How Satellite Internet Can Help Ensure Business Continuity

Internet connectivity is vital to doing business. It powers communications, provides an indispensable channel to connect with and serve customers and underpins virtually every aspect of normal operations. Access to a reliable and robust broadband connection is vital to every business, yet many businesses fail to adequately implement plans that guarantee its availability. Continuity planning to ensure your business internet access remains constant is often overlooked, especially in the small business sector. 

Any failure in infrastructure or uncommon circumstance — like a nearby natural disaster — can cause an interruption in service. These interruptions are not just inconvenient: They can bring with them significant costs and loss of productivity. Even a few minutes of lost connectivity during peak hours can potentially translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. A single internet connection isn’t enough to safeguard your ability to do business. 

Relying on only a single, land-based internet service provider is a serious risk. A business that has a single-provider internet connection can find that connection severed for days — sometimes weeks — at a time. Mundane water main repairs, routine construction, or equipment failures should not translate into operational hazards, but any of these things can effectively knock a business offline if it lacks a backup service provider. 

When considering a backup provider for true redundancy, it’s important to critically assess the available options. Most land-based internet service providers use much of the same network infrastructure. Internet service that relies on landline infrastructure is vulnerable to the same risks. For this reason, perhaps more than any other, satellite internet is the single most attractive option for definitively reliable and redundant backup internet service. 

Satellite internet does not rely on the same infrastructure as terrestrial internet networks, making it possible to sidestep risk factors that could render landline networks unavailable. Satellite internet redundancy affords businesses the ability to automatically switch traffic when their primary landline internet connection fails, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and operational uptime. Even better, recent advances in technology allow for speeds that rival or exceed those of traditional fiber and cable internet providers. 

Cost is another key factor that makes satellite internet such an attractive backup option. Not only does it afford truly independent redundancy, but it is a surprisingly affordable, exceptionally cost-effective solution. Businesses will not have to invest considerable resources in private communications infrastructure or strain operational budgets; in fact, they can expect costs similar to those charged by land-based providers. 

A combination of factors makes satellite internet the best choice when considering internet connectivity redundancy strategies, and anyone faced with making those decisions would do well to examine their options in considering a backup provider. For true reliability, unfailing business continuity, and attractive cost profiles, satellite internet is miles above the competition. 

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