Huawei Facilitates Digital Transformation in Different Phases

On the first day of the Latin America Broadband Forum 2016, Dr. Margaret Hu, President of Huawei Global Wireless Network Marketing Dept, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Huawei Facilitates Digital Transformation in Markets in Different Phases." In her speech, Margaret Hu put forward the "Three-Phase ICT Transformation" theory and Huawei's four transformation principles, indicating the digital transformation direction for operators.


Dr. Margaret Hu, President of Huawei Global Wireless Network Marketing Dept, delivered a speech entitled "Huawei Facilitates Digital Transformation in Markets in Different Phases" on the first day of the Latin America Broadband Forum.


As the industry and technologies constantly evolve to make breakthroughs in the user experience, the "Three-Phase" theory powers the digital transformation of the ICT industry. Dr. Margaret Hu pointed out: "For operators in the first-phase markets, revenue is still demographic and traffic dividend–based. They should focus on laying a solid operational foundation by strengthening basic network pipes to provide diversified digital services, realize universal household broadband coverage, and release suppressed traffic."

"Operators in the second-phase markets should concentrate on transferring their services and platforms to the Internet. They are advised to take video services as the basis to monetize content and experience, achieve agile operation, and finally generate data dividends."

"The ICT industry in the third-phase markets is evolving from an individual consumer–driven industry towards an enterprise-driven vertical one. Operators in these markets should intensify their efforts on the vertical ecosystem construction by proactively engaging in the IoT industry market (B2V), public security market (B2G), and cloud computing market (B2B). In this way, they are able to obtain information dividends, realize digital transformation, and therefore retake the top of the value chain."

Three market phases diversify services, and four transformations upgrade experience. "The network, structural and operation transformations combined realize the business transformation of the markets in all phases, meeting the demands for upgrading services and the user experience."

"Network strategies should emphasize the construction of the ubiquitous UBB Big Pipe and Golden Pipe, which remains the core foundation supporting operators' business transformation. The data center–based Cloud Formation transforms the architecture, and the Internet-based Telco OS changes the IT platform from a supporting system to an enabling system. The two combined realize the agile operation transformation," said Dr. Margaret Hu.

The influences brought along by the three phases of ICT transformation will stretch along the horizontal application on the Internet and the vertical industry. Huawei would like to cooperate with operators to embrace the challenges and opportunities in markets in all the phases and help them obtain four kinds of dividends and achieve digital transformation through the four transformations.

The Latin America Broadband Forum 2016 was attended by over 100 guests, including Argentine Minister of Communications, executives of telecommunications operators in Latin America, well-known analysts from GSMA, OVUM, IDC, and other organizations, as well as famous scholars and consultants in North America and Latin America.

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