Get instant estimates of your company’s IoT data costs with our interactive tool

What if you could estimate – instantly and painlessly – the data costs of your company’s IoT initiative? With the Sprint IoT Estimation Tool you can configure the data plan you need in seconds. It doesn’t matter what stage you are in your IoT planning.  The tool is your personal ‘what-if’ scenario planner, giving you the flexibility to add any number of devices and services – and see the cost implications of your decisions immediately.

You can use the tool to factor in IoT data rates in six different regions globally and customize your estimate by selecting from a menu of options that includes:

  • Custom APN if you need to set up a unique Access Point Name for your devices
  • SMS if you need your devices to trigger actions or notifications
  • VPN if you need a virtual private network for your devices to connect to 
  • Device management if you need over-the-air device management and configuration
  • Static IP if you need a permanent fixed IP address for your IoT devices
  • Data management if you need help aggregating, storing and managing the data generated.

The Sprint IoT Estimation Tool is here to equip you with the storage, processing and analytics you need to get the work done. All backed by a national network that’s dedicated exclusively to IoT and optimized for your unique needs with:

  • Higher availability and resilience
  • Greater cost-effectiveness with low power and higher efficiency
  • On-demand scalability that gives you the freedom to grow at market speed
  • Reduced latency to below 20ms for even mission-critical applications
  • Least packet loss and low jitter for optimal application performance

Get the clarity you need with an instant estimate at https://business.sprint.com/curiosity-iot-estimation-tool/



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