an airplane—particularly a corporate jet or charter aircraft—there’s an understandable expectation for strong, glitch-free internet connectivity. Passengers don’t want to have to worry about what their experience will be like as they settle in. At home, their lives are characterized by exploding usage of smartphones, powerful computers, connected tablets, and other mobile devices as their entire family consumes data through bandwidth-intensive applications and media-rich web pages—all of which have created an enormous uptick in demand for higher speeds, whether at home or on-the-go. People want fast and reliable connections no matter where they are, and flying across the sky is no exception.

Viasat makes this kind of high-speed and reliable connectivity possible in the air so that private jet users can enjoy the same kind of experience that they have in their home or office—even when they’re connected over VPN. Employing the world’s highest-capacity satellites, Viasat is the only company poised to deliver the performance and scalability necessary to achieve such levels of engagement. As business jet travelers take flight, they’re able to freely work, play, shop, and surf—as much as eight times faster than competitive services. It’s the kind of differentiator that gives Viasat connectivity technology partners a clear advantage.

“We continue to add more capabilities to our network—enabling us to give business jet owners more choice in selecting an in-flight connectivity service package that meets their in-flight internet needs and budget," said Claudio D'Amico, business area director, Business Aviation, Viasat. "Our solutions enable customers to find the right balance between capital and operating costs while taking advantage of an enhanced connectivity experience."

Viasat’s Ka-band in-flight connectivity delivers up to 16 Mbps to super mid-cabin aircraft, connecting every passenger simultaneously—ideal for getting productive work done and keeping in contact with various teams on the ground. As those speeds increase with technological advancements, and as people’s expectations rise (e.g., as the industry moves from 4G to 5G), Viasat is foundationally prepared to deliver those upgrades in the air. This technological readiness has the side benefit of future-proofing aircraft—a significant advantage on expensive jets!

The ability to conduct business quickly and fluidly is not the only concern for people who fly on corporate jets. Entertainment—specifically, television—is an important diversion, whether for the latest movies, TV series, or sporting events. A typical business jet might require you to invest in a standalone TV receiver, but Viasat enables you to simply sign up and log in to your favorite streaming service. Viasat segregates this data with its Unlimited Streaming subscription, so streaming doesn’t count against your data allocation.

And that leads to one of the more compelling benefits: Viasat’s pricing plans are much more consistent than those of its competitors, allowing for more accurate budgeting by corporations and charter fleets. Viasat understands that every business aircraft operation is unique and therefore offers customized service plans (including hourly plans for charter operators) to meet every mission, taking into account aircraft range, regional vs. global operation, and aircraft size. The company will work with customers and recommend a service plan that meets specific needs. Whether you’re a fractional operator that flies 100 hours a month, or a smaller outfit, you’ll enjoy the same capacity, speeds and the same connectivity benefits.

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.